How to Decorate your Dorm 101

A room in a dormitory is temporary housing, but it can also be made cosier. You can add comfort and beauty by giving individual interior features. In the course of design, you will most often have to work with limited space and budget since it makes no sense to make expensive repairs where you will only have to live for a few years.

But paying attention to the decor and showing creativity is quite natural. We will consider how to implement it in detail in the article.

Ideas for decorating a dorm room

Creating a beautiful interior in a small area is a difficult task. A room in a dormitory simultaneously performs the role of a bedroom, living room, office, and dining room for several residents at once. And do not forget about the rules of living established by the administration.

Despite all the limitations, there are some excellent solutions for how to decorate a dorm room. But many students do not have time to repair the room due to the vast number of study tasks.

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Consider the palette

It is not necessary to completely repaint the walls. Dilute the neutral colors of the interior with bright accessories, textiles, and decor. The main thing is to decide which scale to use for accents in the room.

Plan the lighting

A general light source is not enough for comfortable work and pleasant leisure. Besides, it is gloomy enough in a dark room. Add lighting at the desk, by the bed, and at the entrance. Many independent light sources will help to zone even a tiny space effectively.

Pay special attention to wall lighting devices. These are various sconces, lamps, garlands, and LED strips. Additional light sources will enliven the space and make the room cosier and more comfortable.

Decide on a style

It looks aesthetically pleasing when a single mood can be traced in the room’s design. The main thing is to learn to choose decor in the same style. Yes, a knitted planter will not harmonize with neon signs, and picturesque paintings in frames are unlikely to “make friends” with vintage posters.

How to decorate the walls

A popular solution is to hang pictures, posters and photos. It can be done in different ways. Original ways of fixing the decor on the wall – with the help of:

  • ropes with clothespins or paper clips;
  • colored adhesive tape;
  • corkboard with buttons;
  • colored threads and nails;

Moreover, it is not necessary to have artistic talents for this. Decorate the wall with a motivational inscription, a simple drawing, or a geometric ornament. 

The carpet on the wall is not old-fashioned

A carpet on the wall can also be used so that the interior does not look old-fashioned. Hang a funny fluffy blanket, a canvas with an ethnic ornament, and a beautiful tapestry on the wall. Such an addition near the bed will insulate the sleeping area.

More mirrors

A perfect solution for a tiny room is to add mirrors. They visually expand the walls. In addition, this purchase will be helpful in any room: women’s and men’s. Among the practical wall solutions we recommend:

  • hooks for clothes;
  • shelves;
  • magnetic or slate board for messages;
  • hanging laundry basket;
  • key ring;
  • photo wallpapers or vinyl stickers;

How to decorate the ceiling

We are used to the only decoration above being a chandelier. Let’s think more broadly. Use the ceiling to fix hanging decorations and even structures. Here you can select flowerpots, ribbons for photo cards, and shelves on ropes. To add privacy, install a canopy above the bed. A hammock can be fixed on the ceiling: lying or sitting.

For such a serious suspended structure, it is necessary to calculate the load and make the appropriate fastening carefully. A good solution is to run a garland or an LED strip along the ceiling.

A magical nightlight will come out. Another option for decorating a teenager’s room is fluorescent stars on the top. Constellations can be laid out from them, as in a natural night sky.

How to decorate the floor

The easiest solution is to send a carpet. It is not worth covering all the free space with a rug because it complicates cleaning, especially if the room has a dining area.

Warm the floor near the bed by throwing a fluffy, soft carpet under your feet. Another litter can appear near the sofa or chair, under the desk, where you usually rest and work.

Do not forget about log mats, the main task of which is to collect dirt from street shoes. It is not necessary to buy carpets. You can sew or knit a beautiful rug yourself from threads, ropes, yarn, and even old things. The macrame technique allows you to do it without special tools: a hook and knitting needles.

How to decorate windows and doors

Curtains are not only decorative but also practical solutions. They allow you to protect yourself from the bright sun and prying eyes, keep the heat in the room and, of course, create a sense of home comfort. So that the windowsill can be used as an additional shelf, hang short curtains. It will also allow the radiators to be left open.

Translucent tulle will let sunlight into the room and shield you from prying eyes. If the windows face the sunny side, it makes sense to cover the lower part with foil. You can choose an original colored material or hang a thick poster on the window.

The doorway should also be decorated. Hang a curtain here. Such a solution will not only add an exciting touch of decor but also limit the view of the room from the corridor when the door is open. 

Furniture and accessories 

Original accents will help add individuality to the room. These are flower pots, table lamps, book holders, stationery stands, clocks, various statuettes, figurines, and vases with flowers.

Tiny accessories that combine beauty and practicality can make the dormitory more pleasant. In addition, most of these trinkets can be made with your own hands. 


Now that you know how to decorate a room inexpensively, you can start improving the environment. Take with you the things that were standing. Add something new to your homeroom, and the room will become cozy. The main thing is to discuss everything with the neighbors. It will be best if you improve the room together.

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