I’m Michelle!

I am a thirty-something-year-old Wife and Mom to 3 awesome kiddos who fill my life with lots of laundry, dirty fingerprints, chaos, and love.

Want to contact me? Here’s my e-mail: michelle@practicalperfectionut.com

Life is so busy and can sometimes be anything but peaceful. But I noticed that when I was more organized and maintained a simple, but regular cleaning schedule, my life was significantly more peaceful. And that meant more happiness and contentment in my home for myself and my family.

Is that something that you desire in your life? I promise you that I will give you my very best tips and tricks so that you can have more peace and contentment in your home and life. I firmly believe that organization is attainable by every person.

Organizing, cleaning, and decorating all have one purpose: making your house into a home. Turning your home into the place where you want to be very most. Follow me on my personal journey as I transform my own home into a cleaner, more peaceful place. After all, there’s no place like home!

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