I’m a mom too!

Everyone knows that raising kids can be a messy business. But creating systems can really help parenting kids go MUCH smoother! It can also help teach kids valuable life lessons such as responsibility, how to clean up after themselves, and time management!

Free Printable chore charts

Struggling to implement a good chore system?

I can honestly say that we’ve used this chore system for a good 3 years now. You can even download the free chore charts to use in your own home!


Have kids that love lego?

My boys are obsessed with Lego but they were completely overtaking our playroom. So I implemented systems that have genuinely worked wonders for our family. I hope they do for you, too!

Love to travel?

Road trip with kids

Here are 52 road trip snack ideas! I also have some awesome tips on how to keep things as mess free and as healthy as possible so you can try to avoid the dreaded Goldfish explosion all over the car.