How to Organize Your Kid’s Bedroom (and Keep It That Way!)

Messy bedrooms seem inevitable with most children.

Between toys, clothes, books, and candy they’ve been holding onto since last Halloween, a kid’s bedroom can get chaotic and messy. Sometimes it feels like a tornado blew through it even when you just cleaned it up 10 minutes ago!

Keeping a kid’s room organized is hard work, but it can be done.

In this post, we’re going to provide tips on how to organize your child’s bedroom and keep it that way!

Organizing a Kid’s Bedroom

Organization for kids rooms isn’t for the faint of heart, but once you get a system in place, you can keep it organized fairly easily going forward!

Easy Kids Closet Organization

(Though getting child cooperation will probably be the hardest part.). Creating an organized kids bedroom can really help them learn how to keep it clean themselves if they have a good starting point.

Here are some kids room organization tips for keeping a kid’s messy bedroom under control!

Make Decluttering a Frequent Event

One of the best ways to keep kids rooms clean is to frequently go through your child’s things and see what they use and what they don’t.

Kids are constantly growing and changing. Not only are they going to grow out of their clothes quickly, but they’ll also probably grow out of toys and books fairly quickly too.

By decluttering your child’s room on a regular basis, you’ll be able to avoid having too much stuff and keep things in good shape.

If they don’t use it or play with it, get rid of it!

Donate it to a local shelter, give it to a friend, or sell it at a yard sale! The things you can do with old toys and books are endless.

This will make the organization easier going forward. You won’t have as many things to worry about rearranging and finding spots for.

Store Old Toys If You Have Space

I know, I know, I just said to throw out or donate any toys your child isn’t using, but there is a small caveat here.

If you think your child (or a younger sibling of theirs) might want to play with that toy again later, store it somewhere to get out later.

Sometimes your kids just need to forget about a toy for a little while, and then when they are feeling bored of their current selection, you can swap out a few items.

This gives their toybox a little refresh, and you didn’t even have to buy anything new!

Of course, this only works if you have extra storage space, but you can keep them in storage bins under the bed or high up in a closet.

Create Sections in Their Room

One fun idea for kids room organization is to create small sections in a kids bedroom. This will help keep things organized because your child will know what section to put things back to.

It can also help contain any messes if they have a specific area for art, reading, or homework.

You can tailor these tips to the size of your kid’s room, but even if your child has a small room, you can still create small areas or sections for them.

Homework Station

Creating a small homework station for your child’s room is a great idea.

If you have the space, you can find a small desk and set up an area for them to do their homework.

Make a small caddy of pencils, highlighters, paper, and anything else they might need when doing their homework.

If you don’t have room in your child’s bedroom, they can even do it at the kitchen table or on the couch so long as they know where everything is supposed to go when they are done.

They can just grab the homework caddy when they need it, and it keeps all of their homework supplies together.

Arts and Crafts Area

I love having an arts and crafts area in my home, but it’s not actually a designated area. Let me explain.

I use an art cart to store all of my kid’s art supplies. Using a cart to store supplies like crayons, markers, pencils, crayons, paints, and more is a great way to keep things organized.

I store the art supplies in bins, so everything has its place. It’s easy to keep up with what needs to be refilled too because all I have to do is take out one bin at a time.

You can place this cart in the corner of the bedroom, in a closet if there is extra closet space, or even in another room!

Then, when your child wants to work on a craft or any DIY projects, they can push the cart into their room and return it when they’re done.

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Reading Nook

Having a reading nook in your little one’s room can help encourage a love of reading.

This section is simple. It only needs some storage for books and some book shelves.

If you have the space, you can place a fluffy pillow or beanbag near the book storage so your child can curl up in a comfy spot and read their favorite book.

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A Play Area

While the entire house might be seen as your child’s play area, I think of this area as the space in their bedroom where you’ll store their toys.

Keep storage baskets full of their toys on a bookshelf, and separate the toys by items.

For example, all of the Disney characters in one bin, all of the balls in another, and all of the legos in another.

I’d also suggest keeping all of the kids’ board games in this area if your kid is old enough and you don’t have a designated board game space already.

Categorizing everything makes it much easier when cleaning up. You kid will know exactly where everything goes!

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An Area for Legos

Many kids love to play with Legos but everyone knows that they can be a cleaning nightmare! But one of the key components for creating an organized kids bedroom is to start them off with a workable system that they can learn, through trial and error, how to maintain themselves. So use storage solutions that are easy to keep up with to complete your kids room organization.

You can use storage solutions such as a lego table with drawers, baskets in a closet, or even a tall unit with drawers to organize legos by type or color.

Your kids can easily pull out the bins from under their bed, go through them and pick up all of their Legos in one fell swoop. Then when it’s time to clean up they just put everything back into the bin where it goes! Organization for kids room is most helpful if it is easy for your kid, complete with labels.

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Storage Solutions for Kids Bedrooms

Storage can be hard to come by in a lot of rooms, and a kids bedroom is no exception.

However, you may be surprised at how much you can fit in your child’s room.

By taking advantage of any storage space and using lots of bins to keep toys and items organized, your child’s room will be much easier to keep clean.

Here are a few storage ideas to help you keep your child’s room clean and organized.

Under the Bed Storage Bins

Using under-the-bed storage boxes or plastic bins is an excellent way to keep clothes and toys organized, but it doesn’t take up any floor space!

Measure under your kid’s bed and purchase some bins that are the right size to fit under there.

Organize their clothes by type and label each box with what should go in it (toys, clothes, etc.).

This is an excellent way to store seasonal clothing or toys they don’t play with often but might play with again in the future.

Sliding organizers under the bed make your storage easily accessible.

Note: this is a great idea for any floor space underneath other furniture. If there is a dresser or desk with extra space, just slide a storage container or basket underneath the bottom drawers.

Create more storage by utilizing out-of-the-way or hidden floor space.

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Toy Organizers

Toy organizers are basically shelves with baskets or bins you can use to store things in.

They are all over the place, so it should be easy to find one that matches your child’s needs.

For example, there are toy storage bins in all different shapes and sizes for organization on every level.

When you’ve categorized all of the toys and decided which storage baskets are for which type of toy, label them! Make sure to choose sturdy baskets that will hold up to the rough play of kids using (or sitting in) them.

If your kids have small toys that may be hard to keep track of, you can purchase a tall set of drawers. The drawers allow a nice structured piece of furniture that allow you to keep track of kids toys easier. And there are even sets of drawers that are small enough to fit in the closet!

If your kids are not old enough to read, use specifically colored labels or labels with pictures of the item on them so they know where everything goes.

This will help keep your kids organized.

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Book Storage Ideas

If your kids have a lot of books, you need to find a way to store them so they are accessible and don’t fall off the shelves.

There are several good storage ideas for books. You can use wire baskets that hang on the wall or turn spice racks into cute DIY shelves.

Both ideas are functional and cute.

If you have more space, then get a bookshelf and organize the books there.

But, if you’re low on storage space, using the wall to hang shelves on for books is a perfect way to maximize floor space and cut down on furniture in a small bedroom.

There are tons of different kids room organization options you can use for books, but regardless of what you choose, there’s one rule that is consistent: make sure all book spines face outward or the cover is facing forward!

This might sound like common sense when it comes to kids room organization, but it will make the room look tidier and it will help your kids locate the books they want, so they (hopefully) won’t pull tons of extra books off the shelves.

Closet Storage

As we covered before, if you need to store clothes off-season, you can use storage boxes under the bed.

Or, if you have more space in your closet, you can use large, plastic bins on the floor or on a high shelf above the clothes.

I’d also suggest getting over-the-door hanging organizers for the closet or bedroom door.

They often come with clear pockets so they are great for storing little things as well as easy to see through.

This would give your kids easy access to any items they need without having to dig through a container to search for a missing toy.

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Utilize Wall Space

If you have wall space above your kid’s bed, put up hooks for their backpacks or coats instead of hanging them in the closet.

This will help with closet storage as well as using any empty space on the wall.

You can also use the wall to store stuffed animals. If your child has tons of stuffed animals, get storage bags that can hang on the wall (there are some that look similar to nets) and put them in a high corner of the room.

This will keep any stuffed animals your child isn’t actively using out of the way and create room on their bed for them to sleep! (Because those plushies can overtake a bed if you’re not careful.)

Using the wall for storage can be a huge help to keep the room looking nice and organized.

Get hooks, storage containers that are hangable, or hanging organizers to make their wall functional.

Create a Room Organization Plan

Kids room organization might seem difficult and overwhelming, but it’s not impossible!

With whatever storage solutions you choose to use or categories and spaces you create in your little one’s room, you need to make a room organization plan that works for you.

Make a system that works for your house, your children, and their room. You want it to be something they can easily learn and be able to follow.

Your kid’s rooms can be neat and organized if you implement some of these storage ideas and create a system that your child can follow and maintain.

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