16 Ways to Organize Your Cookie Cutters for Easy Access

If you’re like me, you love to bake cookies. But sometimes it’s hard to find the cookie cutter that you want when the mood strikes. That’s because I tend to purchase cute cookie cutters whenever I see them, and then they accumulate in a drawer or on a shelf. This can be frustrating when I’m in the middle of baking and can’t find the cutter that I want. In this blog post, we will discuss different ways to organize your cookie cutters so that they are easy to access when you need them!

I also want to preface this article by saying that I have an average amount of cookie cutters. I don’t own a cookie business that requires a huge amount of cookie cutters, but cookie organization ideas can still apply, no matter how many cookie cutters you have! I also recommend that you implement a system that can grow with you every time you get a new cookie cutter.

Cookie Cutter Organization

There are a few different ways that you can organize your cookie cutters. But ultimately you need to do what makes the most sense to you so you can easily find the cookie cutter you need when you want to use it. Here are some ideas:

  • By Shape: You can store your cookie cutters by shape so they are easy to find when you need a specific one. For example, all of your round cookie cutters can go in one container together. If you have a particular shape in different sizes, I recommend nesting the shapes and then storing them together as a set using a binder ring.
  • By Holiday: Another way to store cookie cutters is by holiday. This is a great option if you find yourself using the same few cookie cutters over and over again for specific holidays. For example, you might have a box for all of your Halloween cookie cutters and another box for all of your Christmas cookie cutters.
  • By Season: Storing your cookie cutters by season is another option. This is a great way to find the perfect cutter for whatever time of year it is. For example, you might have flower-shaped cookie cutters for spring and summer and leaf-shaped cookie cutters for fall.
  • By Color: this method may not work for everyone because of the varying size and shapes of cookie cutters. But if you have a lot of cookie cutters and want it to be visually appealing this may be a great option for you.
  • By Cookie Cutter Type: Some cookie cutters are made of different materials than others. For example, some are made of metal while others are made of plastic. You could store all of your metal cookie cutters together and all of your plastic cookie cutters together if you wanted to.

My Favorite Cookie Cutters

How to Store your Cookie Cutters

Now that you’ve decided on the best method of cookie cutter organization, now you need to decide what the best storage option is for you!

You first need to determine how many cookie cutters you have and how much space you have in your kitchen (or your home if you choose to put them somewhere besides the kitchen).

Once you have a good idea of the space you have to work with, then you can start looking at different storage options. If you have a lot of cookie cutters and/or limited counter or cabinet space, then consider using vertical space and storing things vertically (peg board, over-the-door shoe organizer, etc.)


Use Glass Jars to Create Beautifully Organized Cookie Cutters

This is probably the most aesthetically pleasing option, but it may not be the most practical. If you have a lot of cookie cutters, they might not all fit in the jar.


Clear Acrylic Drawers Are Great for Organizing For Each Holiday

One of my all-time favorite storage solutions (all over my home, not just for cookie cutters) is to use clear acrylic drawers. This way you can see exactly what is in each drawer, and it’s easy to grab what you need.

Designate a Set of Drawers Just to Cookie Cutters

If you’ve never seen the baking studio from The Sprinkle Factory…prepare yourself. This is what all organizing dreams are made of…no joke!

If you have a huge amount of cookie cutters, then you may want to consider investing in a set of drawers that you can designate specifically to store cookie cutters. Toni uses the Ikea Sektion Drawers to store her cookie cutters.

Labeled Photo Boxes Create a Clean and Uniform Look

Photo boxes are a great way to organize your cookie cutters because the boxes stack nicely and they store a large number of cutters. Plus, if you label the boxes, it creates a clean and uniform look.

Most Photo boxes come with a metal label plate already attached so this makes it easy to find exactly what you need.

Use Plastic Shoe Boxes to Organize Cookie Cutters Inexpensively

This is a great way to organize cookie cutters if you want to do it on a budget. You can find plastic shoe boxes at most stores for a couple of dollars.

If you want to make it look a little nicer, you can add coordinating labels to the outside of the plastic shoe boxes. But even if you don’t do that, it’s still an inexpensive way to organize your cookie cutters. I really like these clear ones from Walmart.

My Favorite Cookie Cutters

Peg Boards Can Work if you Have Extra Wall Space

If you have some spare wall space in your home, you might want to consider using a peg board to organize your cookie cutters. This is a great option if you have a lot of cookie cutters.

You can buy a peg board at most home improvement stores. Then you just need some hooks to hang the cookie cutters from the peg board.

Designate Kitchen Drawers and Use Drawer Dividers to Organize Cookie Cutters

If you have a spare drawer in your kitchen that you can dedicate to baking supplies then this could be a great option for you. This is great because you can adjust the width of the dividers as your needs change.

Ziploc Bags are a Practical Way to Store Cookie Cutters

Ziploc bags are great for storing cookie cutters if you don’t have a lot of them. You can store them all in one big bag or separate them out by holiday. This is by far the most cost-effective cookie cutter storage method.

Use Adhesive Hooks on the Inside of a Cupboard Door

If you have a small cookie cutter collection, this is a super simple storage solution that makes great use of the vertical space in your kitchen. Simply get some removable, adhesive hooks, adhere them to the inside of your cabinet door, and hang the different shapes on the hooks.

An Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer Works Amazingly

If you’re short on space in your kitchen then this is by far the best option for cookie cutter storage for a very minimal cost. You can easily put the over-the-door shoe organizer on the back of your pantry door and organize your cookie cutters however it makes the most sense to you!

Use a Tension Rod to Store Cookie Cutters

This may not be the most convenient storage solution, but storing your cookie cutters on a tension rod could be a great option if you are short on space. All you need is a tension rod and some S-hooks and you’re good to go! Or you could even forego the hooks and just put the tension rod right through the cookie cutters themselves.

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  1. For the container store stackable shoe drawer option, where you store your own cookie cutters, did you purchase the large or small drawer? I’m concerned I’ll have a hard time finding 15 inches of depth to fit the large ones but wonder if the small drawers will be big enough! thanks for your help! Great post!

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