Ottoman Chair Ideas For An Elegant Living Room

Most people get an Ottoman Chair because of its functional purpose in any space. It can be used as a footrest or extra seating for your living area. However, with the proper styling, an ottoman can also be a vital decorative element in your space. It’s all about tying it up with the existing decor in your space. In this article, we’ll explore various ottoman design ideas that you can explore to create an elegant and inviting living room. 

Coordinate With Your Existing Decor And Color Scheme 

One of the creative ways to incorporate ottomans into your space is to coordinate the colours with other elements in your room, such as your curtains, sofa, and other furniture pieces. Whether it’s a bold-printed curtain or your walls’ neutral block paint colours, you can always pick an ottoman with the same fabric, beautiful colour or material texture. 

Coordinating the ottoman colour this way makes it look less like an afterthought but a carefully considered design element in your space. This also creates a stylish connection between all the elements in your room, creating a united design atmosphere for the entire space. 

Use As a Platform 

By simply adding a tray on top of your ottoman, you can transform it into a versatile platform with lots of functional and decorative uses. This allows you to explore your creativity with ornaments, flowers, books and other accessories. Styling your ottoman with objects like this is a great way to personalise your space and make everything feel more connected. Adding a tray also transforms your ottoman into a practical side table to hold your coffee or any other beverages. 

Get a Pretty Pair

Do you know what’s better than one ottoman? A pair of ottomans. Instead of using just one, consider getting multiple ottomans, especially if you have enough space for more furniture. Not only will you get an extra surface for seating or displaying items, but using multiple ottomans helps create a balanced and symmetrical look in your living. You can choose matching designs for the two ottomans or opt for contrasting designs that complement each other. 

Play with Shapes

You can add contrast and visual interest to your space by adding an ottoman with different geometric shapes and sizes. Fortunately, ottomans come in various designs beyond the traditional rectangular shape. This makes it easy to match your ottoman with varying aesthetics of rooms and styles. 

Photo: 1825 Interiors

Break A Neutral Color Scheme With A Colorful Ottoman 

Most people these days prefer to paint their living rooms in neutral colours like white, brown, or cream. While these colours are great, they can get monotonous when everything in the room is the same neutral shade. You can use a brightly coloured ottoman to break the neutral scheme. This is a subtle but effective way to add some character to your space, making it more inviting than it is already. 

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