How to Keep Your Kid’s Legos Organized: 45 Creative Lego Organizer Ideas

Legos are the ultimate childhood toy. They provide hours of entertainment and endless opportunities for creativity. Unfortunately for parents, they can also create a bit of chaos. Finding a spot to store all those tiny blocks can be tough. It can seem like every time you turn around, another plastic container is overflowing with these little toys. But, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ll be sharing 45 different Lego organizer ideas to keep your house clean and your kids happy.

lego organizer ideas

Keep reading for my best Lego organizer ideas and learn how to keep all your Lego pieces put away and off the floor – no one likes stepping on tiny Lego pieces!

What are the benefits of spending time on Lego organization?

I think we all know that Lego organization ideas are beneficial, but parents are busy people! Spending a bunch of time organizing little Lego pieces or Lego creations isn’t very appealing.

Dedicating time to Lego organization is a valuable investment. Not only does it promote a clutter-free environment, but it also fosters a sense of responsibility in children. When Legos are neatly organized, kids can easily find exactly what they need, encouraging independent play and creativity.

lego organizer idea for minifigs

The organization process itself can be a fantastic learning opportunity. It can teach children about categorizing items, following a system, and maintaining their personal spaces. Plus, a well-organized Lego set can reduce the risk of losing or misplacing crucial pieces, which can directly impact the longevity and usability of the toy.

Lastly, let’s not forget the simple satisfaction and peace of mind that comes from a clean, organized space. Devoting time to Lego organization is truly a win-win scenario for both parents and children.


Getting Started…

Before you dive headfirst into sorting piles of Legos, take a step back and assess what you have. Do you have any Lego sets you no longer play with? Any duplicates? Get rid of what you can to help your Lego storage!

Then consider each type of Lego piece – do you have more small pieces or larger ones? Are there many Lego figures or is it mostly bricks? Identifying the types of pieces you have can guide you on the best organization method to adopt.

Next, decide on a sorting criteria. You can sort by color, size, set, or function. For instance, all red bricks can go in one bin, or all pieces from a specific set can go together. Kids often prefer sorting by color as it’s easier to manage and makes it simpler to find the pieces they need.

lego organizer ideas for minifigures

Consider involving your kids in the organization process. Make it a fun, collaborative activity where they have some say in how their toys are organized. This way, they are more likely to maintain the system.

Lastly, invest in quality storage solutions. You may choose between bins, drawers, tackle boxes, or even specialized Lego storage units. Make sure your chosen solution fits your space, is accessible for your kids, and can accommodate your Lego collection.

Remember, the goal isn’t perfection but functionality. What matters is that your kids can find what they need when they need it and that they learn to put things away when they’re done playing.

Now let’s jump into some ideas for how to organize and store Legos.


45 Lego Organizer Ideas for Lego Fans

There are lots of great Lego organizer ideas out there that you can use no matter the size of your house, the size of your growing Lego collection, or your budget when it comes to storage bins.

Here are 45 ideas to keep all the Lego bricks in your house in Lego storage containers.

1. Have a Lego Head Storage Bin

One really cute product for Lego storage is this Lego head storage bin. It is not just a storage solution, but also an adorable accessory that kids will love.

Shaped just like a classic Lego minifigure head, it adds a playful touch to any room. Its lift-off top makes accessing stored Legos a breeze. Made from sturdy, long-lasting plastic, it ensures durability while offering a good amount of storage space.

Plus, its authentic Lego design makes it a fun conversation piece that truly celebrates the spirit of Lego!

2. Designate Drawers for Lego Storage

Lego storage drawers are perfect for separating and categorizing all different types of Legos, making it easier for your child to find the pieces they need.

You can use any extra drawers you have in a playroom to organize and store your Lego bricks. Add smaller plastic bins or dividers to the drawers to organize the Lego pieces.

keeping kids legos organized

3. Free lego Organizer idea: Repurpose Old Toolboxes

Large toolboxes are perfect for storing Legos, and they often come with small compartments that are perfect for keeping the tiny blocks separated.

This can also be a great way to have a DIY Lego container if you have any old toolboxes at your house. Then you don’t have to buy something new! And once your kids outgrow their Lego phase, you have a toolbox to use! (Though I can’t guarantee that’ll happen… there are lots of adult fans, so your child might be a Lego enthusiast for life.)

4. Add Wall-Mounted Shelving

Installing wall-mounted shelving offers an easy solution to store your Legos, and it doubles as a fun display for your child’s creations.

You can add plastic bins to the shelf for those tiny pieces and also show off those Lego masterpieces.


5. Use a Tacklebox

Tackle boxes make excellent Lego organizers due to their small compartments and durable construction. Once your kid has outgrown their Lego phase, repurpose the tackle box for fishing gear.

6. Favorite Lego Organizer idea: Make Use of Mesh or Clear Plastic Bags

Sorting Legos into clear plastic bags for easy storage and categorizing can be an efficient and cheap option.

Lego boxes can be large, unruly, and all different sizes. I love this idea of putting Lego bricks and instruction manuals in separate bags. You can get bags like that here.

7. Use Shoe Organizers for Your Lego Storage System

Hanging shoe organizers make perfect Lego storage units. The clear plastic pockets make it easy to find what you’re looking for, and the pockets are deep enough to hold larger pieces.

Shoe organizers are a cost-effective way to manage your Lego collection. They offer several compartments that can each house a different type of Lego piece. For example, one pocket could contain all red bricks, another could hold all the wheels, and a third could store mini-figures, thus creating an organized system that’s easy for kids to interact with.

Shoe organizers are also space-efficient. They can be hung over a door or on a wall, making them an excellent option for those who are short on floor space. Maintenance is easy too – just lift each pocket to empty and clean it.

creative ways to organize legos

8. Store Legos in Cabinet Units

Small drawer units typically used for makeup storage or small crafts can also work excellently for organizing Legos.

If you have floor space, designate a small cabinet with drawers and shelves to store Legos. You can add plastic bins and dividers to the cabinet to customize your Lego storage categories as needed.

9. Easy to Maintain lego Organizer Idea: Keep Lego Blocks in Under-Bed Storage

Utilizing under-bed storage boxes can be perfect for storing those pesky Lego pieces without taking up much-needed floor space.

Also, if your kids have their own Lego collections and don’t like to mix them, you can have each child have their own clear plastic bins under their bed to keep their individual Lego sets.

10. Card Catalogs

Using repurposed card catalogs can create a vintage and whimsical storage solution for your child’s Lego collection.

Old, vintage-style card catalogs aren’t used much anymore, so you might be able to find one for cheap at a thrift store. It’s a unique Lego storage idea that can help prevent Lego chaos in a stylish way.

11. Use Rock Collection Box for Minifigures

Rock collector boxes are great storage solutions because they often have tons of divided compartments which will give you ample storage for each Lego group you have in your large collection.

You can also get multiple containers and easily stack them for a huge collection!

12. Get a Minifigure Display Case

If you have the wall space, displaying your minifigures in this display case is a fun way to store Lego bricks while showing them off. Your kids will love this case that does double duty of storage and display!

13. Use Vertical Space With This Display Case

If your wall space is vertical rather than horizontal, this display case would work better for you! It does the same thing but is more vertical!

14. Store Lego Bricks in a 10-Drawer Rolling Cart

Rolling carts with multiple drawers offer a versatile and mobile storage solution for Legos. Each drawer can be dedicated to a different type of Lego piece, facilitating easy sorting, organizing, and locating of pieces when needed.

These carts are generally lightweight and equipped with wheels, allowing you to conveniently move them around as required. Whether your child is building in the living room or in their bedroom, the cart can be rolled to their location, making it an accessible and flexible storage system.

Plus, the clear plastic drawers of the cart can help in easy identification of the stored Legos!

A 10-drawer cart offers ample storage space, capable of holding large Lego collections.

15. For Large Lego Collections, Use a 12-Drawer Rolling Cart

For a super large Lego collection, you could also get this cart. It’s basically the same as the other one, except it has 12 drawers instead. They are in two columns of six drawers each, making it wider rather than taller.

16. Store Lego Pieces in Any Small Divided Container

Small divided containers are versatile storage options that are particularly effective for organizing Lego pieces. Similar to rock boxes, you can get clear plastic bins like bead boxes.

They can contain a multitude of compartments, each one capable of housing a different type of Lego brick or component. One compartment could be dedicated to miniature figures, another to blocks, and yet another to wheels or other special parts.

The advantage of these containers lies in their compact size, which makes them portable and easy to manage. Since they are typically transparent, it’s quick and straightforward to identify the contents of each compartment.

These containers can be stacked, making them a space-efficient choice for Lego storage. These divided containers are not only practical but also provide a fun and enticing way for children to keep their Lego pieces organized.

17. Create a Lego Table

Lego tables provide a great place for kids to build and play, and they often come with storage solutions built-in. If you don’t have one, you can easily DIY one from an old coffee table or repurpose an old train table.

lego organizer idea using an ikea table

I talk a bit more about tables here. Having an amazing Lego table is an excellent investment for numerous reasons. First and foremost, it provides a designated space for kids to play, create, and express their imagination. This encourages them to engage more with their Lego sets, fostering creativity and problem-solving skills. It allows children to spread out their pieces, sort them, and find what they need without making a mess.

Moreover, many Lego tables come with built-in shelves or storage, making it easier to keep different types of Lego pieces separated and organized. A Lego table can also serve as a centerpiece for a child’s playroom, adding a touch of fun and color. It can be tailored to match room decor and even personalized to reflect your child’s individual style.

Having a dedicated Lego table can also deter children from building on the floor, reducing the chances of a Lego-related foot injury that everyone hates.

18. Make a DIY Lego Table

Creating a DIY Lego table can be an exciting and rewarding project. To start, you will need an old table or desk, Lego base plates, glue, and possibly some paint.

First, select a table of appropriate size – a coffee table or an old desk generally works well. If desired, you can paint the table.

Then arrange Lego base plates across the tabletop, ensuring they fit together well. You could cover the entire surface or just a portion, depending on your preference. Consider attaching small plastic bins or baskets to the side of the table for storage.

19. Construct a Lego Wall

If you’re open to more adventurous Lego storage ideas, consider constructing a Lego wall. This involves covering a section of a wall with Lego base plates, allowing kids to build directly onto the wall and store Lego bricks by attaching them to the wall. It’s a novel and interactive approach to Lego storage that doubles as a unique design feature in a child’s room.

20. Install a Slatboard with Baskets

A slatboard with baskets presents another inventive Lego storage solution. Slatboards provide a sturdy foundation where you can attach various sizes of baskets based on your Lego needs. These baskets can hold different types of Lego bricks, making it easy to sort and locate pieces.

21. Get This XL Lego Brick Shaped Drawers

The Container Store has these awesome drawers that are made to look like Lego bricks!

These Lego brick-shaped drawers are not only functional but also incredibly fun and visually appealing, especially for young Lego enthusiasts. Made to resemble oversized Lego bricks, these drawers bring an element of playfulness to Lego storage and allow you to create a personalized storage system that can grow with your child’s Lego collection.

22. Use Clear Stacking Drawers

Clear stacking drawers offer an effective and versatile solution for Lego storage. They come in a variety of sizes to cater to different Lego collections and are designed to neatly stack on top of one another, saving floor space and keeping your Lego storage system organized and tidy.

These transparent drawers offer the advantage of visibility, allowing you to see what’s inside without needing to open each drawer. You can also get some like this.

Apart from their practicality, clear stacking drawers have a clean, minimalist look that can fit well into many room decors. They are durable, sturdy, and easy to clean, making them a long-term solution for keeping your Lego collection orderly and easily accessible.

23. Cube Storage Containers are a Great Lego Storage Solution

Cube storage containers with snap-on lids are an excellent option for Lego storage. These containers offer ample space for various Lego pieces while their compact, cube-like shape makes them easy to stack and store.

The lids ensure that all Lego pieces stay securely within the container, preventing accidental spills or loss of small pieces. This also means that the containers can be conveniently carried or moved around without any worry of Lego pieces falling out.

Additionally, these containers can be labeled or even color-coded, aiding in organization. For instance, you could assign a specific color container for each type of Lego piece or each Lego set, making it easier for children to find what they need.

24. Make Micro-Organized Drawers

If you love extreme organization, like having every little category in its own storage box, try using micro-organized drawers like this.

lego organizer ideas to be micro organized

Micro-organized drawers work wonders for Lego enthusiasts who have a large collection of various shapes and sizes. These compact storage solutions offer a multitude of small compartments or drawers, making it simpler and more efficient to categorize and locate different types of Lego pieces.

Each tiny drawer or compartment can be dedicated to a specific type of Lego piece. This level of organization is ideal for those who take their Lego building seriously and appreciate the convenience of knowing exactly where to find every piece.

25. Stacking Drawers Inside Cubbies Organize Separate Pieces

Another way to store Legos is by stacking drawers inside cubbies like this.

use stacking drawers for lego organizers

Cubbies fitted with various stacking drawers and built-in shelves offer an exceptional solution for Lego storage. The multi-level design and multiple shelves of these units provide space for Lego pieces of different types and sizes. The individual cubby spaces can be used to separate and organize Lego sets, while the drawers can store smaller pieces or special sets.

Shelves within the cubbies can be used to display completed Lego creations or to hold bins containing larger pieces. With these cubbies, each Lego piece has its place, preventing clutter and making building sessions more efficient and enjoyable.

26. Use Pull Out Bins for Easy Access

You can also use color-coordinated pull-out storage bins like this Lego parent.

ultimate lego room organization

This is one of the best Lego storage ideas for parents of younger kids because a color-based system is easy to navigate for younger children!

27. Display Lego Builds on Lego Shelves

Display shelves are a perfect solution to show off those creations! You can have shelves around the entire room (if you have space) with some shelves housing the Lego bricks and some showing off finished projects.

custom built lego shelves to organize legos

That creates a great balance in the room!

28. Put Clear Stacking Organizer Boxes in a Large Storage Area

This photo shows off how you can use clear stacking organizer boxes.

While labeling is always a good idea when organizing, boxes like this can help younger kids who can’t read!

29. Clear Small Stacking Drawers Work for Smaller Areas

Here are more narrow stacking bins that can be used in a smaller space. You can see a great idea of how to implement using these bins here.

30. A Tiered Shelf Behind a Door Can Save Space

If you have an odd space behind your door, take advantage of that space! Add shelves or a bookcase to the wall behind the shelf and place your Lego bricks there! Here is some inspiration.

lego organizer ideas

31. Use a Lego Storage Bag

If you want to pack up your collection whenever you’re done using it and don’t care much about separate sections and categories, you can get a large Lego bag like this one.

32. Check Out This Lego Storage Mat

This Lego play mat can also be great for younger kids who might not be good at cleaning up after themselves yet. Simply have them play on the mat and then you can easily slide it back into the bin.

33. Create a 3-Tier Cart with Bins

Get a 3-tier rolling cart like this one that has individual bins and make one tier for each child. This is another great way to keep your kids’ Legos separate if you need to.

34. Make a Lego Build Tray

A Lego build tray is a tray designed specifically for building with Lego. The tray provides a confined space for kids to construct their creations.

And if the tray is compartmentalized, it can also serve as an excellent tool for sorting and storing Lego pieces during the building process so you don’t have to worry about losing pieces if you stop while building something.

35. Keep a Binder of Instructions

Maintaining a binder of instructions for Lego sets can be a critical aspect of Lego organization, especially for those who frequently build complicated models. It can be frustrating to lose instruction manuals while constructing a masterpiece.

A binder with clear pockets or sleeves can keep all your Lego instruction booklets neatly arranged and easy to find, saving valuable time while building.

36. Use Hanging Buckets as a Way to Store Legos

Hanging buckets provide a space-saving and fun way to store Legos. They can be hung on the walls or the back of a door, utilizing vertical space effectively and leaving more floor area free.

With different buckets for different types of Lego pieces, this method also promotes better organization and can be the perfect solution for your home.

37. Use Old Cardboard Boxes

Old cardboard boxes can be used to store Lego bricks if you’re trying not to buy anything new. Although they might not be as durable as plastic containers or specialized Lego storage solutions, they are an excellent option for those seeking economical, eco-friendly, and readily available storage.

38. Use Shoe Boxes

Shoe boxes can also serve as practical and easily accessible storage for Lego pieces. Often discarded after use, these boxes, sturdy and right-sized, can be repurposed as Lego containers. They are particularly handy for storing full sets. You can label them for easy identification and a DIY Lego organization system.

39. One Set In, One Set Out

A simple yet effective method of managing your Lego collection is to adopt the “One Set In, One Set Out” rule. When a new Lego set arrives, an old one must be donated, sold, or gifted.

This policy ensures your collection doesn’t outgrow your storage capacity and helps maintain an ever-fresh and rotating variety of Lego sets.

40. Organize Legos By Color

In addition to talking about Lego organizers, let’s talk about how to actually organize them in the organizers.

Organizing Lego pieces by color is a popular and visually appealing method. This technique allows for easy retrieval of specific pieces and can also facilitate the building process, especially when working with large, multi-colored sets.

This can also be great for young kids who can’t read!

41. Organize Legos by Set

Legos can be organized by set. If a child often builds and dismantles the same set, keeping all the pieces for that set together can make the building process much more efficient.

42. Organize Legos by Size

Organizing Legos by size is another efficient method that can simplify the building process. Grouping similar-sized pieces together allows for easier location and selection of the parts needed for a build.

43. Organize Legos by Piece Type

You can also sort Legos by piece type. So tall and thin, or the round pieces, etc. This method allows kids to easily locate the exact piece they need without sifting through a large, mixed collection.

44. Organize Legos by Franchise

If your kids have lots of Harry Potter Legos, it can be nice to keep those together while keeping Star Wars sets somewhere else, and so on.

45. Mix and Match Organization Methods to Suit Your Needs!

Lastly, some prefer a mixed-method approach, using a combination of the methods above. For example, they might sort major pieces by color, while keeping special or small pieces separate by type.

Choosing the right organization method can depend heavily on the individual’s building habits and the size of their Lego collection.

lego room organizing ideas

Lego Storage Ideas for Your Lego Collection

Lego’s ability to encourage creativity is unparalleled, but it’s hard to find adequate storage for them sometimes. With the above Lego organizer ideas, you won’t have that problem anymore.

Hopefully, some of these best Lego storage ideas will help you organize your child’s Lego collection and keep your floor free of stray Lego pieces. If you’ve implemented a straightforward Lego storage system, your little Lego builders can easily clean up their Lego play area when they are all done! This will help keep both kids and parents happy.

Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves, get organized, and let your kids start building!

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