How to Create the Perfect Photo Canvas for Your Living Room

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A canvas print is a display of your favorite art, photos, or designs printed on canvas material. Canvas prints are versatile, attractive, and great additions to your home décor. But before you use canvas paintings to decorate your living room, you’ll need to make them first.

How to Make an Incredible Canvas Painting

The wall art market size is going to hit 72.61 billion by 2028, so you’ll have no problem buying the right canvas painting. But if you make a canvas painting, you get to explore your creativity.

Select Your Canvas Type

There are numerous options when choosing a custom canvas print, and you can paint your own designs on different types of canvases. These canvas types range from minimalistic to loud. 

Here are the most popular canvas types you’ll want to use:

  • Gallery Wrapped Edges: Canvas is hand-stitched tightly around the wooden frame.
  • Framed: An alternative to framed photos, this style adds a frame to a canvas print.
  • Panorama: Long canvases that work well for landscapes or city skylines.
  • Collages: A canvas made up of up to 24 images laid out like a collage.
  • Multi-Panel: One image laid out across multiple canvases, usually 2 or 3.

The canvas type you choose will be up to your aesthetic, budget, and the amount of room you have on your walls. You should also consider the image you’re using. For example, multi-panel canvases look best using landscape images that have a focal point that draws the eyes.

Choose the Perfect Image 

Find the image that best captures your personality or the look and feel you are trying to create in your living room. You can either choose a photo that you already own or take a look at the available images on print sites. If you’re going for a certain look, hire a local photographer.

When selecting the image, keep in mind your wall color, furniture, and accessories. For the image, go by the rule of thirds. You’ll want to place the focal point anywhere two lines intersect.

Use an Image Editor

The image you want to use may be perfect on the screen, but that won’t mean it will print properly. If the image is too small or looks like a bunch of pixels when you zoom in, you’ll need a higher-quality image. If you start with a great-looking image, you’ll be able to edit it easily.

Whether you’re a designer or an editing newbie, you can use BeFunky’s image editor to fix any imperfections. Their incredible AI-powered tools let you remove backgrounds with a single click. Or, you can use an incredible program like Picsart to enhance your images effortlessly. You won’t need a design degree to use their photo enhancer or their other powerful design tools.

Select the Right Size 

Think about how much space you want the photo canvas to take up in your living room. As a rule, it’s a good idea to pick a size no smaller than the rest of your living room furniture. 

Canvas prints come in small, medium, large, or oversized sizes:

  • Small (8×10, 10×14, 12×12): Great for small spaces or as part of a gallery wall.
  • Medium (10×20, 10×24, 16×16, 16×20): Great for panoramas and vacation photos.
  • Large (12×36, 20×30, 24×36): Great for entryways and above the 3-seater couch.
  • Oversized (30×40, 36×36): Great for a massive open wall and for show pieces. 

The size you pick will affect where you can hang your canvas, so choose carefully.

Opt for Quality Prints 

When choosing a printing company for your photo canvas, look for one that uses premium-quality ink and canvas. This will ensure that your photo looks as vivid and beautiful in your living room as it did on the website. Adjust your monitor to 5000K (D50), as it’s the best for printing.

It’s also a good idea to ask for a digital preview of your design before placing an order, so you can make sure you’re satisfied with the canvas’s look. If possible, see samples in person.

Choose a Frame 

The types of frames you can pick for a photo canvas ranges from traditional frames with thick molding to more modern options with thinner edges. Consider selecting a frame that perfectly complements the style of the image and your living room décor, but only if you want a frame.

Many companies offer a variety of frames in various sizes and shapes. Ask the printing company what each frame type looks like when it’s placed around your finished canvas.

Hang It Up 

It’s finally time to hang your canvas in the perfect spot. Don’t forget to measure the area on the wall where you want to install it. This will ensure your photo canvas fits into the space and looks great. When you’re ready, use strong adhesive strips with hooks to hang your beautiful canvas. 

As a rule, you should hang all art 57 inches from the ground, as that matches the average eye level. But if you want to do something more unique, lean your canvas prints against the wall.

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