10 Different Options for Organizing Everyone’s Photos from Big Family Events

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Over 1.81 trillion photos are taken every year—that’s a lot of photos to organize! Fortunately, you won’t have to look through that many images. That doesn’t mean the project in front of you isn’t daunting, but there are many ways to organize your own photos from family events.

How to Organize Photos From Big Family Events

With the right tools and tips, organizing your photos doesn’t have to be a time-consuming struggle. 

Here are 10 ways to organize photos of your family and friends after a big event. 

1. Organize Chronologically 

A great way to organize photos from an event is to organize them in chronological order. By creating an album with photos that are arranged in the order they were taken, your photos will be easier to follow. You could also arrange the photos based on the people in the images.

For added convenience, create folders within the album that separates parts of your event. You can organize the photos by segments, like the opening ceremony and closing ceremony.

2. Categorize by Subject 

If you want to take it a step further, create categories within your album for different subjects. For example, divide the photos up into categories such as “candid event moments,” “honored guests,” and “organizational team members” so viewers can easily identify the photo subjects. 

3. Utilize Special Photo Apps 

If you’re digital-savvy, use a photo organizing app to help you organize your digital photos. Apps like Google Photos and Adobe Lightroom can manage and organize your photos, allowing for quick searching and sorting. Unfortunately, these programs are either expensive or limiting.

Instead, try Memento, a photo sharing app for weddings and other events. Not only does this app let you create custom albums, but it also encrypts your albums, making them more secure.

4. Mark Important Photos 

Mark your important photos as favorites so you can easily find them later on. What you mark as “favorite” is up to you, but try to include key moments and event highlights. You can add these tags using software or by creating separate files that only include your most favorite memories.

5. Add Captions to Photos 

Adding captions to photos is a good way to provide context and further organize your photos. Useful details include things like dates, locations, or event names. Captions can be especially useful if you need to later reference a particular photo in a larger report or presentation. 

If you’re concerned about accessibility, add captions that describe the photo in detail. This allows Blind or partially-Blind people to know what the photo is when they use text to voice.

6. Print Pictures 

While digital photos are convenient, don’t forget to also print photos. You can create a physical scrapbook or photo album of your event and give it to the people that were part of the event. This spurs wonderful memories of the event and provides a lasting image of each person. 

7. Tag People in Photos 

Tagging people in photos is an easy way to credit anyone who played a part in the event. Even if you aren’t a social media influencer, it’s still polite to tag photos. Not only does this help more of your family see the images, but tagging is a great marketing tactic for small businesses. 

Keep in mind that you can also tag people using hashtags. The people at your event may prefer this if they don’t find the photo flattering or they don’t want the photo to show up on their feed.

8. Back-Up Photos 

Whenever you have digital photos, it’s important to back them up. This way, all of your photos will be safe and secure should anything happen to your original images. You can back them up to an external hard drive or the cloud, depending on your preference and computing needs. 

9. Utilize Slideshows and Presentations 

If you have a lot of photos from your event, consider using a slideshow to showcase and present them to a crowd. This could be a physical slideshow that you put together with a projector or an electronic version that you can show on a laptop or watch on your phone.

Making a slideshow or presentation of your event photos will make it easier to watch and follow along. Plus, you can save your presentation for another family event or keep adding to it.

10. Make a Photo Book 

Finally, create a photo book of your event using an online printing company like Mixbook. This could be a physical book or an e-book that captures key moments of the event. It’s a great way to add an extra touch of community and allows you to share your photos with many people. 

Organizing photos from a large family event can be an intimidating task—but it doesn’t have to be. With the right tips and tools, organizing your event photos can be a breeze. Use the strategies outlined above to efficiently and effectively organize your beautiful event photos.

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