25 English Classroom Decoration Ideas for Students

What can make you like a certain subject or course in high school or college besides having an interesting teacher or tutor? Ideally, you will agree that the learning environment significantly impacts how students learn and interact with theoretical concepts. Therefore, we asked a professional essay writer Lauren Bradshaw from Custom Writings paper writing service to highlight trendy ideas for decorating English classrooms. 

Top English Classroom Decoration Ideas in 2023

1. Have a global map

What do people expect upon completing all units in English? In most cases, the rationale for learning this subject concerns gaining adequate skills in writing words with correct spelling. It becomes challenging for words written in other languages apart from English. For that reason, an English teacher should consider having classroom maps of different styles and sizes, and they must have well-labeled and named countries. 

2. Have a classroom library

What are some reading materials for studying English at the elementary level or university? Besides course books, this class requires students to read extensively. As a consequence, an English teacher should have space for a classroom library to create an inviting and cozy environment for learners. 

3. Install new light fixtures or use lamps

A best reading or learning space should be well-lit. If it is possible, consider construction or selecting rooms with large windows. The rationale for this idea is to make sure students use natural light for studying. The use of lamps can be beneficial in situations whereby learners have to attend evening classes. 

4. Look for bulletin boards

English teachers can use bulletin boards to make announcements or display learners’ quotes. It would be best to have two or more of these materials, probably in the back and front of the classroom. 

5. Display classroom rules

Colleges and high schools teach English to ensure that students communicate not only through writing but also by speaking. For that reason, a teacher can print rules on a board or piece of paper and hang them on classroom walls. 

6. Have workstations with storage 

Considering that a student might be reading a novel or storybook, you should advocate for the inclusion of storage space when designing a sit and desk. This idea would help in organizing reading materials such as dictionaries and textbooks.

7. Decorate walls

Hanging paints, murals, and posters are some English classroom decoration ideas you can use on walls. Elementary teachers might opt to include vocabulary printouts on the walls. 

8. Make your floor comfortable 

Some students arrive late to lectures and make sounds of footsteps that might distract others. Therefore, it would be best to consider adding comfortable rugs to dampen any noise. 

9. Complement windows with curtains

It is simple to add personality and style to an English classroom. Ideally, choosing a curtain with an eclectic appearance or matching classroom themes would be the best idea ever. 

10. Have cubbies 

Students tend to carry bags and playing materials such as skateboards. Without considering the storage materials for their belongings, the classroom would appear congested. In this case, one of the classroom decoration ideas a teacher can use would be cubbies. 

11. Have some plants

Besides their ornamental value, adding plants in an English class reduces stress levels and improves air quality. 

12. Create a pencil dispenser

Having fourth-grade and below students carry their writing materials can create chaos in an English classroom. For that reason, make a dispenser where they can leave and access their pencils

13. Have a sign-out station for pencil

Even with a pencil dispenser, a lack of proper management would lead to chaos. For that reason, an English teacher should have a station whereby a pupil signs after returning or picking a pencil. 

14. Use emojis-like signs

Rather than creating rules on plain paper, you can include emojis to convey rules. For instance, have one that reminds students to refrain from shouting out.  

15. Create a chill-out zone

At some point, a class would engage in oral debate or presentation. For instance, devise a formation for rearranging the classroom to encourage interactions among students.

16. Have a computer center

At this zone, students can access online help, including quality essay writing services available online. In particular, when teaching a STEM or medical course, a learner will need cheap, professional assistance from a custom writing service if a Google search disappoints him or her in getting sources. A student can also use the computer center to complete their essays, homework, or research papers. 

17. Make the clock part of the classroom décor

While the class uses a clock for keeping time, it can complement walls. In particular, you can consider it to be a letter “O” and form the word “OURS” or “YOU.”

18. Introduce clipboards

Considering that an English teacher might need to inform the class on a daily basis, he or she can use clipboards to display information. It is an innovative way since an instructor can take time to design something appealing for students.

19. Have some baskets

Sometimes the class library might be insufficient. In this case, you should consider using baskets to store snacks, art supplies, and even textbooks.

20. Use quotes for decorations

Dedicate a place for hanging quotes, inspirations, and motivations. Some English teachers include them on a whiteboard or bulletin board. 

Other Classroom Decoration Ideas for English Subject

1. Create a list of functional phrasal verbs

Placing phrasal verbs in strategic places would enable ESL students to understand them. For instance, prints of phrases such as “turn off” and “turn on” should be near electronic switches. 

2. Have creative rules

An English tutor can capitalize on some rules to teach modal verbs. For instance, ensuring that the word “should” in the rule, “You SHOULD complete your assignment within the deadline,” is in upper case, to inform students of the importance. A teacher can also utilize a different color.

3. Set up a social media bulletin board

Virtual classroom decoration ideas for the English subject entails creating a social media page for students. In this case, a teacher can post some questions for students to interact with in the comments.

4. Have vocabulary poster

Since academic life for ESL students tends to be challenging, a teacher should find an innovative way to expand their vocabulary. In this case, creating an adjective wheel can be beneficial.

5. Have a writing resource poster

Students should learn to differentiate between formal and informal writing to excel in education and the corporate world. In this case, a teacher can have a resource center with a table of two columns. Here, students would come up with possible informal words with their respective formal ones. With time, learners would grasp the concept without any difficulty. 

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