AC Unit Repair and Replacement

Summer is here, and with it comes a level of heat that can be dangerous for anyone unprepared for it. In hot summer weather, there is nothing more important to your comfort than having a functional air conditioning unit. Hot, dry summer heat can kill, and if your beloved HVAC unit breaks down, then you could be facing serious problems. 

Now is the perfect time to check every part of your HVAC AC unit and see if it is working as it should or not. If it is not working properly, DIY is possible, but the easy option is to hire a professional to repair or replace your air conditioning unit as quickly as possible!

Common HVAC Air Conditioning Unit Issues

There are a number of common issues that AC units often encounter, and some that are more specific to certain models. No matter what might be wrong with your air conditioning, the most important thing is to identify what model of AC unit you are dealing with.

This is essential information because it will enable you to find the correct user manual for your AC and find out how to fix it properly.

Once you know which model of AC you have, it is time to find the specific problem. Be prepared to take some time over this, as HVAC systems are complicated and include a lot of different parts that can all individually break down.

There are a few common problems that you should check for first, though, as these are much more likely to occur than any other issues. 

The thermostat is the most common culprit when there are problems with an air conditioning system. The good news is that the fix is easy: if you have got a thermostat problem, it is probably just out of batteries. Simply find the thermostat and pull the cover away from the wall.

This exposes the batteries, which should allow you to replace them easily. Most thermostats just use regular AA or AAA batteries, which are easy to find and replace.

If you have changed the batteries and it still is not working, check the grates of your air ducts. If the grates are blocked up with dust or anything else, then the air conditioning can’t move air through them. 

These are just the most common problems: there are many other things that can go wrong with an AC unit, and a professional repair or replacement service should be able to diagnose and fix the problem quickly.

HVAC Repair and Replacement Services

It can be difficult to repair or replace an AC unit on your own, but fortunately, you do not have to do it on your own. If you replace or repair your HVAC unit with ARS, then you can be confident about getting fast and efficient service


AC repair can be tricky, but you do not have to worry about it too much. With the help of a professional AC repair service, you can get everything back in working order quickly and easily.

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