Quick Home Makeover: How to Achieve a Boho-Styled Home Using Area Rugs

Boho-styled homes are a new rage amongst decor enthusiasts in today’s time! This decor idea not only lets the homeowners express their personalities in color but also lets them add a lot of comfort and coziness around the house.

Bohemian houses are vibrant! Yet, they showcase individualism. This kind of decor calls for the expression of love, happiness, and joy in various manners. Also, the best part about going the bohemian way is that it doesn’t require following any rules! It’s entirely freestyle, and you can add the element of love to it in various manners!

While giving a quick makeover to your home and adding some bohemian vibes, placing an area rug plays a significant role. You can easily add a boho appearance to the house by choosing the right type of area rug.

Confused and have no idea how to go about it? Here is what you can do!

Choose Warm Colors And Thick Patterns

Being boho means being vibrant. While buying an area rug, you just need to keep in mind that the pattern you choose for your rug should showcase joy and love. A rug that charms the viewer instantly at first glance will add an element of excitement to your house.

Warm colors are all you need during this fall season. A dark-colored rug would act as a great centerpiece for your living room. In terms of texture, you could opt for softer tones or heavy, cultured ones. No matter what you choose, it will surely add some color and joy to the room. 

Finding a boho-inspired rug is not challenging! There are numerous options available when it comes to buying colorful boho rugs, you just need to consider your needs before choosing the right one!

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2. Tread An Untraditional Path

Going boho is all about thinking out of the box! You just need to do things differently and make others go green with envy over how well you imagine scenarios. Rather than adhering to the traditional rectangular rugs, you can surely go for the irregular, overdyed rugs. An over-dyed Persian rug would be an excellent choice for a boho-inspired living room.

Did you know you could also buy a rug with tassels attached to it? Being a true bohemian, you would always want tassels surrounding your house. Even if you can’t get a carpet with attached tassels, you can sew them in the corners yourself.

Scandinavian rugs are boho-styled! These pieces are exquisite and surely warm the hearts of boho souls. If you want to save time while buying a vibrant color, simply look for the Scandinavian rugs, which will help you find the right one quite soon!

3. Add Lots Of Plants To Complement The Rug

Bohemian houses are loaded with plants! The color ‘green’ has to pop out at various places around the house. Be it the real plants or the faux ones; you have to have a lot of them across the house.

Don’t think that this green aesthetic sense of yours and the wish to add natural beauty in the room, along with a bohemian rug right in the middle, would overdo things! No, it surely won’t make things weird. 

Rather, the rug might add different colors to the room. In a place that’s already filled with green plants, a colorful area rug will indeed make things feel joyous!

4. Dark, Colorful Rug In The Kitchen

Yes, you read that right! You can surely have a rug in your kitchen that would make your 

cooking space appear chic and bohemian. Do not be afraid of doing this experiment. After all, you are a bohemian soul who must skip the rules!

One reason why you should opt for a dark-colored bohemian rug for your kitchen is that even if it gets stained, it won’t get visible. Rather, the bright color would hide all the dirt accumulated over it.

However, one thing to ensure while buying a rug for the kitchen is choosing a suitable material. If the rug you get is slippery, you won’t be able to move around the kitchen without the fear of slipping and falling down. In such a situation, the rug would be counter-productive. 

The most popular choice for kitchens is a rug with a colorful splash over it or some abstract design print. 

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Unleash Your Bohemianism Through The Right Rugs

Choosing the right center rugs will do half the task of making your living space appear bohemian. If you get an exciting and colorful rug, it will prove to be a great centerpiece for your room. This way, you won’t even have to work on other parts of the room, as this rug would be enough to brighten up your living space! 

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