Take Your Thanksgiving Dinner to Your Patio with These 5 Tips     

Thanksgiving is when the family gets together to connect with each other, express gratitude for the season, and seek blessings for the life ahead. Thanksgiving time is not just about having a meal together, but the focus is on showing love, caring, and gratitude for the day of togetherness.

Why not take your Thanksgiving dinner to your patio this year? Well, if you feel that your patio is not ready for this, go through some of the cool ideas and tips on this page and plan a brighter, sunnier outdoor Thanksgiving party.

Here are some useful tips for enjoying the feasts outdoors and in style.

Arrange the setting

To begin with, make sure that you have adequate space and furniture items for your family and guests. You could put a large outdoor table and some chairs on it and place a comfy lounge chair at the side for the seniors in your family.

Ensure ample outdoor lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere and insert festive foliage along the doorways and pathways. Plan the layout of the house, keeping in mind the children and pets in the house.

Your patio should exude that festive spirit and look warm and inviting. It should not look congested and cluttered; thus, one should carefully plan the seating and dining arrangements.

Plan the menu

Consider kitchen-friendly dishes that are easy to prepare and won’t keep you busy as your guests hang out on the patio. If you have an outdoor kitchen, prepare the meals outdoors to be close to the family while cooking.

Some useful ideas for the thanksgiving menu include a variety of salads and some side dishes that can be easily cooked on the patio grill, such as grilled zucchini, garlic bread, dinner rolls, corn on the cob, and more. Make sure there are colorful plates of food, with a huge platter of roasted vegetables apart from the turkey.

If you’re going to have a lot of people over then it would be better to use disposable dinnerware so you won’t be bothered with cleaning all of them again. 

Create a suitable tablescape

Your dining table will be the center of attraction during the Thanksgiving dinner. Stick to the autumn theme to exude the essence of Thanksgiving, and go for specifically designed décor and tableware.

The idea is to bring the spirit of the season to the table and design a tablescape that is easy to set up, handle, and attractive.

Use autumn shades for the table runner, mats, and traditional but stylish serving ware. For example, you could use maple leaf appetizer plates or pumpkin-shaped serving bowls. Do not forget to create a Thanksgiving centerpiece for the dining table!

Keep your guests warm

In some regions, having dinner in outdoor living spaces can be cold. Planning a cozy meal outside is essential; one can easily achieve this by placing an outdoor fireplace or patio heater.

If your patio allows, why not have a portable or built-in fire pit to keep your guests warm, motivate them to linger, and encourage them to stay a while?

Have plenty of throw blankets and comfy outdoor seats. The idea is to create a cozy and warm look that is warm and inviting.

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