Professional jobs are often far superior to DIY projects. For window cleaning, in particular, you know you will get a quality result if you hire a professional team. It will save you a great deal of money and time because their equipment is far superior to rentals or retail cleaners. 

Within professional cleaning equipment, you can find protective gear, multiple tool kits, and of course, professional training. The professional cleaning results come after thousands of hours and dollars invested in this domain. It is almost impossible to get the same result on your own, but if you are still curious about what products professional window cleaners use, here are the basics.

Professional Window Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning companies invest considerable money into their tools and equipment. Their supplies range from common everyday utensils to specialized solutions. Both simple and mechanical ladders are standard tools in each company as they deal with various projects and must reach different heights. Professional cleaning jobs typically include two-story houses, restaurants, and corporate buildings, so the workers have to get to each one safely.

They would also generally have smaller tools specialized for different types of window cleaning. This includes extended polls, primarily multifunctional, with attachments including sponges, microfiber cleaning cloths, and scrub brushes. They all have soft or textured bristles, so your windows do not get scratched. Most polls are also automized, with water and soap going through them to the targeted window. A professional team will have everything on hand before starting any job.

For more delicate jobs, most cleaners will have many disposable microfiber cloths used for final touches and streaks. They may also have smaller tools designed for hard-to-reach areas and intricate glass designs. Some examples include T-bar window cleaning cloths, round sponges, and squeegees. The latter come in various shapes and sizes, some designed for window corners. 

If the firm uses pressurized cleaning, they will have water tanks and water pressure machines of different sizes and power. The machines come with combustion engines, mobile or automatic menus, and various tubes and hoses for each spot. Most of them use high-pressure water; however, some can even boil water for more challenging and damaged grime and mildew.

Professional Window Cleaning Solutions

There are many types of window cleaning solutions on the market. The best cleaning companies will focus on efficiency and environmental sustainability. Most states have implemented no water pollution laws, which mandate commercial cleaning supplies to be safe for the ecosystem and the sewages. 

Some experts even produce their cleaning solution using safe and biodegradable alternatives like white vinegar, natural liquid soap, and distilled water. Each company has its recipe, but generally, they will use for every gallon of water, 2 to 4 teaspoons of liquid soap, and 3/4 cup white vinegar. Other recipes may include essential oils and lemon. If you value the nature around you, discuss with your cleaning crew what products they use. Most of them will customize their solution if requested.

Professional window cleaners use various cleaning supplies for each glass type and debris. For buildings in the ocean proximity, salt and algae can be difficult to remove without scratching the glass layer, so experts use different cleaning techniques than in other regions. Most of these solutions are intended for professional use only, meaning they must be distilled before use and mixed with other substances.

Weather and Specialised Climate Kits

Professional cleaning firms should be versatile and flexible. Windows may need to be cleaned multiple times a year during heat waves or freezing temperatures. Extreme climates can affect how the substance dries or reacts to the window. In summer, if the sun hits the window directly, it can leave streaks and marks on the glass, while in winter, each window must be defrosted before any cleaning.

Any firm operating in the window cleaning business will carry different supplies, kits, and cleaners for every season and location. In the more arid areas, sand and dust must be removed extremely gently so they will not damage the glass. In contrast, ice layers must be broken carefully enough not to affect the window itself. 

For each season, the techniques will be different for optimal results. For example, in winter, they will first use lukewarm water for the window and then rinse it with cold water to let the substance dissolve the grime without them freezing. The same goes in summer, but vice-versa, with cold water first, so the chemicals are not evaporating during the soaking process.

Additional Safety Supplies 

Besides cleaners and equipment, all commercial cleaning companies must ensure the safety and protection of their employees. This includes protective gear, regular training, and practicing the latest OSHA regulations. Using cleaning chemicals on a daily basis can be toxic for the body and the skin, which is why you will see professional cleaners in specialized uniforms. 

Some smaller safety supplies include gloves, suits, and glasses. Protective gear is typically used for difficult jobs at high altitudes, like rooftops and office buildings. It includes security belts, helmets, protective jackets, and specialized footwear. Most of them carry a professional belt with their tools included. This is so they do not have to reach out too much and accidentally lose balance. However, you should be cautious if you see employees not wearing any protective gear during the cleaning process. 

The most important part of professional cleaning is the training and licensing process. It is mandatory for each employee to receive in-depth training and is aware of the health and safety standards of the domain. Only certified cleaning companies can do the jobs legally and properly, so look into their credibility before hiring. In this way, you will receive the best results while valuing labor ethics.

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