8 Easy Ways To Add Summer To Your Home

When the summer season rolls around, everyone fancies a change as far as their house and living space is concerned. Summer means brighter colors, a refreshed mindset, and an overall feeling of joy and you definitely want that manifested in your home. Here are some easy ways to add summer to your home and get your seasonal décor started in the best way possible. 

1. Infuse With Foliage And Fresh Blooms

Spring and summer are intrinsically connected with flowers blooming and greenery and ample foliage. Infuse your living room or bedroom with flower pots and fresh plants from The Bouqs Co. If you have trouble keeping them alive, you can always opt for artificial foliage or succulents and cacti. The leafy greens in any space instantly give a refreshing, summery vibe. 

2. Use Natural Elements 

When summer rolls around, you need to emphasize natural elements and textures such as pearls, coral designs, leaves, branches, etc. Giving a beach house vibe is also a great idea but instead of changing out your furniture entirely, you can add accents here and there like a lamp with a coral reef design or an ashtray that resembles an oyster. 

3. Brighten Up That Wall Art

One of the easiest ways to transition your home into its full summer bloom is to change out the wall art to scenery depictions, bright colors, pictures of fruits, flowers and trees, and so forth. Let go of the monochromatic design style for the summer season and add color and vibrancy to your wall art options. A great way to do that is to have pet portraits made as they instinctively remind one of summer warmth. 

4. Rattan Is Summery

Rattan is a plant with very thick, sturdy stems and is used for making furniture along with the wicker. Rattan has always been associated with the summer season, warmer weather, and the beach so it is an ideal addition to your summer décor. There are many ways you can sprinkle its rustic appeal around your homes such as using rattan baskets, bowls, mirror frames, stools, or mats. You can also go full out and buy indoor or outdoor rattan furniture and spice it up with some brightly colored cushions and throw blankets. 

5. Wood And Ceramic For Farmhouse Chic

It makes sense to update your kitchenware in the farmhouse chic style for the summer season. Use wooden bowls and wicker baskets and layout gorgeous ceramic décor items around your house. Wood and ceramic seem entwined with summer and give off a laid-back, airy, farmhouse vibe. 

6. The Outdoors Are Open Again

You may not have spent a lot of time in your outdoor sitting area in the winters but come summer that is going to change. Have a look at your outdoor area and see if you can add more seasonal flowers, clean the area up and maybe hang up some paintings or a custom house painting to really add that feeling of personalization. Pillows and rugs are great for making an outdoor sitting area summer-appropriate because it makes everything inviting and comfortable. You’ll be hosting get-togethers and tea parties again in no time! 

7. Lemons And Veggies

For obvious reasons, summer is the best time to grow citrus fruits and vegetables like tomatoes. If you feel you want to experiment with your green thumb you can always opt for container gardens with vegetable plants, or vegetable beds as well as potted plants for lemons and berries. Don’t forget the herbs like mint that come in handy with meals! A vegetable garden is not only a very summery addition to transition your home into its full summer glory it is also very practical and what you grow can be used for meals or desserts which will come with a personal sense of achievement for you. 

8. Style, Texture, And Pattern

Use different bright colors, textures, and patterns to add layers and dimensions to any room or living space. You can experiment with textures and colors you like with regard to curtains, upholstery, or rugs but the easiest way is to add brightly colored décor items like vases full of flowers. You can even paint the ceiling a darker shade to showcase the bright colors below more vividly and to elongate the room but always contact a roofing contractor if you feel the winter rain, hail, or snow has damaged your roof in any way as external damage can easily seep in and affect the integrity of your roof. 

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