Bible Journaling Ideas to Bring More Meaning to Your Scripture Reading

Are you looking to take your Bible study time to the next level? If so, Bible journaling is just what you need to deepen your understanding of scripture and find more meaning in your reading. Here are some Bible journaling ideas to get you started.

With Bible journaling, you can use products like trackers and stickers to not only document your journey through scriptures but also keep children entertained during family reading sessions.

bible journaling printables

In this blog post, we will go through some of our favorite Bible journaling ideas as well as some helpful products that will help keep you on track and make it easier for kids to engage when reading together.

Bible Journaling Ideas

If you enjoy reading scripture and are looking for inspiration on how to upgrade your Bible study time, keeping a Bible journal can really help!

Bible journaling is a great way to document your learning journey, make deeper connections between passages, and keep track of the progress you make during each Bible reading session.

Before you start…

Before you begin Bible journaling, it always helps to set your intentions and decide what you’re really looking for as you dig deeper to study God’s word.

For example, is feeling inspired in your everyday life the end goal? Are you hoping to feel hope and peace? Or are you looking for more specific answers and guidance? You might be trying to cultivate a more meaningful relationship with God or just learn more about Jesus on a deeper level.

highlighters for bible study

Whatever you’re looking for during your Bible studies, having an idea beforehand will help you stay focused and make the most out of your Bible journaling experience.

Bible Journaling Supplies

As you get started on your Bible journal, you’ll need some basic supplies! Here is a list to help you create your simple Bible journal.

  • Paper Journal: You can use blank paper, lined paper, or any other type of notebook for Bible journals – hardcover, softcover, whatever you want.
  • Pens/Pencils: Choose pens and pencils in various colors to help highlight different topics or scriptures within your journal.
  • Highlighters: A great way to mark certain verses that stand out to you in the Bible. You can also use transparent washi tape if you prefer.
  • Index cards: Index cards are great for writing down questions you have while reading. You can also use them to write down key verses or topics you want to explore further.
  • Small lined paper: great for writing insights and things learned in your bible.
  • Stickers/Decorations: Tap into your creative side with stickers, stamps, and other embellishments that make your Bible journal stand out.
  • Sticky Notes: This is a fantastic way to write personal insights into your scriptures. You can also use a Bible Study Topic Guide to get you started!
  • Color-Coded Topic Stickers: great for adding to the edges of your scriptures for quick and easy reference to a particular topic. Check out this listing for a more detailed explanation of how to use these.
  • Color Coded Sticky Tabs: these are also great for topic study as an alternative to the item above.
  • Stamp Ink: If you want to get creative, you can use stamping ink to add some color to certain scriptures that you want to highlight.
  • Straight Line Stencil: great for making lines on your bible or in your scripture journal to make sure that you write your words straight.

There are lots of other supplies you can get for your Bible journal, but that’s a good place to start. Now that we’ve covered that, here are some simple Bible journal ideas to help inspire your next study.


fruits of the spirit bible journaling
Fruits of the Spirit printables

Take Notes on What You Read

For Bible journaling beginners, it can be hard to find a place to start. One of the easiest and most approachable Bible journaling ideas is to just start by taking notes on what you read in the Bible verses.

As you’re reading, make note of the Bible verses that stand out to you. Use highlighters, markers, or colored pencils directly on the Bible pages, or just make note of those Bible verses in your Bible journal. If you have thoughts or feelings about those verses, take time to ponder on them and write them down in your journal.

If you have wide margins then you can always make notes in your Bible itself, but if you don’t like writing in your Bible, you don’t have much space, or you just like having a place where you can flip through your thoughts from your daily scripture reading, a Bible journal is perfect for you.

Study the bible by topic! Use this Scripture Reference Topic Kit to get you started!

Look Up Bible Journaling Prompts

Another easy way to level up your Bible study is by finding Bible journal prompts for your study. Bible journaling prompts are questions or activities that lead you to meditate and gain more insight into the words of the scriptures.

There are plenty of Bible study websites and blog posts full of inspiring prompts. You can find free printable ones online, or if you want something a little more personal, try creating your own prompts each day about questions you have in your life or in your spirituality.

For example, if you’re trying to focus on trusting the Holy Spirit more in your life, then while you’re reading the Bible, you can make note of any time you read about that topic in the Bible, look up the Greek or Hebrew meaning of the words, and make notes on your insights.


Get Creative!

There are lots of creative ways to go about Bible journaling! It can be a great way to creatively express your faith as you read the Bible.

Use creative journaling ideas like doodles, illustrations, or hand-lettering favorite verses to document your thoughts as you read. You can also use stickers or washi tape, write song lyrics next to scriptures that speak to you, and even utilize Bible journaling templates if you need some help getting started.

walk by faith bible study
Walk by faith Scripture Journaling Kit

This can also be a great creative outlet for kids! Let them get comfortable with God’s word through their own art or through using fun Bible stickers to connect to verses, like the ones you can find at my Etsy shop here.

Studying and connecting to scripture through creating art is one of my favorite Bible journaling techniques! Remember, Bible journaling doesn’t just have to be writing or focusing on all the words. You can focus on feeling, images that are conjured in your mind, or anything you want!

Track Your Progress

It’s always helpful to have a tracker that you can use to document your progress during each session. Trackers are an excellent way to keep track of how many passages you’ve read in one sitting, what topics you studied, and how long it took you to read and take notes.

Bible study tracker printable
Bible Study Tracker

From daily reading plans to scripture memory trackers to gratitude journals, the possibilities are truly endless! You can even make your own Bible study tracker with a printable template or some simple design tools if you’re feeling creative. I’ve made some templates that you can check out here.

Focus on Specific People or Topics

If you’re looking for more Bible journaling ideas, another of my favorite Bible journaling techniques is to focus on specific people or topics in the Bible.

For example, you can take time to study and learn more about Jesus, Moses, Abraham, or any of the other characters in the Bible. Or if you want to focus on a particular topic like faithfulness, prayer, grace, mercy, love, and so forth, you can seek out a verse each time you read that discusses that topic.

printable bible study topic guide
Printable Bible Study Topic Guide (for post-it notes!)

This kind of Bible journaling helps to deepen your understanding of the scriptures and can also lead to some great revelations as you focus on one particular topic. Write down any revelations or thoughts that come up while studying, so you can go back and reflect in the future.

Make Your Bible Journal a Prayer Journal

If you don’t want to keep an easy Bible journal about the verses you read, a prayer journal can also be a part of Bible journaling!

Bible journaling that centers around prayer is a great way to stay focused on your spiritual growth. Take some time each day to write down any prayers that come up while you’re reading the Bible, and then spend some time in silent prayer afterward.

bible journaling ideas by topic
Use color-coded supplies to simplify your bible jornaling

You can even make it extra special by creating your own devotional prayer book or bullet journal, with sections designated for daily prayers.

Simple Bible Journaling Can Change Your Scripture Study

Bible journaling might seem intimidating, but remember that you don’t need to be a scripture scholar to keep a Bible journal.

Find what study methods speak to you and spend time getting creative, pondering, and writing in the pages of your journal about what you learn about God and yourself.

There are a lot of different Bible journaling techniques out there, but hopefully our simple Bible journaling ideas can help you take your faith and spirituality to the next level as you study the scriptures!

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