Decorating a Middle Child’s Room to Develop Learning Skills

Decorating a middle child’s room with the right elements can foster development and learning. Middle children often struggle to find a place in the family dynamic. They may be stuck between a high-achieving older sibling and a cute younger sibling who can do no wrong. A bedroom that promotes creativity, stimulates curiosity, and encourages independence can provide a sanctuary to help a middle child thrive academically and emotionally.

Create a reading nook

With some clever room organization, you can create a cozy corner with a comfortable bean bag or chair and good lighting. A bookshelf full of age-appropriate books turns the corner into a reading nook.

Joining a library can provide an ongoing source of books for the bookshelf. Reading will open up a whole new world to a middle child that goes beyond four walls. You can also expand your mind with the help of an essay writer service.

Curling up with a book can become a favorite pastime and stimulate a lifelong love of reading. Reading will help to improve vocabulary and help with developing good writing skills. A student needs good reading and writing skills to succeed in class. 

Find free essay examples

Students may have to write a college essay about being the middle child as part of their education. They can find middle child essay examples online for inspiration. This can help them to understand more about how to structure their essays and the type of information they should include. If they can’t find a suitable essay, they can reach out to professional writers at writing services to help them write a quality essay for an affordable price. 

Set up a study area

A desk with drawers and a comfortable chair can create an area suitable for studying. It helps to have a dedicated study area when students have to sit for long hours to do coursework or write essays. The desk should hold all the supplies they may need to do homework. 

A whiteboard with special pens can encourage mind mapping and other activities. If a child develops a habit of using a dedicated study area for homework every day, it will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives. This habit will help them when they attend college and need to do research and write assignments. 

Use colorful and interactive room decoration

Colors can play a large role in cognitive development. Children learn to associate emotions like anger or happiness with colors as they grow older. Warm colors like yellow and orange can spark an interest in learning new things and provide a creative environment. 

The colors you use will depend on the age and grade of the child. Older children may prefer more muted, calming colors. You can always add colorful posters with interesting facts to the walls. A globe or interactive maps can help with learning more about different countries and cultures. 

Have enough storage space

Equip the bedroom with enough cupboards, shelves and drawers to make sure everything has its place. Having a place for everything, such as books, puzzles, toys etc., will encourage your middle child to keep the room tidy. 

When they learn to keep their rooms tidy, it gives them more independence and develops a habit that will be useful to them in the future. An uncluttered, tidy room gives them a haven where they don’t have to feel stressed or anxious. An organized room can help to promote creativity. 

Add natural elements

Studies show that adding greenery to a room creates a sense of calmness. Certain plants add oxygen to the air, which can help with being more attentive and focusing better. A small terrarium or a fish tank can help to encourage learning. 

A magnifying glass is a useful addition so the child can look at plants or fish up close. Making a scientific study of them gives them a hands-on experience they may enjoy so much that they want to pursue nature studies as a career. 

Allow the child to personalize the bedroom

When room decorating, it’s important to give middle children a chance to incorporate their favorite colors, interests and hobbies into the décor. This can give them a sense of ownership and pride in the space. It can add to the enjoyment of studying and learning in space. Anyone with a love of learning is likely to go far. Graduation and a diploma or degree may come next. 


Put a middle child into a dull, boring room, and you will do nothing to encourage him or her to flourish. Middle children often battle to find their identity and their place in the family. Having an inspiring and creative bedroom can help them to thrive. A reading nook, a special study space, welcoming colors, plants, and other elements can create a space that helps them to develop intellectually and emotionally. 

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