How to Choose Between Standard Clean and Deep Clean: A Comprehensive Guide

While we all know in our hearts that there should be no compromise with the cleanliness of your living space, life happens. No one expects you to keep your home sparkling clean, especially if you’re a working individual with family commitments.

Thankfully, there are plenty of cleaning services that can take on the job on your behalf. Take PNJ Cleaners in the Metro Vancouver area, for example. The company offers standard and deep cleaning services, billed hourly depending on the scope of the job. Similarly, you’ll find other companies offering similar services at competitive rates.

But what is the scope of standard cleaning and deep cleaning? How do you know which one to choose? This article will include everything you need to know from top to bottom.

What Is Standard Cleaning?

A “standard” cleaning by a professional cleaning service typically covers your kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms/common areas. The majority of services have the same scope. It’s no different than a period of maintenance for your car if you drive it regularly.

When you hire a cleaning company for a standard cleaning, you can expect a thorough and routine cleaning of your space. It’s like the regular maintenance that keeps your place looking neat and fresh.

For starters, the cleaning company should dust all the surfaces to remove accumulated dust and particles. This includes but is not limited to shelves, tabletops, picture frames, furniture, and electronics.

Then there is sweeping and mopping. The cleaners will sweep the floors to get rid of loose dirt and debris around the property. Then, the floors get a good mopping, leaving them clean and shiny.

The best part about cleaning services is that they’re somewhat customizable. If you have specific requests or areas of focus, the cleaner will most likely be happy to accommodate. Whether it’s cleaning your pet’s play area or giving extra attention to a particular room, just let them know.

What Is Deep Cleaning?

If you haven’t been able to clean your living space in a long time, it has most likely gone beyond the scope of standard cleaning services. In that case, you’ll need to opt for a deep cleaning service. Deep cleaning from a professional cleaning company is like giving your space a thorough and rejuvenating makeover. It goes beyond the surface and tackles hidden dirt and grime.

For example, the dusting phase becomes a lot more meticulous in a deep clean. The cleaners look into every nook and cranny, including hard-to-reach places like ceiling corners and light fixtures. Some services may even include vents and air ducts, improving air quality and reducing allergens. You’ll breathe easier knowing your space has fresher air.

The deep cleaners will typically clean your windows, inside and out, leaving them streak-free. Blinds will be thoroughly wiped down, getting rid of dust that’s been hiding in plain sight.

Then there are the appliances you use in your daily lives. The inside and outside of appliances like the oven, microwave, and refrigerator will be scrubbed and degreased. Not only will your kitchen shine but your appliances will also appear clean and work better.

To summarize, deep cleaning is like hitting the reset button for your space. It’s ideal for seasonal cleaning, special occasions, or when you want to give your home or office a comprehensive refresh. You’ll be amazed at how rejuvenated and revitalized your space looks and feels after a deep cleaning session.

How Do You Know Which One Is for You?

Well, determining whether to choose standard cleaning or deep cleaning depends on several factors. Your specific needs, the condition of your space, and your cleaning goals are some of them.

Standard Cleaning: Maintaining a Clean Space

A standard cleaning is usually best for regular upkeep and routine maintenance. If you want to maintain a clean and tidy space on a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly basis, standard cleaning is the way to go. Many companies offer valuable discounts for regular cleaning as well.

Also, standard cleaning is quicker and less intensive compared to deep cleaning. It means it’ll keep the costs down. If you have limited time or want a quick refresh before guests arrive, standard cleaning is a practical choice.

For spaces with high foot traffic, standard cleaning at regular intervals is a cost-effective way to avoid damaging appliances or furniture beyond repair. For example, if you cook at home regularly, you should opt for standard cleaning at least once every two weeks.

Deep Cleaning: Making Your Space Like New Again

On the contrary, deep cleaning is ideal when you’ve been neglecting the importance of upkeep for a long time, probably years. Or, you’re moving into a new space that hasn’t been cleaned thoroughly. In such cases, deep cleaning is a great way to start with a clean slate.

Commonly, most people choose deep cleaning as part of their seasonal cleaning routine. It’s perfect for spring cleaning, fall cleaning, or before important events and holidays. At the same time, if anyone in your household has allergies or respiratory issues, deep cleaning can help remove allergens and improve indoor air quality.

If there’s heavy dirt, grime, or accumulated dust in your space, deep cleaning is necessary to remove these stubborn contaminants effectively.

Additional Considerations

In summary, the choice between standard cleaning and deep cleaning depends on the level of cleanliness you want to achieve and the current state of your space. Standard cleaning is great for regular maintenance, while deep cleaning is reserved for more thorough and infrequent cleaning needs.

You’ll also need to consider your budget as deep cleaning costs can dramatically increase if the property is in poor condition. The best way to keep costs down and keep your home healthy is by opting for standard cleaning periodically.

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Final Words

To maintain a healthy life and mind, a clean home is essential. It provides a safe and hygienic environment, reduces the risk of illness and promotes a sense of peace and productivity. A tidy space also fosters positive relationships and leaves a welcoming impression on guests, enhancing overall quality of life. If you feel your home is not the temple you want it to be, it might be time to give it a thorough clean!

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