Shocking Tips from a Professional Plumber You Need to Know!

I am so grateful to live in a country that has a plumbing system. I feel so spoiled when I think about it and can’t imagine life without it (#firstworldproblems). Occasionally we have occasional problems with our plumbing that requires the expertise of a professional. We had a plumber come over to our house the other day. He helped us out and I picked his brain for awesome info I just know you’ll find useful! I decided to write a post giving you all of the tips from a professional plumber I just knew you needed to know.

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Easy tips from a professional plumber to get rid of drain smells

Easy Tips from a Professional Plumber

In the last few weeks, I have noticed that every time I go to rinse my mouth out from brushing my teeth, I get a disgusting waft of rotten egg smell that just about knocks my socks off. Where in the world was this coming from!?

My first thought was that it might be the drain. Clogged drains are not a stranger to my home and I figured that was the problem. But I was a little confused because the drain wasn’t backing up at all.

Rotten Egg Smell When I Turn on the Sink

Then the plumber came over the other day and I asked him this specific question. Before I could even tell him that it was a rotten egg-type smell, he asked me if it smelled like rotten eggs! That’s when I knew that this guy knew what he was talking about. I was shocked by the answer to his question!

It actually wasn’t the drain at all! ???? It is the little teeny hole that sits at the back of the sink (the side closest to you). Say what?! Yep, my friends! That teeny hole was causing my rotten-egg-wafting-woes. Because of how the sink is built, sometimes water gets trapped in that hole. Even if you don’t fill the sink up high enough to get water in that hole, it starts to grow bacteria?

Don’t believe me? Open your bathroom cupboard. Look under the sink, and you’ll see a small pathway that goes from the hole to the bottom of the sink where the water is stored. This is where the water gets trapped.

Shockingly Easy Rotten Egg Solution

So I asked the plumber what the solution was for the rotten egg smell and it was so simple I laughed! Bleach! He said about once a year, (or when you notice the smell) just pour a little bit of bleach down that hole and it will kill the bacteria, taking the rotten egg smell along with it! Boom. You’re welcome.

Occasionally we have occasional problems with our Lex’s Plumbing that requires the expertise of a professional. We had a plumber come over to our house the other day.

The Big Drano Debate

I heard from a neighbor of mine a few weeks ago that a plumber told her that Drano DOES NOT WORK to clear clogged drains. I could hardly believe my ears! Rarely when I use Drano does it actually make that much of a difference, but I was shocked nonetheless.

So I asked my plumber if he thinks Drano actually works to clear drains and he didn’t hesitate a bit when he said NO. ???? Think of all of the money that is wasted every year on Drano!

He said that Drano contains Sulfuric Acid…at about 5%. He said that the product that he uses to unclog drains also is Sulfuric Acid but it is MUCH more concentrated.

So, friends, I know that sometimes we use Drano because it’s much cheaper than calling a plumber. But it sounds like Drano is a waste of money!

I hope that you have found these easy tips from a professional plumber helpful….especially the rotten egg one! I was sure pleasantly surprised by the info he gave me and I hope that helps save you from calling a plumber a time or two. Do you have any secret plumbing tips? Share them in the comments below!

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Easy tips from a professional plumber to get rid of drain smells
Easy tips from a professional plumber to get rid of drain smells
Easy tips from a professional plumber to get rid of drain smells

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