Tips for HVAC Installation and Repair

When it comes to keeping your home cool and comfortable during the summer months or warm during the freezing winter, Hawthorne can be trusted to deliver both.

We offer professional furnace installations and repairs alongside air conditioner solutions using trained HVAC technicians who follow proper installation and repair protocols that aim to improve the comfort and safety of your home, commercial and industrial buildings.

If you’re looking for a reliable brand, Trane furnaces are always a good choice.

HVAC installation problems 

Undersized unit

An incorrectly sized unit often leads to insufficient heating or cooling of your home or commercial building, making it uncomfortable during the winter or hot summer. It can also increase your energy cost per month, which can be frustrating.

Our company will ensure your heating and cooling system is suitable for your home or structure before installation. We take into consideration the design and age of your building as well as the climate change of your specific area.

Undersized ductwork

An inefficient distribution of air throughout your home is associated with undersized ductwork. Having undersized ductwork restricts airflow and puts great stress on your HVAC unit. 

Our HVAC contractors assess ductwork to make sure they fulfill the requirements of the heating and cooling system. They also provide expert advice to help you get the best results from your HVAC unit.

Inappropriate overflow drain installation

An unsuitable overflow drain system has an effect on other components of the HVAC system affecting the overall efficiency of the main system. 

Our trained HVAC technicians are capable of installing overflow drains in a way that enhances the efficiency of your air conditioning system.


Refrigerant is responsible for starting the heating and cooling process, and without it, air cannot be conditioned to any temperature.

When the wrong refrigerant is used, the system’s overall performance and your comfort are both affected. Too much refrigerant is also harmful to your air conditioner and heat pump, and this often leads to variable compressor failure.

Hawthorne is a licensed HVAC company with professionals who know how to charge your system with the right amount and type of refrigerant.

Benefits of Hiring A professional HVAC Repair Company

Experience and Expertise

HVAC systems are complex and if poorly maintained by untrained individuals, can cause serious damage. Hawthorne has technicians who, with satisfactory levels of expertise, can identify the problem with your system at first sight. We also have diagnostic tools and specialized parts to restore your HVAC unit in the quickest way.

Connection with local suppliers

Our company has established relationships with local suppliers. This gives us access to specialized tools and different parts of the HVAC system at a reduced cost.

Ability to identify potential problems

Our technicians are able to spot other hidden issues which can slowly damage your furnace or air conditioner. We check for signs of hidden damage, such as clogged filters, mildew, broken coil or wiring, and heat at an open vent, among other things. 

Warranties and Guarantees

Our services come with a warranty and a guarantee on our work. We also offer discounts to those who sign up for a service contract. You can trust us to deliver a distinguished service in a satisfactory way.

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