Shifting Homes Without Breaking the Bank: Understanding Your Moving Costs Summary


Moving is one of life’s biggest adventures, but it also comes with some costs to consider. From transportation to the cost of hiring movers, many factors play a role in your total moving budget.

Whether you DIY the move or seek professional help, understanding the various cost components can help make your move go smoothly while saving on costs. In this post, we’ll take a look at the various components involved in a move and help you get a sense of what to set aside financially for this new chapter.

What’s the Average Cost of Moving in the US?

Data from reputable sources shows that the typical cost of a local relocation (within 100 miles) in America is roughly $2,200. Meanwhile, on average, cross-country and interstate moves (over 1,000 miles) generally cost around $4,400.

Keep in mind that these numbers only portray the average – actual pricing can differ substantially depending on variables like mileage, quantity of possessions, and extra essential services. The distance of the transfer inevitably influences the bottom line, with longer hauls naturally costing more to complete. 

Unveiling the Economics of Moving: Factors Impacting the Cost

Whether moving locally or internationally, the cost of relocation will largely depend on the following key components.

1. Distance and the Mode of Transport

Transportation is key for any move, big or small! Whether you’re moving down the street or across state lines, how far you’re going and how you get there determines your total costs.

For example, a short local move might just need a rented truck, while a long-distance relocation could involve hiring professional movers to help or even shipping your stuff.

Data from industry sources show that the average cost of moving between states in the United States is around $4,300 for going 1,225 miles. That amount covers not just transporting your goods but also extras like fuel for safe travels and tolls for getting there.

2. DIY or Hiring Professional Movers

Should you call the pros or go the DIY route?

While enlisting your friends and family for a DIY move is exciting, hiring professional movers will turbocharge the process and leverage their invaluable experience. For a seamless relocation, experts recommend looking for affordable moving companies that have been in the business for many years, preferably over a decade.

The pricing of professional movers depends on things like the amount of stuff, travel distance, and extras like packing and unpacking.

On average, bringing in a squad of pro movers for a local move will set you back around $80 to $100 per hour. For cross-country hauls, the cost model generally revolves around the weight of your possessions and the miles covered.

3. Storage Facilities

Sometimes, life throws us a curveball, and your moving timeline doesn’t line up exactly as planned. Whether you need a layover spot for your stuff between places or some extra breathing room to declutter before unpacking, storage units offer flexible solutions.

Picture a warehouse just for you and your belongings! Temporary storage solutions provide the convenience you need before moving into your new house, but they can prove very costly.

Renting one of these personalized pods ranges from $50-$600 per month. The size you need and where it’s located adjust the rate. In some regions, the price can escalate to more than $1,000, particularly if you need a large storage space.

4. Insurance

Whether you go with professional movers or do it yourself, insurance adds a little peace of mind. Moving companies offer different options, from basic protection to full coverage that has you covered if anything happens. And the small extra cost is so worth it for the security.

On average, insurance is just 1% to 5% more of what your things are worth. That’s a tiny investment to safeguard your stuff from any surprises along the way.

Wrapping Up

While moving may seem like a big undertaking, knowing what to expect can make the process way more manageable. Whether you’re moving across the street or borders, taking the time to consider transportation, hiring pro movers, storage, insurance, and other costs will give you a feeling of control and readiness for anything.

Get clear on the different pieces that make up your moving puzzle. With the right planning and budgeting, you’ll be able to cruise right through your relocation and feel great about your move!

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