How To Choose The Right Shower For Your Bathroom

If you are looking to replace your shower, or even build an entirely new bathroom from scratch, then finding the right shower can make a big difference. Showers are a surprisingly huge market with a wide range of options to choose from, and it is not always easy to tell which shower choices are actually best for your needs.

Narrowing down your options is usually the right way to go, but that does not make it any easier at first. How do you approach the problem of finding a good shower that suits your needs and requirements best?

Shower Type

First of all, you will need to decide what your baseline shower preferences are. Will you be building a bathroom with a bath-shower combination or a standalone shower? How much space do you have? What size shower do you need? What sort of layout do you want for your bathroom?

These are all simple questions, but they can matter, especially when dealing with a variety of different shower types. There is no ideal shower for every situation, so you need to consider your own requirements and preferences before you start diving into all of the options you have available.


Just like preferences, limitations matter. This can be things like budget, bathroom space, your existing water system, and even whether or not you already have a similar shower installed. This is especially true if your shower replacement is part of a larger home improvement project that has a very strict budget for the entire process. 

For example, going from a bath-shower combo to a standalone bath and a standalone shower may require extra plumbing and wiring work, which can make it more expensive. On a tight budget, this may be a less feasible option than just choosing an entirely new shower of the same basic type.


A quality shower is almost as important as the type of shower you choose. Do you need something that is really heavy-duty and built to last like a shower door? Sometimes paying more for a better-quality shower can be a great option, but in other cases, it might backfire on you once you realize that there were cheaper options available.

Quality is not everything, but it matters. You want to be sure that you are buying something that you can get notable benefits from, whether that is the lifespan of the shower itself or the quality of some of its features (such as interchangeable/adjustable shower heads).


Practicality comes into play here too. Everything from the delivery time and installation options to the overall cost of the shower can matter when you are trying to think about your most suitable and practical option. The more you plan ahead and think about your choices, the easier it becomes to make the right one.

It’s also important to consider how many products you use when you get ready and how you plan to organize your shower.

There are thousands of new shower options out on the market, with many being similar enough to make their differences hard to spot. If you want to choose the right one for your situation, then you need to take a closer look at what they actually offer, and which ones suit your needs best.

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