How to Organize Your Bathroom Cabinets for an Efficient, Tidy Space

It’s no secret that the bathroom can be a messy place. Between all of the toiletries and products, it’s easy for things to start piling up. This can lead to an inefficient and cluttered space and make getting ready in the morning a frustrating experience.

In this post, we will give you some tips on how to organize your bathroom cabinet so that everything has its own place and it is a tidier, more organized area. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to get ready quickly and easily every day!

Bathroom Cabinet Organization

When it comes to your bathroom cabinets, it can be easy to just throw everything in and close the door. However, this can lead to a cluttered and unorganized space.

But, by taking some time to organize your bathroom cabinet, you can create an efficient and tidy space. No more struggling to find the exact item you need!

But first… decluttering!

Before you can get to bathroom cabinet organization, you need to have actual storage space to use!

If it’s been some time since you’ve gone through your products, then it’s time for some decluttering.

Start by pulling everything out of your cabinet. Yes, everything.

Once everything is out, you can sort through it and get rid of anything that is old, expired, or that you just don’t use.

Don’t forget to also check under the sink for any extra products that might be stored there.

While most makeup and hair products last a while, they do expire, so make sure you check dates or try to remember how old it is. And if you don’t use certain hair tools or makeup brushes, then just get rid of them. You don’t need them to take up that space!

Bathroom Storage

Next, group items.

When you want to organize bathroom cabinets, which are usually full of small items and supplies like cotton pads, floss, bobby pins, eyelash curlers, hair ties, toothbrushes, combs, and more, you need to use some smart strategies.

Take a look at how much space you have in your bathroom. The goal when organizing is to maximize space and make sure you have easy access to any frequently used items.

How many open shelves do you have in your cabinets? Are drawers built into your bathroom cabinets? Take a quick mental inventory of the open storage you have in your bathroom.

Next, group your bathroom items together so you can see how much space they’ll take up. This will help you as you begin your bathroom organization and start storing items.

Bathroom Storage

Bathroom Cabinet Organization Ideas

Here are a few of our favorite ideas and tips to help you with your bathroom cabinet organization.

Organize the bathroom cabinet door.

One well-known organizing trick is to use vertical space as much as possible. Vertical space is often overlooked in a small space like your bathroom cabinets, but it can be extremely helpful in keeping things tidy.

One way to use the vertical space on your bathroom cabinet door is with a hanging organizer or S-hooks. You can find these organizers at most stores, or even make your own. Then, you can hang products like hair dryers, straighteners, and brushes on the door.

If you have wall cabinets and they don’t have much hanging space to utilize, you can get small magnetic organizers that can be attached to your cabinet doors. This works especially well in a medicine cabinet!

Bathroom Storage

Use plastic containers on shelves.

If you have shelves in your bathroom cabinets, one great way to keep them organized is to use plastic dividers or cabinet organizers to separate your products. This way, you can create compartments for different types of items. For example, you could have one section for toiletries, one for first aid supplies, and one for medicine.

You don’t need to put everything in a container, but using them for small items can really help ensure that nothing gets easily lost.

For example, you could store face wash and skincare products freely on your shelving unit or medicine cabinet, but then you use glass jars or a plastic container right next to them with small makeup supplies like lipstick and then first aid supplies on the other side.

You’re still creating categories and sections even though not every single item is in cabinet organizers or containers.

Bathroom Storage

Get drawer organizers.

If your bathroom cabinet has drawers, implement the same idea with categorization by adding organizers. They can really help with bathroom organization because they give each item a designated space. This way, you’re not just throwing everything in and hoping it all fits.

You can get drawer organizers in different materials like wood or plastic, and they come in a variety of sizes to fit different types of bathroom cabinets.

Using an organizer is a super-easy way to keep everything in its place and any family member can follow this organization method!

Use an easy-access mentality.

When you organize bathroom cabinets, consider what you use most often. Organizing based on what you need to easily access can save you time and frustration.

For example, if you find that you use your hair products more often than your skincare products, keep those items closer to the front of the cabinet or on a higher shelf.

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Store something you don’t need often in the bottom drawer, like guest towels or extra supplies – anything you don’t need to access super often.

Do the same with any drawers you have; make sure items you use often are closer to the front of the drawers rather than at the back of the drawers.

Utilize the space under the sink area.

The under-sink cabinet can sometimes be forgotten when it comes to storage space. But that under the sink area can have some real storage potential!

Some bathroom cabinets can be quite deep, so reaching all the way to the back can be tricky. Adding a lazy Susan or spinning turntable under your sink will make it easy to grab any of the supplies that you’re storing.

I like storing cleaning supplies and toilet paper under my bathroom sink. You make store your bathroom cleaning supplies in a linen closet with the rest of your cleaning products, but sometimes it can be nice to keep a few bathroom-specific products under the sink.

You can also use stacking bins if there’s a lot of space under your sink. Add extra toilet paper to one bin and then you can store towels on top of that bin!

Use counter space wisely.

If your bathroom cabinet has limited space, then you might need to use your cabinet counter space or vanity space. While that might not be ideal, you can easily store supplies on top of your counter and still have a tidy bathroom.

Adding some small trays can help to keep things organized and in their place. You can also use a tiered tray, which looks really cute and are very practical.

For some extra storage, you can get a nice acrylic bathroom storage container that will give you extra drawers to store small bathroom items like makeup.

Bathroom organization made easy!

Now, these bathroom cabinet organization ideas definitely oversimplify the process of bathroom organization. Things might not fit perfectly in your drawers or on your shelves. So it might take some time as you move things around and test different bathroom storage methods.

It’s okay! You’ve got time! Your bathroom doesn’t have to look perfect right away. Just make sure it works for you and your daily routine.

Ask yourself if you can access what you need on a daily basis with minimal effort. You don’t want to have to move guest towels and toilet paper out of the way every time you need to get to your makeup products or hairbrush or toothpaste.

Store things in your cabinet and on your shelves in a way that makes sense for you. But hopefully, these ideas can make your bathroom cabinet organization just a little bit easier so your morning routine can be efficient, quick, and painless!

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  1. I’ve been looking how to organize my under the counter cabinet. This is the perfect idea and solution for mine. Any chance you could share where did you buy the plastic drawer storage/bins?

  2. Great article! Organizing your bathroom cabinets can be a game-changer in creating a more efficient and tidy space. The first step is to declutter and get rid of any expired or unused products. Then, group similar items together and consider using containers or dividers to keep things organized. It’s helpful to prioritize frequently used items and place them at eye level or within easy reach. Additionally, maximizing vertical space with shelf risers or hanging organizers can help maximize storage space. Finally, regular maintenance and periodic decluttering can help you maintain an organized and functional bathroom cabinet.

  3. Great blog post! Your post offers practical tips for creating an efficient and organized bathroom space!

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