How to To Make Cleaning Fun

I have a strong aversion to cleaning, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Can anyone relate to this? There was a time when I actually enjoyed it, back before I had kids. I don’t want to point fingers at my children, but it seems like my freshly vacuumed carpets have a magnetic attraction for them, almost as if they’re beckoning the kids (or my husband) to tread all over them. What’s the deal with that? However, I’ve discovered a few strategies that have made this chore a bit more manageable. Over the years, I’ve actively sought ways to find some joy in cleaning. After all, maintaining a clean home is a vital part of life and crucial for my peace of mind.

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Ideas to make cleaning fun Speed clean

Comfy Clothes

My first suggestion is to wear comfortable clothes! Comfortable clothes can make all of the difference in the world in how you feel and your mood. They also allow you to move freely and it is a lot easier to get things done.

Hardest Tasks First

Many individuals experience higher energy levels in the morning, making it considerably easier to tackle cleaning tasks during this time. I personally find this approach to be more efficient, enabling me to complete my chores much more quickly. In fact, Mondays are designated as my cleaning days, and I usually rise early to accomplish a significant portion of the cleaning before my children even wake up. While it might seem ambitious, I’ve observed a noticeable increase in my energy and productivity levels, resulting in faster task completion.

Ideas to make cleaning fun Speed clean

Good Music – Turn It Loud!

There is something about music that just speaks to our souls! Make a ‘Cleaning Playlist’ that is upbeat and energetic. It helps you keep your energy level up! Sometimes I am able to look back after I have cleaned my house and I have been super surprised at how enjoyable it was and how quickly I was able to get it done.

Podcast or Audiobook

In my college years, I worked as a house cleaner for clients, and during that time, I stumbled upon the joy of listening to audiobooks on my iPod. Back then, I had to borrow books from the library and manually upload them onto my iPod. How times have changed! Thanks to Audible, I no longer have to go through that hassle. I vividly recall spending hours cleaning while immersed in the world of Harry Potter audiobooks. These audio adventures made my cleaning sessions pass by quickly. If you want to make your cleaning time fly by, just find books or podcasts that you adore!

Ideas to make cleaning fun

Set a Timer

Sometimes I have to pretend that I am a 5-year-old who doesn’t want to do her chores. So I have to set a timer for myself and speed clean pre-designated tasks to see if I can get them all done before the timer goes off. This is especially helpful if you are under the gun with guests coming over!

Buy Cleaners that Smell Good!

Good scents do wonders for our mood. Citrus scents are particularly invigorating and are great for making our house smell clean and vibrant! Buy a series of cleaners in your favorite scent and that makes cleaning much more enjoyable. I started purchasing my cleaning products from Grove Collaborative a couple of years ago and I just love their cleaning supplies! I feel better about using these cleaners around my kids and I love the variety of scents that they have.

Although cleaning isn’t very fun most of the time, try implementing some of these steps and you may find yourself being more efficient in your cleaning and you might actually enjoy it!

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