Teenager Bedroom Cleaning Checklist: The Ultimate Guide

Are you struggling to get your teenager to clean their bedroom? Teens always seem to be busy with school, activities, and friends. It can also be tough to get them motivated, but with the right tools, it can be a lot easier. That’s why we have created this “Teenager Bedroom Cleaning Checklist.”

teen bedroom deep cleaning checklist

In this post, we will also provide some tips on how to make cleaning more enjoyable for them. Having a clean room is essential for everyone, especially teenagers who are constantly growing and changing. With this checklist, getting your teen’s room cleaned up will be a breeze!

This printable checklist will help make the process easier for both you and your teen. Plus, it includes ideas on how to make cleaning more enjoyable for them. Keep reading for more tips!

The Ultimate Guide for Cleaning a Teen’s Bedroom

Most teenagers have a messy room, and unless they have been good at doing daily chores and cleaning up their messy bedroom from a young age, they might not know how to do it on their own. That’s where you come in!

bedroom cleaning checklist printable

You don’t want to be responsible for cleaning your kids’ bedrooms for them, but having a checklist for them to review that shows them exactly what is expected of them when cleaning their messy bedroom will make cleaning so much easier for teens as they first begin their cleaning journey.

With this ultimate cleaning guide, your teen will be able to take charge of keeping their bedroom clean with ease. I’ve provided a cleaning checklist I created to help your teens maintain a tidy and clean space.


Bedroom Cleaning Checklist Overview

My bedroom cleaning checklist is at the bottom of the post, but here are a few things your teen should be doing when they are cleaning their messy room. Some are daily chores while others are weekly chores. You can decide how often your teen needs to do things, or follow my suggestions. Whatever works for you!

Put Away Clothes

Putting dirty clothes in the laundry basket and clean clothes in the dresser or closet might seem obvious, but it can be hard to not just drop clothes on the closet floor at the end of a long day. But to prevent laundry from piling up, help your teen get in the habit of putting clothes away every single day! This will keep their closet and floor tidy!

Empty Trash Can

Depending on how much trash your teen produces, this might need to happen more often than a weekly chore. But to prevent a messy room, make sure your kids take out their trash frequently and replace the garbage bag in their trash can.

Dust Flat Surfaces and Light Fixtures

You should dust most areas of your home regularly, but this chore can be easily overlooked by busy teens. Make sure they get in the habit of wiping down flat surfaces and vacuuming carpets (or mopping if necessary). Encourage them to also dust off light fixtures, the ceiling fan, and window sills.


Clean Windows

Make sure your teen is cleaning their windows at least once a month. They should use an old rag and window cleaner to get rid of any dirt or smudges that have built up on the glass. It’s also important to remind them to clean both sides of the windows, inside and out.

Wiping Down Light Switches

Wiping down surfaces that are frequently touched, like light switches, is essential in keeping a house clean. Have your teen get in the habit of using an old rag and all-purpose cleaner to give them a quick wipe every week.

Cleaning Furniture

Young adults should also be cleaning the furniture in their bedroom. They should dust lamps, vacuum couches or chairs, wipe down the frames of their bed, and dust and wipe down their side table and desk.

They should also be washing their sheets and bedding frequently. You can always include their sheets in with your laundry or have them do it themselves if they do their own laundry – whatever works for your family!

There are a lot more tasks covered on my free printable, but that gives an idea of what your teens should do when cleaning their bedroom.


Tips to Help Motivate Teens to Clean

Cleaning can be hard, especially for teens who might not be as accustomed to cleaning their rooms. Hopefully your teens have been cleaning their bedroom since they were kids, but as they reach their teen years, they acquire more clothes and stuff, which can make it harder to clean your room. There’s a big difference between helping you pick up a few toys and doing a deep clean.

So, if your teen is having a hard time cleaning their room, here are some ideas for giving your teen a little motivation for cleaning!

Have Your Kids Help Decorate Their Room

If your children have helped decorate and set up their room, they are often more willing to put in time and effort to keep the space clean. If they participate in the setup, they’ll have more of an appreciation for keeping the space neat.

Get them involved in deciding on what color to paint the walls or selecting furniture for their room. This will help them see the space as their own, so they’ll put in more effort to deep clean their room.

bedroom cleaning checklist

Make a Plan

Before getting started, make sure to sit down with your teen and make a plan for getting the room organized. The bedroom cleaning checklist I created can help with that, but getting your teenager involved in creating a plan can mean the difference between success and frustration.

Once you decide on a plan, set aside some time each day for your teenager to tackle one of the steps on their list. It’s important to keep track of progress so they don’t get overwhelmed or discouraged.

Decide How Often Your Teen Should Do Certain Tasks

When creating their plan or going over the checklist together, decide how often each task should be completed. For example, your plan might say that they should dust once a week and vacuum twice a month – do what makes the most send for their schedule and their bedroom.

It’s also important to remember that bedrooms can get messy quickly and it is up to your teenager to stay on top of their daily tasks in order to maintain a clean room.

Make a Caddy of Cleaning Supplies

Keep supplies for cleaning in a caddy that is easy for them to access. They don’t need their own caddy, but you can always make one for them if you think it will help motivate them to clean their room. Include items like Clorox wipes, microfiber cloths, window cleaners, dusters, all-purpose cleaners, and other cleaning items.

Play Music, Audiobooks, TV Shows, or Movies

Listening to something always helps pass the time when cleaning! Encourage your teenager to play music, audiobooks, or put on a TV show or movie while they clean.

The combination of multitasking and the familiarity of their favorite songs, books, shows, or movies will help them power through cleaning their room quickly and with less stress.

Create Cleaning Competitions or Challenges with Rewards

Having family cleaning challenges can help motivate teens to stay on task. For example, the person who cleans their room first gets a reward like an hour of free device time or the chance to choose what’s for dinner that night. You can also create a family-wide cleaning challenge and award prizes for completing specific tasks in designated areas.

teen bedroom cleaning checklist

Include yourself in the challenges as well. Clean your own room while they clean theirs and see who gets done first. Your teenager will be motivated by the promise of a reward, even if it’s small.

Discuss the Correlation Between a Clean Space and Mental Health

So, this one might not be a huge motivation for some teens, but I like discussing how important it is to keep your room clean for your mental health.

Research has shown that a messy room can cause an increase in stress and anxiety while having an organized living space helps to reduce it. Explain that a clean environment will help them to focus better and be more productive in their studies and other activities. Talk about how calming it is to enter a neat and organized space, which can also help them relax at the end of the day.

Free Cleaning Checklist Printable

If you’ve found this post helpful, download my free printable to help your teens keep their room clean. This free checklist has all of the little and big things that your teens need to do to start cleaning their bedroom.

Using a bedroom cleaning checklist can be super helpful for teens to keep their rooms clean and organized. It’s also an easy way to see what needs to be done so that they can stay on top of their chores without you having to constantly remind them. By following cleaning checklists step by step, teens can learn how to clean their own rooms and keep them organized.

Not only will this help them have a tidy room, but it can also give them a sense of accomplishment and pride in keeping their bedroom neat and orderly! And it helps keep your house clean… so it’s really a win-win!

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