9 Laundry Tips and Ideas that will make your life easier

Raise your hand if you enjoy doing laundry. Anyone? Anyone? Yeah, that’s kind of what I thought.

Laundry is never exciting, so I have scoured the internet for THE BEST laundry room hacks that are sure to make this dreaded task so much easier for you!

My favorite tip is how to get the softest towels. I’ve been using this trick for a couple of years now and it actually works! So here are my favorite laundry hacks, tips, and ideas from around the web (and from my own experience) that I hope you’ll try.

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Laundry Room Organization Ideas

When you have a dirty or disorganized laundry room, you’re not really going to want to do your dirty laundry, are you? At least, that’s how I am!

If you’re struggling to get your laundry done, consider doing a little laundry room makeover. Will a laundry room makeover miraculously make doing laundry easy and wonderful? No. But making sure your laundry space is clean and organized will make the chore easier for you! So here are a few laundry room organization ideas to help your laundry room work for you.

Laundry Room

Free Up That Precious Floor Space

Is your floor space bogged down with an ironing board, laundry basket, laundry detergents, and dirty clothes? Try to free up that floor space by getting a hanging or wall-mounted ironing board or an ironing board that can be easily stored away (more on that in this post).

You can also maximize space by utilizing wall space! Add floating shelves or a wall-mounted drying rack to your wall, as wall space is usually unused space in your laundry room. When you can hang things on drying racks or put your cleaning products on extra shelves, it’ll help keep your laundry room floor nice and clear.

And hey, maybe you’ll even have room for a folding station now, though I think my favorite folding station is on the living room couch where I can watch Netflix when I’m folding.

You don’t have to use shelves!

If you do want to use wall space and hang something on the wall but you don’t want to use shelves, you can also hang up a pegboard or install a slat wall so you can add hooks and hang different items. You can even hang up a small bin or wastebasket so you can easily dispose of any dust bunnies!

Organize Laundry Supplies

Another easy way to keep your laundry room functional is by organizing your supplies. Keep your essentials close so you and your family members can easily reach them.

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If you want a polished habitat, you can get glass containers to put your laundry soap, detergent, stain removers, and dryer sheets in, but that’s not necessary. Just make sure that soap and those dryer sheets are where you can easily reach them and that everything is clearly labeled.

Look for Additional Storage Space

If you have a small space, you may need to look for more space for extra storage. If you can’t hang open shelves or a hanging rod, look around the laundry room and your home to try to find more space for storage.

If you have front loaders, get a small cabinet fixture that you can place above your front-loading washer and dryer. If you don’t have front-loading machines or you have a stacked washer and dryer, invest in miscellaneous items that can be compacted.

For example, get drying racks, hampers, and ironing boards that can be folded down and slid along the side of your washer and dryer so that they are completely out of the way when you’re not using them. Then you can just pull those items out on laundry day!

If you have another closet in the house that isn’t full, you can even use that space. Keep your laundry baskets or hampers inside the closet, and tucked out of the way, or use that space for extra supplies or your storage for lost socks.

My Favorite Laundry Room Hacks

Once you get your laundry room organized, it’s time to get into some other fun (or at least, kind of fun) laundry room hacks!

Laundry Symbols

Ever wonder what those laundry symbols mean on your shirt tags? This is an AWESOME free printable that you can tape to the inside of a cabinet door so you can always know how to launder your clothes to give them the longest life. It is a great idea to hang this up somewhere on the wall where everyone can see it! Check out Jillee’s Laundry Symbol post!

Laundry Room Storage Ideas

Staying organized in the laundry room will help you finish this dreaded chore much faster! If you need additional storage space tips and tricks, learn how to create several different laundry storage stations where you can store cleaning supplies, laundry supplies, ironing supplies, and more to help you stay organized!

Laundry Room Supply Labels

Do you want to create your very own laundry labels to create a picture-perfect laundry room? Check out my Laundry Labels at my shop and create your own perfectly organized laundry room! This will fulfill all of your labeling needs and get your supplies and shelves looking pristine and put together.

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ONE YEAR SUPPLY of DIY Laundry Detergent for $30

Jillee is one of those bloggers who I go to for TONS of my questions. And she has SO many blog posts, you kinda get sucked into a black hole… but a good one!

Her DIY laundry detergent recipe has thousands of people raving. With her recipe, you can make 1 YEARS worth of laundry detergent for about $30. ONE YEAR, people! Check out her laundry detergent recipe!

Teach Kids How To Do Laundry

Tired of doing laundry for fully-capable kids? Check out this post (+ a free reference checklist) so your kids can learn how to be responsible and independent. This free checklist will be an excellent reminder for them as they move along in the laundry process.

Plus, once you teach them, it takes a bit of work off your hands! It’s a win-win!

Laundry Cheat Sheet

Have you ever heard of Jordan Page? She’s the best. And she is always coming up with pretty awesome life-hacks that I just love. Check out her blog to read up on some pretty awesome laundry tips that will save you TONS of time! She even has a great Laundry Cheat Sheet you’ll love.

How to Keep White Sheets and Towels White

I LOVE these simple tips from We Three Shanes on how to keep your whites white. I also have only white towels and sheets and it really makes my life a lot easier.

Some people worry that they will show dirt quickly. But the reality is that the towels get dirty whether they are white or colored, so they should be washed regardless. Check out her article with her awesome laundry hacks on how to keep your whites, well, white!

Soft Towels Trick…it really works!

I have been using these tips for soft towels for YEARS and I was totally skeptical when I tried it. Believe it or not, fabric softener is NOT the way to get your towels soft! Don’t believe me? Try it… I dare you!

Clean Your Machine

After everything we put our washing machines through, we at least owe it a good cleaning once in a while. I love these tips from Clean Mama! I also have a post about the importance of cleaning your washer and dryer, plus some easy DIY recipes for a cleaning solution. Check it out!

Make Your Laundry Room Work for You

Laundry will probably never be fun. If you hate laundry, no amount of organization, tips, or hacks will suddenly make you magically love it. But, with these laundry room hacks, your laundry days will certainly get easier.

You don’t have to be an interior designed to create a beautiful, functional laundry room or have crisp white towels and sheets. Utilize closet space, add a hanging rod to the wall, hang shelves above your washer and dryer for more storage space, get cute glass jars… all of these are small steps you can take to make your laundry room a room you can enjoy being in. Or at least tolerate.

I hope that you have been able to find these tips and ideas helpful. Using these laundry tips and ideas will help it seem much less like a chore.

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