Teach Kids How To Do Laundry

Are you often overwhelmed by the volume of laundry your family generates? Teaching your children how to do laundry can be one of the most beneficial steps you can take if they’re old enough.

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What Age Can Kids Start?

Children can begin assisting with laundry as early as two years old. While children of this age may not be able to complete the entire laundry process, they can certainly participate in putting away their own clothes.

For those who value neatness, it can be challenging to see meticulously folded clothes being handled by little hands and potentially ending up less tidy in the drawers. However, it’s crucial to prioritize teaching kids independence and self-reliance, fostering their sense of pride and accomplishment.

In terms of handling the laundry process from start to finish, my children typically start doing their own laundry around the age of seven or eight. Given that I have a top-load washer, it can be challenging for them to remove clothes without nearly falling in, so I assist with that step. Otherwise, they are entirely capable of managing their own laundry.

The BEST Laundry Tip

I’ve employed a time-saving laundry strategy with my children for years: I don’t sort their clothes by color. While this may seem unconventional to some, it has consistently saved me hours each week.

Each child has their own designated laundry basket in their closet. They simply toss all their clothes into the washer together. This approach eliminates the need for sorting by colors and saves the additional time it takes to organize items for each child.

kids laundry

However, it’s crucial to use cold water for washing to prevent color bleeding. I’ve followed this method for a decade without encountering any issues with colors bleeding. The only exception is when we purchase new clothes, which I make sure to separate by colors and wash immediately after buying.

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Teaching Your Kids How To Do Laundry

When my kids are first starting to learn how to do the laundry, I make sure that I am there with them every single step of the way. I guide them through the process for probably the first three or four times that they do it. I also have a free checklist that you can download to print out and put in your laundry room.

laundry checklist in laundry room

Another great tip that I have seen others do is to put a temporary sticker next to the heat setting that you want them to use so they don’t accidentally ruin all their clothes.

  • Put the clothes in the washer
  • Measure out the Detergent
  • Select the correct wash cycle
  • Start the Washer
  • Put clean clothes in the dryer (and add a dryer sheet or wool dryer balls)
  • Select the Dryer Settings
  • Start the Dryer
  • Take clothes out of the Dryer and Fold
  • Hang the clothes in the closet

My second favorite laundry tip that I teach my kids is to fold your clothes as soon as they are done drying. If you wait to fold your clothes, they get super wrinkly and that just makes more ironing work for you. So if you want to make your life easier or your kids’ lives easier, make sure to fold clothes right out of the dryer!

laundry checklist

Teaching your kids how to do laundry is a great stress that can be lifted off of your shoulders, so teach your kids today! Teach them a life skill that will give them a sense of pride and empowerment.

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