Say Goodbye to Mornings Struggles: Create a Morning Routine Checklist

Do you dread having to get out of your cozy bed each morning? Are mornings always a struggle for you? Do you hit the snooze button more times than you care to admit? Or do you find yourself running late almost every single morning? We hear you! That’s why we’ve put together an amazing morning routine checklist to help you get up and going with minimal effort.

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You may have heard that all successful people have a morning routine. Well, I think there’s some truth to that! Crafting a morning routine checklist will help simplify your mornings.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss everything from how to get up earlier and make your bed to eating a good breakfast and creating a personal and family-friendly morning routine. By the end, you’ll have all the tools needed to design an airtight morning routine checklist!

So don’t stress out about those early risers any longer; use this checklist to ensure everyone is ready on time tomorrow.

Creating a Perfect Morning Routine

In order to create the perfect morning routine, you need to have the ultimate morning routine checklist. You might be wondering how morning routine checklists can give you a productive morning, but don’t worry. Even if you aren’t a morning person, having your own morning routine checklist will reduce stress and ensure your morning starts off on the right foot.

If you have young kids, getting ready each morning can be an especially difficult task. But creating a morning ritual and good morning habits for your entire family will help keep everyone organized and on track. Here are a few tips for creating an effective morning routine checklist.

Get Up Early

To make sure you have enough time to fit everything into your morning, set your alarm to get up just 10-15 minutes earlier than usual.

You don’t need to wake up at 4 a.m. to have a great morning routine, but make sure you have enough time each morning to take care of your physical health and mental health while starting a productive day.

If you find yourself rushing every morning, move your wake-up time up just a bit so you can make sure you’re getting through your routine in those first few hours of the day. You want to make sure you’re prepared for the busy day ahead!

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Don’t Browse Your Phone

While it’s super tempting and might be muscle memory at this point, try not to reach for your phone first thing in the morning. It’s easy to start scrolling on your phone and catch up on any news or social media posts you missed, but that often leads to a rabbit hole of overstimulation and wasted time.

Instead, take a few moments to stretch and enjoy the peace of the morning before you dive into your day. Make sure to save phone checking until after breakfast or when you have some free time.

Make Your Bed

Making your bed is an easy way to start your day off right! I feel like once I make my bed, my morning routine starts officially and it’s time for my day.

Making your bed each morning will help you feel accomplished because your room will always look tidy, and you won’t be tempted to crawl right back into bed!

Making your bed only takes a few minutes, but it’s an important part of your morning routine!

Get Your Body Moving

Some people like to work out as part of their evening routine because they like to shower at night. That’s totally fine! Adjust your routine chart so it’s your own morning routine and works with your schedule.

But even if you work out or exercise as part of your evening routine, make sure you get your body moving through your morning activities. You don’t have to do a huge morning exercise, but make sure you’re at least stretching and getting your blood pumping to give yourself a much-needed energy boost!

If you do have time, doing some light exercise followed by a cold shower can be a great way to fully wake up. If you want to add that to your morning routine but are struggling to stay motivated, lay out your exercise clothes the night before. Then you can wake up, put on your workout clothes, and be ready to start your day on a positive note!

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Make Sure You Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make sure you’re fueling up in the morning!

A lot of people skip breakfast, maybe due to being busy or due to a routine of intermittent fasting. Regardless of the reason, it’s a good idea to have a healthy breakfast whenever you can. Eating a healthy breakfast will give you the energy to start your day and help keep cravings at bay throughout the day.

Whether it’s oatmeal or eggs, make sure you’re eating something nourishing and energizing to kickstart your day!

Drink Water!

Drinking water is one of the most important tasks to introduce into your ideal morning routine. Hydrating is a great way to start the day and can have many positive effects on your energy levels, mood, and overall health.

Try to drink at least one glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morning. You’ll be surprised how much it helps you feel more awake! \

If you’re not a fan of plain water, try adding lemon slices or cucumber slices to your glass of water for a refreshing and tasty twist!

Brush Teeth, Get Dressed, and Get Out the Door

After you take care of your digestive system with a nourishing meal and drinking water, it’s time for those last few steps of your morning habits. Brush your teeth and get ready for the day by putting on makeup (if you want to) and getting dressed.

By this point in your morning routine, you should be feeling energized and prepared to take on the day. So don’t forget to grab your essentials (bag, keys, wallet) before heading out the door! \

With this simple morning routine checklist, you’ll have a stress-free and productive start to each and every morning.

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Family Morning Routine Checklist

Now, if you have a whole family you’re getting ready, that ideal morning routine we just went over might not work for you.

Here’s the thing about a daily morning routine – it won’t always go off without a hitch. Using a morning routine checklist will help you create healthy habits, but they aren’t foolproof methods. Your daily routines won’t always be perfect, so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t always get everything done.

Just remember that your morning routine will look different for everyone and it’s important to find what works best for your family’s lifestyle! Here are a few tips to help you create a stress-free family morning routine.

Get Up First

Set your alarm clock for a bit earlier than your kids. You don’t have to be an early bird – just get up a few minutes early so you can try to get through your own morning checklist before you have to go through theirs.

Set Out Clothes

For a great morning routine checklist, you often need to start with a great evening routine. To start off on the right foot in the morning, prepare the night before. Lay out clothes for the whole family – including yourself! This will help everyone get dressed and out the door much faster in the morning.

Set Up Breakfast

Prepare breakfast items ahead of time, or create a nutritious meal plan for your family to follow during the week. It’s important to make sure that everyone is getting enough energy from their meals, so if you can, make something the night before, or at least have an idea of what your family will be eating.

If your kids are old enough, they can prepare their own breakfast. This can be a great way for your kids to learn independence and responsibility in the mornings.

Let Your Kids Check Off Items

A great way to get your kids involved in the morning routine checklist, and help encourage them to work through their own morning routines, let print out a physical copy and let them check off each thing they do.

Did they brush their teeth by themselves while you were getting breakfast out? Let them check it off like their own private to-do list. It can help put your kids in a good mood and feel accomplished for doing their morning routines by themselves.

Editable Morning Routine Chart

To help your family create the perfect routine for each morning, you can use a free printable morning routine checklist!

Having a daily checklist for your morning routine will help you remember all the things that need to get done before you can start your day. Not only is it convenient in keeping track of what needs to be done, but it’s also a great way for your kids to learn good habits and stay organized.

So print out a copy of this morning routine chart and edit it with things you need for your family. Do you want to add in time for positive affirmations? You can do that!

A Morning Routine Checklist Can Save Your Mornings

Ultimately, creating an ideal morning routine for yourself and your family takes practice. Stick with it over time, and you will eventually find a habit that works best for you.

With a little bit of effort and careful planning, you can create healthy habits that your whole family can benefit from. As you create and stick to a morning routine every day, it will make your life easier and you’ll find yourself feeling productive and ready for anything!

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