Clean Your Home Inside and Out: 10 Reasons Why You Need a Garage Vacuum

Cleaning the inside of your home can be fairly straightforward, but keeping the outside just as clean can be a challenge. Fortunately, a garage vacuum is the perfect tool to use to make outdoor cleaning much simpler. No matter if it’s dirt, leaves, or other debris, a versatile wet/dry vacuum can do it all – making it an essential part of any homeowner’s cleaning arsenal.

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If you’re questioning what the benefits are of owning a garage vacuum, this post will provide you with 10 compelling reasons why you should invest in one!

From utilizing the high suction power and convenience of liquid spills to cleaning up every inch of your garage floor, having a reliable wet/dry vacuum can make all the difference in keeping your home clean inside and out.

10 Uses for a Garage Vacuum

While you can get into the groove of cleaning your house, sometimes it’s easy to forget about keeping the garage organized and clean! Because they are outside, you might leave spaces like the garage or a deck dirty for a little longer than any other space in your home.

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However, keeping your garage clean doesn’t have to be a hassle. With the right tool, you can easily make sure that dirt and debris don’t pile up in your garage. With a garage vac, also known sometimes as a wet/dry vacuum cleaner or a shop vac, you can quickly tackle any mess or project in your house efficiently and with ease.

I have this garage vacuum and I’m obsessed with it! I love all of the things that it can do! It can even wash upholstery and blow up mattresses!

Here are a few ways you can use your garage vacuum to clean your garage floor space, your deck, and other outdoor areas.

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1. Removing dust and dirt from hard-to-reach areas.

Sometimes in the middle of garage cleaning, you might realize it’s impossible to get a corner with your broom or you can’t reach the top of a garage shelf. With a garage vacuum, you can easily clean those hard-to-reach areas and know that they are freshly cleaned.

On low power, use the blower or suction function to remove dust from those parts of your garage, wall, or floor space that are difficult to get to.

wall mounted garage vacuum for crevices in the car

2. Cleaning your car.

Garage vacuums make cleaning your car super easy! Not only can you easily suck up dust and crumbs from the carpet, but you can also get underneath seats and other tight spaces.

The small diameter of the hose attachment allows it to fit in nooks and crannies that a regular vacuum cleaner just can’t reach. You can even use the blower to blow out debris from those tough spots.

If you have kids, your car probably gets pretty messy with crumbs and other messes, so using a garage vacuum every week or so will help prevent those messes from piling up.

If you’re having trouble with your garage vacuum, consider checking out this turbo pump selection.

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3. Cleaning upholstery.

While cleaning your car, you can also use your garage vacuum to clean the seats in your car. Some garage vacuums have attachments that allow you to clean the upholstery of the seats in your car! This is a great way to keep your car looking new and clean.

clean car upholstery with garage vacuums

4. Removing debris from gutters and outside drains.

Another benefit to garage vacuums is using them to remove larger debris and sometimes wet messes from your outdoor area.

For example, you can use different attachments and accessories on your vacuum, like the suction accessory, to pull leaves from gutters or drains. This is a great way to keep your outdoor area clean and free of obstructions.

5. Removing standing water.

Along those same lines, you can also use some vacuums to remove standing water from a basement or leaky storage area. Of course, double-check the instructions on your power tools to ensure they are safe to use around water.

But, with the right kind of vacuum, you can remove the water quickly and easily, saving yourself a lot of time and energy. This is especially useful if your area is prone to flooding or if you’re trying to keep it dry during rain or snowstorms.

6. Blowing away leaves.

The blower on a garage vacuum is also super handy. If you have a lot of leaves on your driveway or sidewalk, you can just set up the blower and blow them away. This is much faster than raking and helps keep your yard neat and tidy.

Keep in mind that not all vacuums have the blower option, which is why I chose to go with the Prolux Garage Vacuum.

Using different accessories, like the blower, can really save time! Plus, it’s really convenient to not have to purchase a separate leaf blower. You can just have one tool with different attachments for different uses!

7. Remove cobwebs.

I don’t know about you, but I hate trying to remove cobwebs with a brook or other tools. Using a garage vacuum makes it easy to get rid of cobwebs quickly and efficiently. Instead of having to reach into tiny corners, you can just suck them away with the vacuum! It’s so much faster and easier than other methods.

Plus, the suction will grab any dust or spiders that may be lurking in the cobwebs too. So you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home is completely clean!

8. Vacuum up pet hair and other messes.

Messes are easily made outside with pet hair piling up, dirt spilling out of planters, and tons of other dry messes accumulating. With your vacuum, you can easily suck up all the dirt, dust, and debris. It’s an easy way to save time and maintain a clean environment.

Be sure to use your vacuum outside safely and keep it away from power lines or any other dangerous objects.

9. Dry wet areas with the blower.

If you have a wet deck from cleaning it off and you can’t wait for it to air dry, you can use the blower to dry it quickly and efficiently. It’s much faster than waiting for it to air dry and will have the same effect!

10. Inflating toys and beds.

Do you have any pool toys or air mattresses you need to inflate? If you don’t have a separate air compressor or pump, you can use an attachment on your vacuum to quickly inflate them. This is great for when you want to quickly set up a pool or bed with minimal effort!

Now that we’ve covered just ten of the ways you can use your garage vacuum, let’s discuss how to choose the right vacuum for your home!

How to Select the Right Vacuum

There are tons of garage vacuums on the market, and you might worry about how you can choose the right one. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect vacuum for your needs:

  • Consider the size of your garage and how much space you have available. You’ll want to get a vacuum that fits in your garage and doesn’t take up too much space! If you have a lot of wall space, consider getting a vacuum that can be mounted on the wall for storage.
  • Think about any extra features that might be beneficial, such as HEPA filtration or above-ground cleaning capabilities. If you have any special functions you need your garage vacuum to perform, make sure you’re getting one that can accomplish what you need it to (like if it has a blower function, etc.).
  • Look at the tools, attachments, and accessories that are offered with the vacuum. Many vacuums will come with an accessory bag full of accessories you can use in lots of different ways. So when you purchase a vacuum, make sure you’re getting all the tools you want like an air compressor, floor brush, and more.
  • Check specs like hose length, unit size, motor power, and more!

Personally, I love these garage vacuums. There are tons of different options for tools, motor power, and more! There is a 2-year warranty, which is so great for an expensive power tool, and they are really great quality!

Keeping your garage clean made easy.

My favorite thing about a garage vacuum is how easy it makes it to keep my garage tidy. Sure, garages will get dirty, but if you can use the blower function on your vacuum and blow out the dry debris, or use the suction function and get rid of dirt, you can easily keep your garage, car, workshop – you name it – clean!

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