How to Organize Bed Sheets in Your Linen Closet

As a parent, it’s not uncommon to have a linen closet stuffed with all sorts of bed sheets and blankets. However, things can get out of hand pretty quickly if you don’t maintain some degree of organization. That’s why today’s post is all about how to organize bed sheets in your linen closet.

organize bed sheets in your linen closet

Luckily, getting your linen closet organized isn’t too hard. It just requires coming up with an easy system to organize bed sheets and spending some time folding linens so you can keep them tidy in your storage space.

From seasonal organizing to mattress size separations, we’ve got you covered. Plus, some tips to keep your linens smelling fresh and staying bug-free. Let’s dive in!


The Benefits of Organizing Your Linen Closet

For some people, organizing your linen closet is second nature, but for others, it may feel like a daunting task. But, like any professional organizer will tell you, when you organize your bedding sets, towels, and other linens, you will feel so much better.

First, an organized linen closet allows you to easily find what you need, when you need it. This saves valuable time and reduces stress.

Second, a neat and tidy closet enhances the lifespan of your bedding, as overstuffed and disorganized closets can lead to unnecessary wear and tear.

Third, systematic organization can create more storage space, allowing you to store additional items if needed.

Finally, it contributes to overall home cleanliness and hygiene, as regularly sorted and cleaned linens help minimize dust and other potential odors.

Taking the time to organize your linen closet can provide both practical and aesthetic advantages in your home. In just a short period of time, you can get your sheets and pillowcases organized and feel more at ease in your home.

Here are some tips to help you get started with some of my favorite bed sheet organizers.

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How to Get Your Linen Closet Organized

When you begin any new organization project, you need to take stock of the space you have and the amount of items you have. So, for linens, inspect the space you have available to store sheets. Are you only storing sheets and pillowcases in that closet or do you have the room for duvets, blankets, hand towels, extra pillows, and more?

how to organize bed sheets in your home

If you don’t have a full closet you can designate for sheets and linens, you can also store each set in the corresponding room. For example, if you have a guest bedroom, you can simply put the sets of sheets that go on the guest bed on a high shelf in the closet of that bedroom.

Most people (including me) like to keep all their sheets in the same closet, but if you don’t have enough shelves available in one closet for your sets of sheets, separating them out between each room can work!


Sort Through Sets of Sheets First

A good rule when organizing is to always go through your items as you begin to organize them.

You don’t want to spend all that time folding those pesky fitted sheets only to find out they have a hole in them when you go to grab one for a guest! So before you get started organizing, go through each fitted sheet, blanket, and pillowcase to ensure it’s in good shape!

organize bed sheets

Ways to Organize Bed Sheets

There are several different ways you can organize sets of bedding. Here are some examples – pick the way that works best for your space!

Keep Matching Sheet Sets Together

For easy access, store matching sheet sets together. This may seem self-explanatory, but it’s a good idea to keep sheet sets together so that you’re not hunting down pillowcases or fitted sheets when rushing to make your bed.

As you fold each linen to place on the shelves of your closet, keep each linen from the set in a stack together. You can always fold or roll the pillowcases in with the top or fitted sheet, but I like placing them on top of each other.

organizing bed sheets

You can even place a towel in the pile (especially if it’s for a guest bedroom). Then the next time your best friend or family member stops by to spend the night, you can just grab the whole set off the shelf and they’ve got fresh sheets and a clean towel.

Consider storing the sets in clear baggies with snaps. This way, you can see what’s inside and everything stays together. You could also place them in wire baskets if you have the space!

Organize bed sheets by Seasonal Items

You could also start by separating sheets by season. If you live in an area where the weather fluctuates a lot, you probably have different kinds of sheets and duvet covers to match the varying seasons. Organizing your linen closet by season will make the process of switching out sheets every few months a breeze.

Fold and store light and airy summer sheets separately from thicker and warmer fleece sheets, for example. To help you quickly identify seasonal sheets, store them in labeled bins or hanging organizers on the closet door.

Keep heavier blankets or duvets and comforters on the lower shelves, as they are usually bigger and heavier. If you don’t want the piles completely on the floor, add some plastic bins to the floor shelf and fold your blankets in the bins.

The best sheet organizers for an organized linen closet

Separate Sheets by Size

You can also organize bed sheet sets by mattress size. We’ve all had those frustrating moments of grabbing the wrong size sheet, especially if you have multiple beds in your home.

Separate sheet sets by mattress size, and even layer them on top of each other in the closet so that you can easily pull the right size stack.

Have a pile of sets for queen beds, another for twin beds, etc. Label the baskets, bins, or space accordingly so you don’t accidentally grab a twin set when you need a queen size!

Organize bed sheets with Color Coordination

Arrange your linens based on color. This not only adds an aesthetic appeal to your closet but also enables you to quickly differentiate between similar-sized or patterned sets. All white sets can go on one shelf, pastel colors on another, and dark colors on another.

Organizing your bedding by color can help in a few ways. First, it creates an immediate visual order in your closet, making the space appear super organized. Who doesn’t love to open the door and see everything in rainbow order?

Color coding can also help keep the fabric color from changing. Storing colored fabrics together stops the risk of darker-colored sheets bleeding into contact with lighter ones.

Even if you don’t want to organize completely by color, I do suggest when you fold sheets and put them in your basket or on shelves, try putting new dark sheets together and white sheets in a different basket if they haven’t been washed a few times yet.

Do Combinations of Several Organization Methods

Depending on how much shelf space you have, you can combine several of these methods together. For example, you can have your sheets separated into seasons and then within each season category, you have them by size.

By categorizing your linens into these subcategories, you can make your linen closet even more organized and user-friendly. This system can make it easier to keep track of everything and maintain a neat, well-organized linen closet.

Here are a few other sub-categories you could add to your larger sections of sheets.

Guest-Only Linens

If you frequently entertain guests, consider having a dedicated space for guest-only linens. This could include high-quality or rarely used sets that you want to keep in pristine condition. Having them in a designated spot ensures they remain fresh and ready for your guests.

Kids’ Bedding

If you have children, you may have special sheets for the kids’ rooms, decorated with their favorite characters or themes. These can be stored together, making it easy to change the bedding in children’s rooms.

How to Keep Your Bedding Smelling Fresh

To keep your linens smelling fresh, use sachets of lavender, cedar, or other preferred scents. Lavender sachets are perfect for keeping away moths and other bugs that can wreak havoc on your linens. You can make these sachets yourself or purchase them online. Simply tuck them into your stored linens and voila! Fresh, fragrant linens all year long.

Keep Your Linen Closets Bug-Free!

As a bonus tip, use other tools to keep bugs away, like mothballs or cedar. You can also keep your linens dust-free by regularly cleaning your linen closet and vacuuming out any debris that accumulates along the way.

Hanging dried lavender inside the closet door can also help keep out bugs while smelling nice!

Enjoy Your Organized bed sheets in your linen closet!

Organizing bed sheets in your linen closet may not sound like the most thrilling task, but a well-organized and fresh-smelling closet is a game changer. By organizing your sheets by season, mattress size, and sheet sets, you’ll save time, and energy, and reduce daily stress.

With these simple tips, you’ll transform your linen closet into an organized haven in no time.

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