Nursery Organization: How to Organize Your Nursery for Less Stress

Congratulations! You’re a parent!

Now what?

A new baby brings lots of new joys and challenges, and one of those challenges is the nursery.

Having an organized nursery is so important. Your baby, no matter how much you love them, is going to bring you so much exhaustion and stress. It’s just part of being a new parent! (Or maybe it’s just part of being a parent in general…)

As a new mom, the last thing you want when you’re tired is to dig through drawers to find a pacifier for your crying baby or a new diaper as you’re trying to change a dirty one.

When your baby’s nursery is organized and everything has a place (and you know where that place is), such as your baby swing is tucked away when not using it, your life will be so much easier. It might not take away all of your stress and exhaustion, but at least it won’t add to it.

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Here are some nursery organization tips to make your nursery a clean, organized, stress-free environment for both you and your new baby.

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How to Organize Your New Baby’s Nursery

Nursery organization is so important, and if you haven’t had your baby yet but will be having a newborn enter your home in the near future, you’ll want to get started on creating an organized room for them.

Don’t wait till the baby is here!

If you have the time to work on nursery organization now, then do it! Once you bring your baby home, you probably won’t have time to work on organizing the baby’s room. So start now!

There are tons of DIY projects and purchasable items you can use to help keep your nursery organized, so nursery organization is possible no matter what your budget is!

Here are some nursery organization ideas to help make your life easier.

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Use Space Wisely

When you’re organizing your baby’s nursery, you need to space things out so you don’t crowd your nursery. Use whatever room in the house is best for this but, if possible, it should be somewhere where your baby can move around and play in when the baby grows.

You want to use every inch of available floor space in your nursery. You also want to use wall space and closet space and, well, any space you have.

Babies need a lot of things!

So once you decide on the room for your nursery, look around the space and figure out where you can put furniture and storage.

Create zones in the room.

You’ll want a crib (or a sleeping zone) and nearby you’ll want a spot where you can rest as you’re feeding them or rocking them to sleep.

Having different zones will help with nursery organization as it will help narrow down what sections each item will go in.

Once you have your zones created, you can just place the items you’ll be using in that area!

Diaper Changing Station

One zone you’ll definitely need in a nursery is a diaper changing station.

Your diaper station can be modified to fit the room you have, but one of my favorite ways to make a changing table is to use the baby’s dresser.

There are changing tables that you can purchase at a store, and they usually come with shelf space. But, to save on space, just let a dresser do double duty.

A dresser can easily store baby clothes and act as a changing table.

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Turning a Dresser into a Changing Table

Using a dresser as a changing table is one of my favorite nursery organization hacks. It saves so much room!

If you want to use a baby’s dresser as a changing table, all you have to do is put a changing pad on top, and you’re good to go.

Look for a changing pad that comes with security straps so you can strap it down to the top of the drawers and you don’t have to worry about it slipping around while you’re changing your baby’s diaper.

Then you can organize the drawers of the dresser to keep the baby’s clothes tidy, and they are at arm’s reach whenever you’re changing a dirty diaper!

Organizing Dresser Drawers in a Nursery

Whether your baby’s dresser is acting as a changing table or not, you will definitely want to organize those drawers.

To organize a dresser in a nursery, categorize your baby’s clothes into different types.

Keep onesies together, pants together, shirts together, etc.

Get drawer organizers to help you really get everything set up.

Use one of the top drawers for the clothes that you use most often, such as onesies or socks, and keep them separated by clothing type.

A drawer organizer will help you do that, or, if you don’t want to get drawer organizers from the store, you can easily just get some small baskets to place inside the drawer to organize baby clothes.

Take out any seasonal clothes or clothes that your baby hasn’t grown into yet and either put them in the bottom drawer (if you have space) that you won’t want to reach down into often, or store them under the crib or in the closet.

If you’re using the dresser as a changing table, put things like diapers, diaper creams, and wipes into small baskets that fit inside the top drawer so they are easy to find when necessary.

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Organizing the Baby’s Closet

If there is a closet in your baby’s nursery, you’ll want to organize that too. To get a closet organized in a nursery, you need to be creative.

If you have space in the closet that you don’t have at your changing station, use nursery closet organization systems that fit into a drawer or hang from shelves to hold things like diapers and clothing.

You can also store your baby’s clothes in stackable containers on top of shelves if there is extra room for them next to changing tables or dressers.

Baby clothes are pretty small, so even if you hang them up, they won’t reach all the way to the ground like adult clothes might.

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Use Shelves to Organize in the Closet

Get an organization system for the closet, like a small shelving unit that you can put wire baskets or bins on.

In the baskets in the nursery closet, you can store items like extra diapers, burp cloths, wipes or creams, clothes for different seasons or occasions, nursery decor, and other baby products.

If you don’t have a lot of room in your nursery closet because it’s really small, try changing up how you store things to make the most of what little room there is.

You could use tall plastic containers with lids and other stackable storage solutions.

Use the Space Under the Crib

If you need more space to store clothes and other baby stuff, use the free real estate under the crib!

Using the floor under the crib for storage is a good idea because it’s easy to access and your baby will never try to climb or play with the bins.

If you decide to use this area, measure how much room is available so that you can get the right size of storage container for what you’re putting under there.

Get storage containers or baskets that you can place underneath your baby’s crib and easily slide them out when you need them.

Babies grow up quickly and you want your nursery to grow with them. If you got some items off your baby registry that your child can’t quite use yet, like toys that might be too old for them or clothes they don’t fit into yet, you can store them under the bed and get them out when you need them.

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The Wall Can Act as Storage

If you have a lot of accessories like bows or flowers for your baby, use the wall to store them!

You can make or purchase a cute board with crisscrossing ribbons that you can easily clip bows to. Just hang it on the wall and now you have a spot for your baby’s accessories.

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Coordinate Storage by Zone

One fun organization idea is to coordinate the storage containers by zone.

Of course, you can get bins and containers that match through the entire room for a new uniform look, but you can also color coordinate by area. So the diaper changing baskets can all be blue, and toys can be red, or something like that.

Instead of color coordinating, you can also organize by container type. So all of your smaller items like pacifiers are in cloth bins and onesies are in wire baskets.

Just choose a system that will help you keep things organized in your nursery!

Label Everything

Nursery organization is the same as organization in any other room. When you’ve got your nursery organized, you want to label everything!

Labeling all the baby stuff in your nursery will help you know where everything is and help your babysitter too!

You might think that you’ll remember where you put everything but mom brain is real. When it’s 2 am and you’re trying to find a pacifier or burp cloth, those labels could keep you from overturning every basket in sight.

It will also help anyone who is babysitting your child when you and your spouse finally get out of the house for a little break. Labeling helps keep your nursery organization maintainable for everyone who helps care for your little one.

You can use washi tape to label storage containers, drawers, bins, baskets… basically anything and everything. You can also get a label maker, which is something I love, to make uniform labels for everything.

Then, as your baby grows and their toys and clothes change with them, you can update your labels and readjust the containers to house their new stuff.

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Create a Nursery that Brings you Peace

Being a new parent is exhausting and chaotic. You have no idea what you’re doing and you’re just trying to figure it out as you go.

But nursery organization can help, at least slightly, with that chaos.

Find a system that will help your nursery stay organized through long nights and hectic days.

Then, no matter how tiring your day has been, you can retreat with your new baby to a place where you can rest and cuddle in peace. Even if it’s only for a few moments a day, it will be worth it.

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