The Ultimate Christmas Morning Survival Kit

Christmas mornings bring both excitement and potential chaos. As the gift-giving frenzy ensues, wrapping paper, tape, and discarded toy boxes often scatter about. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable Christmas morning, preparation is key—enter the Christmas Morning Survival Kit.

Christmas morning survival supplies organized in a utensil organizer

This post delves into the creation of your very own Christmas morning survival kit, designed to navigate the madness of the holiday. We’ll provide a comprehensive list of essential supplies to have at your fingertips, allowing you to steer clear of chaos and savor the festivities.

How to Make a Christmas Morning Survival Kit

Here is all the information you need to know to make your own Christmas morning survival kit.

What is the point of a Christmas morning survival kit?

Preparing for a seamless Christmas morning involves having essential supplies readily available, eliminating the need for frantic searches. Even with well-behaved children, the excitement of opening gifts may lead to restlessness, whether it’s installing batteries in toys or swiftly unboxing new gifts for immediate play.

Christmas morning essentials in an organized bin

What should I have in my survival kit?

Creating a kit like this is quite straightforward. Chances are, you already possess many of these items, but as a precaution, it’s advisable to assemble your kit at least a week prior to Christmas. This way, you can avoid last-minute scrambling on Christmas Eve, realizing you’re out of batteries or have misplaced your scissors. To ensure a stress-free holiday, make sure to verify your inventory and add any necessary items to your shopping list well in advance.

Here’s what you need:

  • Box cutters
  • Scissors (Here are some fancy scissors that can easily cut through a gift box and cause less hand strain than normal ones)
  • Tape
  • Garbage bags
  • Batteries (in various sizes and voltages)
  • A camera with charged batteries
  • A small screwdriver for toys

Putting it together:

Once you gather everything you need for your holiday survival box, you need something to put it in. I like using a basket like this with different-sized compartments. You can easily fit scissors, a screwdriver, batteries, tape, a trash bag or two, and more in this basket.

Bigger things, like a camera, will just need to be held, which is fine since you’ll be using the camera to snap photos of the fun!

batteries, screwdriver, garbage bags, scissors for a christmas morning supply list

Christmas kits are great for the whole family!

Christmas mornings often come with their fair share of chaos, but having a well-prepared kit like this can significantly reduce the potential mess that usually accompanies gift opening. While we may wish our children to embrace patience or teach them to wait until all the family gifts are unwrapped before seeking out those two AA batteries needed for their new toys, there are exceptions—like Christmas morning—when it’s perfectly acceptable to let them dive into their gifts from Santa right away.

This kit includes essential items such as scissors and batteries, readily available for immediate use. It allows you to swiftly cut through the often frustrating packaging, enabling your child to enjoy their new gift promptly. Additionally, having a nearby trash bag makes it easy to gather discarded wrapping paper, ensuring a tidy cleanup process as you go.

I trust that this post will guide you in creating an effective survival kit, enhancing your enjoyment of Christmas Day this year. While you might not have the luxury of sipping hot chocolate in serene relaxation, being well-prepared with survival kits can significantly streamline the holiday festivities.

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