10 Budget-friendly Tips On How To Decorate Your Bedroom For Christmas

There is something about Christmas time makes us want to transform our homes into a winter wonderland. But creating a budget-friendly Christmas bedroom isn’t as difficult as you might think. Keep reading for some simple ways that you can transform your bedroom into a winter wonderland on a budget.

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Start with a Neutral Quilt or Comforter

My first piece of advice is to have a neutral comforter or quilt set that you keep on your bed year-round. It is so much easier to change out your bedroom style for the seasons when you only have to buy a few new pillows instead of completely buying a new expensive comforter.

White is a great color to start with if you aren’t too worried about it getting dirty. White matches with everything and it creates a nice clean feeling in your bedroom.

I found a white quilt a few years ago that has been super helpful in allowing me to change my bedroom style around quite easily and on a budget. It’s actually a rule in my house that my kids are not allowed to get on my bed after my bed is made so my white quilt doesn’t get very dirty.

Add Some Christmas Sheets

The next step is to buy some festive colored sheets. I bought these Buffalo Check Sheets a few years ago from Walmart and although they are not the most comfortable sheets in the world, I love having them on my bed. I linked to some buffalo check sheets from Target below that I’m sure are much more comfortable than the ones that I purchased.

Adding Christmas sheets is a great place to add a punch of color on a small budget. I’m definitely not the type of person that buys 1000 thread count sheets so I can usually find a pretty good deal on Christmas sheets.

I’ve seen some pretty fun Christmas sheets around the internet

Christmas Pillows are a Must-Have Item

Another super easy way to add a Christmas touch to your bedroom is by adding in a few Christmas pillows. You can see on my bed that I really only purchased one beaded snowflake pillow that I got at Target a few years ago.

The other pillows are my everyday white pillows and the buffalo check pillowcases that came with the sheets. I also purchased some black velvet pillows from Amazon that were really inexpensive.

So get creative and buy a few coordinating Christmas pillows that will match with your set and you’ll be surprised at how it can transform your bedroom.

Buy Pillow Covers Instead of Pillows

A great tip to save money on home decor pillows is to buy the pillow covers instead of the entire pillow.

It doesn’t make sense to store dozens of pillows that you have to change throughout the seasons. It’s much more practical to buy just the pillow covers and change them out each season.

That’s exactly what I did with my black velvet pillows on my bed. I just stuffed them with pillow forms that I already had. That way I only had to buy the pillow covers and it was much less expensive!

Sometimes you can even buy pillow covers in coordinating packs and they are sometimes as cheap as $4 a piece! That’s a steal!

Add Soft Textures

When we think about Christmas and winter, we think of soft textures, fur, knit fabrics, and blankets. This is another really great way to add a Christmas touch to your bedroom.

At the end of my bed, I bought a cheap twin size red quilt and folded it, and draped it over the bottom of my bed. I also have a fur black throw blanket that I draped over the corner of my bed to add some layers.

If you add soft textures to your bedroom it will really amp up the cozy factor in your bedroom and will make it much warmer and inviting. I even stole my kid’s fur rug from their reading nook and put it in my room under my bench at the end of my bed. It doesn’t really serve any other purpose than adding a comforting texture and feeling to the room.

Festive Lighting Makes Things Magical

One of the most important things that you can do when decorating your bedroom for Christmas is to add in some festive lighting. Something as simple as a small pencil tree or Christmas lights along the back of your headboard can really add a magical touch to your room.

One of my favorite things to make my room feel extra cozy is those automatic battery-powered candles that have a fake flame. The best part about these is that they are on a timer and they turn on every night at the same time so I don’t have to think about turning them on. I just walk into my room and it feels romantic and cozy.

If you don’t have a lot of outlets in your bedroom don’t forget about fairy lights as an option to add in festive lighting! They are a really great way to add lights to garland that maybe don’t have an outlet nearby.

Add in some Winter Greens

This goes without saying but adding in some Christmas greenery really adds to the winter feel of your Christmas bedroom decor. It doesn’t need to be over the top.

Something as simple as a garland along the back of your headboard, a small Christmas tree, or even some tiny Christmas trees on your nightstand that you can get in the dollar spot section at Target works wonders for transforming the space into a Christmas wonderland.

Splurge on a Christmas Sign

Another great way to add in some Christmas elements to your bedroom is to splurge on a Christmas sign. There are of course several custom laser cut signs that you can find on Etsy that are darling but you’d be surprised at all the cute signs that you can find at T.J. Maxx or Home Goods.

I got my Silent Night sign that is above my kid’s photos from The Handmade Sign Company and I just love it! It’s laser cut and I love the look and feel of having something custom made.

Add a Little Each Year

One thing that I’ve done is to make my Christmas bedroom more budget-friendly is to add a little bit to my Christmas bedroom decor each year. It can get a bit expensive if you’re buying a bunch of stuff brand new all in one year.

So maybe take it slow and consider buying a few things each year and building upon it until you feel like your Christmas bedroom decor is where you want it to be.

Look at for After Christmas Sales

My last and final tip is to be vigilant about searching for deals after Christmas is over. Stores usually put things around 50 to 75% off. So if you combine the tips that I’ve given you with the after Christmas sales, then you’re going to be able to decorate your bedroom for Christmas at a fraction of the cost that most other people would.

I suggest making a list of items that you want to look out for and then shop for those items accordingly when you see the after-christmas sales.

I hope these tips have given you some helpful tips and ideas for creating a budget-friendly Christmas bedroom. Happy decorating!

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