The Only Hidden Book Storage Box You’ll Ever Need

I can’t tell you how often in my journey as an organizer, that I have wanted to hide things that I don’t think should be seen! But what if you could have the best of both worlds with a hidden book storage box? I’ll tell you why you need one, just like I did.

I have said it before and I will say it again. Organization is not just about creating order but creating beauty. But oftentimes there are things that we use in our everyday lives that are just a necessary part of life – but they aren’t always conducive to creating beauty.

Diane H Wong from suggests that most things and furniture should be practical rather than decorative. A few examples of this are your router, your cable box, cords, etc. I want to hide all of those things but I was struggling to figure out how!

A Solution to the Problem

That’s why I was SO excited when I found this incredible Etsy seller that has an entire store dedicated to solutions to problems such as this! Covogoods has the most incredible selection of hidden book systems that can hide all of the things that you want to stay hidden! Her store has many different varieties of “book boxes” as she calls them, which gives the illusion that they are just a bunch of books on a shelf when in reality, it is a hidden storage system!

Here are some ideas of things that you could hide with hidden book storage:

  • Money
  • Documents
  • Jewelry
  • Cords
  • Router boxes
  • Cable boxes
  • Your favorite candy
  • Plugs
  • Outlets
  • Money
  • Family Heirlooms

The possibilities are endless with hidden book storage. I even thought about hiding my favorite chocolate behind my books, but decided against it because I thought I’d forget about it. That’s how ‘hidden’ this really is!

Hidden Book Storage Options

Discover the incredible flexibility of customizing your book storage to harmonize with your home decor. You have the freedom to select the colors that seamlessly blend with your living space. Moreover, tailor the size of your book box to perfectly complement your bookshelf. Personally, I opted for a Navy/Gray/White ombre-style book box, and I am genuinely amazed by the exceptional quality of the craftsmanship.

Furthermore, there’s a convenient listing available, allowing you to purchase individual books and even choose your preferred colors to enhance your home’s aesthetics. In a conversation with Camille, she shared that she sources her books in abundance, providing you with an extensive array of choices.

So go check out Camille’s store called Covogoods and get yourself your very own Hidden Storage Books today! Camille was also generous enough to offer all of my readers a 20% off discount! Use the code MPP20OFF for 20% OFF + FREE SHIPPING for $50+ orders at checkout to receive your discount!

I trust you found this post inspiring and practical, offering creative solutions for concealing unsightly cords, safeguarding valuables, or discreetly storing your cherished treats. This concealed book storage truly offers the best of both worlds!

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