How to Organize Balloons: Storage and Organization Ideas

If you like throwing parties, then you probably keep a lot of party supplies on hand, which most likely includes a balloon collection. Balloons are a festive addition to any party because they come in so many colors and shapes and they can really add to the décor. But what do you do with all those leftover balloons after the party’s over?

In this post, we will discuss ideas on how to store your balloons properly so that they last and how to organize them so you can find the right color or shape without having to search through every box or bag. Let’s get started! (Please note when I’m talking about balloon storage and organization that I’m talking about uninflated balloon supplies. Filled balloon materials would just burst when trying to store them.)


How to Store Balloons

Storing balloons properly is important if you really want to preserve balloons and give them the longest life possible. Here are some pointers for how to store uninflated latex balloons so they last a long time! You don’t want to pull out balloons for a party, fill them up, and then have them burst right away!

Keep Balloons Out of Heat

One important thing to remember when storing balloons is to keep balloons away from heat, light, and air exposure. To get the longest life from your balloons, store your balloons in spaces that don’t experience extreme temperatures or a lot of light. For example, you might want to store your balloons in a dark closet and pack them in an air-tight container.

Additionally, it’s important to keep balloons away from sharp objects so they don’t get holes while they are stored. This might seem like common sense, but make sure to keep them away from anything that could puncture the balloon – things like tacks or pins.

Freezing Balloons

Some people recommend freezing balloons. Latex balloons kept in the freezer can last over five years! If you live somewhere with extreme temperatures of heat, then you might want to consider storing balloons in your freezer to ensure they don’t overheat.

You can also store your balloons in the refrigerator if you prefer. But remember, if you don’t have space to store balloons in your freezer or refrigerator, that’s okay. A cool place that is room temperature is all that’s really needed to store balloons.

Keep in mind, however, that if your balloons undergo a lot of temperature changes, like going from the freezer section to a hot house and then back to your freezer over and over again, then they won’t inflate very well when you really need them. So decide where you what to store them and stick to it!

I store my balloons at the top of my office closet!

Thawing Cold Balloons

If you do preserve balloons in the freezer, you’ll need to thaw them before you try to fill or inflate them. To thaw your cold balloons, take them out of the freezer and place them in a bowl of lukewarm water for about 15 minutes. Once they have thawed, you can begin inflating them.

If you’re not in a rush to get your balloons to thaw and you’ve got some time before your party, you can also move them from the freezer section to a refrigerator drawer to thaw slowly there or let them thaw in a dark, room-temperature space.


How to Organize Balloons

Now that we’ve discussed how to store your supplies, it’s time to talk about organizing ideas! Organizing your balloons can be as simple or complex as you want it to be.

You might want to keep all of your balloons in one big bag so you can easily grab a handful when you need them. Or, if you have a lot of different colors and types of balloons, you might want to organize them by color or type. This will make it easier to find the exact balloon you’re looking for during a party.

I’ll cover a few tips and ideas for organizing balloons so you have easy access to your supplies and don’t need to search for the right balloon mid-party. Just pick the organization system that works best for you and your space!

Organizing in Clear Containers

One of the best ways to organize your balloons is by putting them in clear containers. Keeping your balloons in clear containers will help you see exactly what you have and how many of each color or type you have. You can find clear containers at most stores that sell party supplies.

I do think adding labels to the containers will enhance your system and help you really know exactly what supplies are in each box, but having a clear container will help you see what balloon is where just at a glance.

Organizing in Bags

If you don’t have enough room in your house for boxes or containers, you can also store your supplies in bags. Keeping your balloons in bags will help you stay organized and save space. You can find bags at most stores that sell party supplies or you can use any type of bag that you have around the house.

Organizing by Balloon Color

If you have a lot of different colors of balloons, consider organizing them by color family. For example, put all of the pink balloons in one container, all of the purple balloons in another, orange in another, blue in another, and so on.

Often when you have a party, you have a color scheme, so storing each balloon by color will help you organize your balloons in a way that you can grab the entire container for blue balloons or whichever color you need for that party. It’s also a fun way to store your balloons because it makes your storage space look really pretty when they are neatly organized in containers by color.

Organizing by Balloon Type

Another way to organize balloons is by balloon type. If you have round balloons, long and thin balloons, balloons to craft with, specialty balloons – you name it – then you might want to consider storing them in a way that keeps each balloon type together.

That does mean that your balloons will be mixed up by color, but if you tend to need certain balloon shapes or types for a party, this system could work better for you than organizing by color. This also works if you like to craft with balloons, rather than throw a party with them. When you craft and make balloon animals and things like that, you’ll probably search by type rather than color.

Organizing by Balloon Size

You can also organize your balloons by size. For example, you can store them in containers based on small, medium, or large sizes. Organizing by size can be helpful if you have a lot of different sizes of balloons or if you need to use specific-sized balloons for your party décor.

Organizing by Season or Holiday

You can also organize your balloons based on what you plan to use them for. For example, if you have a lot of themed parties, you might want to keep all of your Halloween-themed balloons together or all of your Christmas-themed balloons together. This is a great system if you find that you use specialty balloons that are holiday-themed a lot or throw a lot of holiday parties.

Balloon Storage and Organization

I hope those ideas on balloon storage and organization can help you keep your party supplies neat and tidy. Remember to keep them in a space that doesn’t get direct light or has any hot air. Also, the brand of your balloon could affect how long your supplies last. So just make sure you buy a high-quality brand of balloons if you want to save money and purchase at a bulk price and have them last for more than a party or two.


When your balloons and party supplies are stored neatly, it’ll be one less thing you have to worry about when party planning. No one wants to search through a mess of materials when setting up for a party. And no one wants to start inflating balloons for a party only to hear them all explode during the party! Who knows, maybe organizing your balloons will be therapeutic for you and become a fun hobby! Either way, I hope these tips helped give you some ideas on how to organize your own balloon collection!

Do you have a lot of balloons? Where do you store your supplies? Let me know in the comments!

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