How To Organize a Successful Lemonade Stand for kids

I am an entrepreneur at heart and I enjoy being my own boss and finding side hustles where I can earn money. I have learned some valuable lessons through the years and I want to instill the entrepreneurial spirit in my children! Below, I have compiled a supply list and have tips for how to organize a successful lemonade stand for kids as well as a list of skills to teach your kids to be great entrepreneurs!

This lemonade stand thing started a few years ago when my daughter was only 4 years old (pictured above). My husband and I wanted to build something really fun for her birthday. Many hours of planning, building, and painting went into this adorable lemonade stand! She was so excited when we gave it to her and she was so little, she had to stand on a step stool to be able to see customers properly.

My kids are finally getting to the age where they can run the lemonade stand by themselves and it is so much fun to watch them implement the marketing and sales tactics that we have taught them through the years. It helps them get out of their comfort zones and be outgoing!

kids lemonade stand tips

Business Skills

#1 Be Friendly: Teach your kids to smile at the customers! Be friendly to them, ask them how they are doing! Teach them to be enthusiastic about their products. There’s almost no substitute for friendliness in pleasing a customer.

#2 Good Manners/Service: Teach kids to always be polite and to say please and especially to tell their customers thank you! The last thing you want to have people feel is that your kid is just “in it for the money”. Teach your kids what good service looks like. People will be more likely to purchase more products if they feel like the kids are friendly and provide good service to them.

#3 “Wow” the Customer: One awesome way to provide good service is to brainstorm with your child some ways you could “wow” your customers with something they won’t expect; like a free sucker with any purchase or a free throw of a water balloon at your kid if they spend more than X dollars, etc.

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I have fond memories of selling lemonade in front of my house growing up. We would set everything up and bring out a big rainbow beach umbrella. When we would see a car coming, we would spin the umbrella in hopes of getting their attention and attracting some customers.

Flyers and Signs: Marketing is super important to a successful lemonade stand. We printed out tons of flyers and taped them to all of the neighbor’s doors a day or 2 before the lemonade stand. They also taped flyers onto the community mailbox for good measure! A few minutes before we open up shop, I have my kids put foam-board signs on some of the nearest street poles directing people to our stand with bright red arrows! I have laminated the arrows and made them removable so they can change the direction of the arrow if needed depending on where the put the signs.

Social Media: It also might be a good idea to post it on your neighborhood Facebook page if you have one. Or you could take a picture of your cute kids with their lemonade stand setup and text it to some local friends to spread the word.

Mobile Advertising: My cute son rides around the neighborhood on his bike with this cute Lemon sign attached to his back (and front) and tells the neighborhood kids about their lemonade stand. This is a great way to let people know that you are selling lemonade!

how to organize a successful lemonade stand
kids lemonade stand cups

Lemonade Stand Supply List

We have done quite a few Lemonade Stands in our day and I feel like the more prepared you are, the more fun it is! I hate running into the house 100 times for forgotten supplies. I have since learned to have a list so I don’t forget anything. Here is our list of supplies to have on hand for a successful Lemonade Stand:

  • Lemonade Stand (you could even use a kids table or a spare cooler!)
  • Lemonade Pitcher (preferably one with a Spigot)
  • Cups (we used these ones with lids because we had so many kids spill their lemonade cups last time)
  • Straws (these are the ones we used and have a cute summer theme)
  • Lemonade (we used the huge Country Time Lemonade Mix from Costco)
  • Ice
  • Cookies (having additional treats besides just lemonade allows for the greater profit potential)
  • Brownies
  • Get Change from the Bank
  • Money Box
  • Signage (here is a cute chalkboard easel to write pricing on)
  • Plates for Cookies and Brownies
  • Paper Towels (for inevitable spills)
  • Trash Can
  • Tip Jar
  • Bluetooth Speaker for music!
kids lemonade stand change jar

Don’t forget to scroll up and download your free Lemonade Stand Printables!

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Kids lemonade stand free printable checklist
tips for a kids lemonade stand
kids lemonade stand tips

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