How to Organize a Teen Girl’s Bedroom: Tips for Creating the Perfect Space

As your daughter enters her teen years, she’ll probably want a room that reflects her growing independence, personality, and interests. A teenager’s bedroom is a place where they can express themselves and start to create their own space. But figuring out how to decorate a room for someone still figuring out who they are can be tricky!

Dresser is from Ikea

If you’re not sure how to decorate and organize a teen girl’s bedroom, don’t worry! In this post, we’ll give you tips on organizing a teen girl’s bedroom so it’s a place she’ll love spending time in.

The Best Ways to Organize Teen Girl’s Bedroom

When it comes to your teen’s room, there are a few key ways you can help them organize and decorate their space so that it’s both functional and stylish. You’ll want to make sure you are creating a space that is full of things your teen loves while ensuring it will stay organized in the future.

I found these cute velvet bins at Home Goods. Because the velvet was applied in different directions, one of the looks like a completely different color and I didn’t notice until I got home…ugh.

Here’s some good news. If your teen loves her bedroom, she’s more likely to want to keep it nice and clean! Of course, some teen girls can be disorganized, and sadly, no matter how great their space is it might get messy. But do your best to encourage your teenager to clean up her room, declutter, and organize from time to time to keep it tidy.

Here is how you can make your teen’s room the organized space they need!

Figure out the spaces you’ll need in your teen’s bedroom!

The first thing to do when organizing your teen’s bedroom is to figure out what kind of spaces or zones you need in their room. Having designated zones can help your teen keep their room more organized because they know where everything goes.

Here are some examples of common areas or zones in a teen’s bedroom:

This is my daughter’s desk that she uses for homework…but mostly for doing her nails, lol!

Of course, some of these spaces will overlap. For example, the space your teen needs to unwind and relax could be in bed – as in, the same as their sleeping space!

So don’t worry if your teenagers have small rooms. You can easily make multipurpose spaces by combining some of these zones!


Sleeping Area

One of the most important spaces in your teen’s bedroom is where they sleep! Getting enough sleep is important for teenagers, as they are growing and their bodies need time to recover from the day.

To make sure your teen is getting enough rest, create a comfortable sleeping space for them. This means investing in a good quality mattress and bedding. If your teen has trouble sleeping, you may also want to look into blackout curtains or an eye mask.

If your teenager likes relaxing in bed, get some nice fluffy pillows so their bed is comfortable. Or if your teen likes reading, buy a small bedside table for them to keep their books when they aren’t reading them!

This is her nightstand. The top drawer is filled with miscellaneous items while the bottom drawer is full of products she uses to get ready in the morning. She prefers this to her bathroom most mornings.

Homework Area

Another important space in your teen’s room is a study space. Having an area where your teen can do their homework is important. You’ll want to make sure there is a desk or table for them to work at and enough light so they can see what they’re doing.

You may also want to consider getting a comfortable chair for their study space. This will help them be able to focus on their work and not get too uncomfortable while they’re trying to learn.

If your teen’s bedroom is really small and there isn’t room for a study area, you can try using a lap desk or, if they do their work in the kitchen or another room in the house, just have shelf space in their room for them to store their textbooks and school supplies.

Closet Area

As your teen gets older, they’ll probably have more clothes than they did when they were younger. This means you’ll need to find a way to organize their clothes so that everything has a spot!

Be brutally honest and get rid of things that aren’t used anymore. The fewer items, the cleaner the closet will look…and stay.

Hang clothes up by type or season. Organizing this way will help your teen know where everything is and make it easier for them to get ready in the morning. If you have room in their closet, you can also add a dresser or chest of drawers for socks, underwear, T-shirts, and other items that can be folded.

This is where we store her hobby items like her art and craft supplies. We also have a bin for stuffed animals.

Getting Ready Area

Along with clothing, teen girls might also want a place to get ready in their room. Of course, if they get ready in the bathroom, this might not be necessary. But if they want a place to do their makeup and hair in their room, you’ll want to create a space for them.

This is the mirror that she uses in the morning to get ready. We attached lights to the mirror for better lighting.

A desk or vanity is the perfect way to give your teen a place to get ready. If you don’t have room for either of those, try setting up a small table that you can put up and take down as needed. Or you can transform their study area into a mult-functional space.

Bottom nightstand drawer for getting ready for the day!

Consider getting a full-length mirror that has more space inside to organize things like nail polishes, hair dryers, curling irons, makeup, accessories, or anything else your daughter might use when getting ready in the morning.


Personal Interest or Hobby Area

One of the last spaces you’ll need in your teenage girl’s bedroom (and one of the most important!) is an area for their personal interests or hobbies.

Making space for your teen girl’s hobbies is important because it allows her to have a place to relax and unwind after a long day. It’s also a great way to encourage her interests and hobbies, which can help her develop into a well-rounded individual.

Some ideas for hobby areas include:

  • A craft or sewing station
  • A Nail Desk
  • A music area with instruments or a record player
  • An area for Arts and Crafts
  • A reading nook
  • A drawing area
  • An area to build things or do science experiments
  • Anything else they might like!

Of course, this only works for hobbies that can be done in their room! If your daughter is an athlete, you obviously won’t have enough space in their room for that, but you can always make a little nook for their gear!

stackable container for art and craft supplies

If she has an interest in makeup, put a little extra care into giving her a makeup/getting ready area! If she loves math and learning, try to get a nice big desk for her room so she has space to study and work.

Try to find ways to bring their interests and hobbies into their room in an organized manner so your teen’s bedroom feels like a reflection of themselves.


Implement great storage and organization systems in each area!

Once you have the spaces and zones figured out in your teenager’s room, it’s time to organize and store everything. Here are some organization ideas and storage ideas to help keep your teen girl’s space tidy.

Get cute storage items.

One fun way to keep your teen girl’s room organized and cute at the same time is to get storage containers that are both functional and cute.

For example, get wire baskets to store blankets. That way you can keep them all in one place but it looks cute at the same time!

Labeling the bins is a HUGE help for keeping things orderly. It’s a great skill for teens to learn.

You can easily find budget-friendly ways to store your teen’s stuff while keeping her bedroom adorable.

Use the vertical space on the walls for extra storage.

If you’re looking for extra storage space, look no further than the wall! You can use the wall as storage space in a few ways, like installing floating shelves or hanging shelves.

This can be a great way to free up floor space and make it easy for your teen to access her things.

Another way to use the walls for storage is by installing hooks. Hooks are a great way to hang items like purses, scarves, hats, or even jewelry. This can help keep the floor clear and give your teen a way to display their accessories.

Open shelves can also be great for knick-knacks and other stuff that might otherwise clutter up her bedroom!

Store items in clear storage containers.

Use clear storage containers to store items so your teen can easily see what’s inside. This will help her stay organized and be able to find what she’s looking for quickly.

It’s also a good idea to label the storage containers so she knows where everything goes.

This is the top drawer of her dresser. This is where she stores smaller items.
Labeling each section keeps things organized!

Put away things they aren’t using.

Put away things your teen doesn’t need or want out currently. For example, put out-of-season clothes in storage so it’s not taking up space in your teen’s closet.

Use the space under the bed or on the top shelves in the closet for extra stuff you don’t need out right now!

Think outside the box.

Use the storage space you have when it comes to organizing. For example, if you don’t have room for a bedroom, get a hanging clothes organizer and hang it in their closet.

Clothes organizers that you hang in the closet can be a lifesaver when it comes to organizing a teen’s bedroom because the shelves can act like drawers when you don’t have any!

Though, speaking of drawers, if your teen does have a dresser, get drawer organizers! Using drawer organizers for socks, underwear, and other smaller clothing items will really help when it comes to organizing.

Consider what makes sense when it comes to your home, and you might need to get creative with storage ideas and organization ideas to really make things work!

A few other great ideas…

You don’t want your teen girl’s room to only be functional or implement storage ideas. so make sure you’re hanging shelves full of items they love as well.

Make a gallery wall full of photos of her and her friends doing fun things, paint the walls or the door, and display her accessories, art projects, or anything else that makes her room feel uniquely hers.

If you have the space in her room, have a small area where her friends can come over and they can have fun or relax together. This can be as simple as a bean bag chair and some fun throw pillows.

Your teen’s bedroom should be a place where she can relax, study, sleep, and entertain her friends. By following these tips, you can easily create the perfect space for your teen girl!

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