Dirt-Cheap Ink Cartridge Refills That will save you TONS of money

Do you avoid printing color pages on your printer because your printer ink costs more than gold? I used to too. What if I told you that I purchased about $500 worth of ink for $15. Would you believe me? I have been doing this little trick to save me hundreds of dollars on printer ink for over a year now. And I feel like it’s my responsibility to tell the world! So here I am sharing with you how I buy dirt-cheap printer ink for my ink cartridge refills…it will change your life. Promise.

How to get Cheap Printer Ink | Cheap Printer Ink Hack

Don’t be Played by Printer Companies

Did you know that printer companies oftentimes mark a printer at a lower cost (assuming that most people will likely pick the budget printer) but the ink will cost you more money? Sometimes the budget printer will only have spaces for smaller, more expensive ink cartridges that run out quickly leading you to buy in more often. And at a higher price! It’s a total marketing play for them.

My Experience

I am constantly printing colored pages on my printer. From printing art projects, coloring pages for my kids, scriptures lessons, and this year I even printed my kids’ valentines! Before I discovered this secret of refilling my own ink cartridges, it would have made me cringe to consider printing out all of this stuff!

But last year, I discovered a product that not many people know about. It does take a bit more effort on your part than just plopping in a new cartridge, but it will change your life and your budget! And it will take you less time to implement than a trip to the office supply store.

Even Better Thank Ink Refill Stores

Have you ever taken to your ink cartridges to an ink store (or Costco) where they refill your cartridges for you? Well, this is basically the same concept except you are refilling the cartridges at home. So not only does it save you a trip, but it still saves you tons of money. And I mean TONS! Even more than taking your cartridges to an ink refill store!

On average, I was spending $70 dollars to buy new colored ink and black ink cartridges about every few of months. Now, like I said, I do print a lot of colored pages so yours might not be that much. But that was about how much I was spending. So if you add that up, that’s almost $300 on printer ink a year. THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS PEOPLE! That is complete robbery!

So I either needed to find a better solution, or I needed to stop printing so many colored pages. And since the latter wasn’t the option I wanted, I opted to find a better solution. I just had to find a way to get cheap printer cartridge refills!

How to get Cheap Printer Ink | Cheap Printer Ink Hack | Printer Ink Secret for Cheap Ink

Finding Cheap Printer Ink

I was searching Amazon to find printer ink and I came upon something called an “Ink Refill Kit”. It intrigued me so I clicked on the product and read more of the product details. Basically, this is how printer ink refill stores do what they do, only now I have the ability to do it myself! These Ink Refill Kits cost anywhere from $10 to $16. THAT’S IT.

Isn’t that amazing?! These Ink Refill Kits come with several syringes and C,Y,M and Black ink. I can proudly say that 1 entire year later, my ink cartridge refill bottles are only about half empty. HALF! I can’t even begin to predict how much money this has saved me. I have completely thrown caution to the wind and I no longer hesitate printing colored pages on my printer. This cheap printer ink has saved my bacon many times!

Here’s the link for the Ink Refill Kit I use!

How to Refill Ink Cartridges

So I searched for some YouTube videos to find out how refill ink cartridges and I was blown away that this was even a thing. Turns out that the difficulty of this process depends on the type of ink cartridge you have. Luckily, my ink cartridges are quite easy. My cartridges have a soft foam part at the bottom and all I do is use the included syringe lightly drip the ink onto the foam until it will no longer soak up any more ink. That’s how I know it’s full.

So depending on the type of ink cartridges you have, your process may be different than mine. But all you have to do to refill your ink cartridges is to find a tutorial on YouTube with instructions to show you how.

This process can get a bit messy your first time but over time, you’ll get the hang of it. I’ll admit, the first time I did it, my fingers were stained every color of the rainbow (learn from my experience and use a pair of gloves, just in case). But now I’ve learned (and it really is extremely easy) and I never even drip ink when I am refilling my cartridges anymore.

Consider doing it over the sink so when you do drip ink, it won’t stain your counters and you can just wash it down the drain when you’re finished.

Printer Warning

I will warn you of one thing. Printer companies know that ink refilling exists. They know that entire businesses exist around this one concept. So they have their printers set up to be able to recognize when a cartridge has been refilled. Some printers, if not most, will give you warnings saying that the ink cartridge might be faulty. But I just ignore the warning and go on my merry way.

One Last Tip

I have one last tip for you when it comes to refilling your printer ink cartridges on your own. I have found that after I refill the ink, sometimes the printing isn’t the greatest.

I don’t know much about printers so I don’t know the logistics of all of that. But one thing that I have figured out is how to fix it! All you have to do is refill your ink, put the cartridges back in, and then you have to clean the print heads!

There will be an option in your settings that will allow you to do this. You may even have to proceed to “second-level cleaning” but it has been SO worth it for me. It has saved SO much money and I haven’t had to sacrifice printing quality or the number of colored prints I print.

Here’s the link for the Ink Refill Kit I use!

I really hope that you give this a try and that it works as well for you as it has for me! It’s been a total game-changer for me and I know it will be for you too! Happy printing!!!

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