9 Daily Habits of People Who Always Have a Clean House

Have you ever walked into someone’s house and wondered how they keep it clean all of the time? Do you wish your house could stay that clean? Well then, you’ve come to the right place! I have provided a clean house daily schedule checklist for you! Here are the best 9 Habits of people who always have clean homes.

Sometimes when we see someone with a clean home, we assume that they have tons more time than we do. Or maybe they hire someone to come do the cleaning for them! But the reality is, is that a lot of it is just about the habits that we create, or don’t create, for ourselves. If we create a quick and easy house cleaning schedule, you’ll be able to achieve those results for yourself!

Most people absolutely dread cleaning. But usually, when that happens, it’s because the mess is too big and overwhelming. We don’t know where to begin! But here’s my little secret that I have learned mostly from my Mom. If you do a little bit at a time, it isn’t that bad! Seriously! Think about it. It’s you can either choose to wash 4 days worth of dirty dishes, or you can wash one! The number of dishes you had to wash didn’t decrease, but just when you do them.

Keeping up with the day to day mess is critical to keeping a clean home.

The best part about it is, is that it doesn’t take that long. It’s easy, realistic and quick! Just like we talked about, the amount of mess never changes, just when we decide to clean it up!

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Make Your Bed

Making your bed every morning can make a huge difference in the overall presence of your bedroom. It can help you feel accomplished first thing in the morning. It also does wonders for making your room look polished. Even if the rest of your room is littered with dirty clothes, it still somehow looks so much cleaner!

Wipe Down the Bathroom

This task should only take you about 30 seconds to 1 minute. I have my very favorite cleaning rags that I recommend to everyone! They are 10x cheaper than Norwex and they perform even better (and I’ve owned both kinds!). I love them because I usually only have to clean with water and I don’t have to use harmful cleaners.

Anyway, back to the subject. I take my microfiber cloth and get it damp with water. Then I quickly wipe it with the drying cloth and voila! It looks like new! Like I said, this only takes me about 30 seconds to do and I usually do it right after I have gotten ready for the day so I can wipe off any hairspray that I’ve just sprayed from getting ready.

Do One Load of Laundry

Laundry can be a really overwhelming task but if you do one load of laundry a day, it makes it seem much less daunting. Many people have no problem putting the laundry in the wash and then in the dryer but have a really difficult time folding the laundry.

If you only do one load of laundry a day and make sure to put it away. Then laundry becomes significantly easier. Some washers even have a time scheduler. Say, what?!

Sometimes before I go to bed, I set my washer to start 8 hours from then. When I wake up in the morning, my clothes have already been washed and all I need to do is throw them in the dryer and fold them. It’s amazing!

Do the Dishes

All you have to do is blink and dishes can be sky-high to the ceiling. Start a habit of putting your dishes in the dishwasher after each meal. The amount of dishes you use doesn’t change, it’s just a matter of getting into the habit of doing them right away. So much less painful than washing 30 dishes at a time.

Make sure that your family is contributing as well so that you aren’t doing it all yourself. It’s just like any other habit, it takes time to teach your kids but I promise, if you keep teaching them this habit day after day, it will stick!

I am finally getting to the stage where my kids will put their dishes into the dishwasher without having to be asked. Hallelujah!

I also start my dishwasher every single night after we finish dinner. That way my kids can unload the dishwasher in the morning as a part of their morning chores. If I forget to start the dishwasher, the dishes always pile up so this one is a really important one to remember.

Wipe the Counters

Nobody likes to stick their arm in gross spaghetti sauce. And it’s definitely not fun to have to scrape dried on yesterday’s-dinner from off of the counter. Always make it a rule to wipe spills up as soon as possible. And after you are done with a meal, and you have put everything away, wipe every single kitchen counter. You’ll thank me the next time your kid brings his art project home from school and it doesn’t land in milk.

Sweep and Vacuum Floors

One thing I have learned about myself is that dirty floors are one of my stress triggers. If I feel like my house is falling apart, my floors are usually covered in crumbs for my kids who have left popcorn all over the family room during last night’s movie.

Depending on your family’s circumstances, sweeping the floor once a day is super important for keeping a clean and tidy home. If you have little kids, more than once a day might be necessary.

I don’t vacuum my entire house every day, I don’t have time for that. But I do vacuum my family room area most days. That’s the room that gets the messiest and gets the most traffic. I typically only vacuum upstairs once a week, but for the main living areas, I vacuum a lot more.

Go Through the Mail

Going through the mail each day is the best way to prevent a huge paper pile from building up on your kitchen counter. If I know I don’t have time to go through the mail, sometimes I will leave it in the mailbox until the following day!

Even better than going through the mail daily is to make sure that you are signing up for paperless billing options for all of your utility and medical bills. It’s so much better on the environment and it’s one less thing you have to go through!

Do a 10-Minute Pick Up of the House

Every night before bed, I go around the house and pick up stray items that need to be put away. When I go to bed my house is generally clutter-free and it makes a HUGE difference in how I start the next day. Instead of feeling like you are already behind on your tasks, you wake up to a clutter-free house! It’s amazing!

Don’t Leave a Room Empty-Handed

This is a habit that takes some time to develop if you are not used to it. But I have been doing this one for years and it makes a big difference in my productivity.

For example, if you are upstairs and you see an empty cup that is supposed to go in the kitchen, don’t just walk past it! Pick it up and take it down when you are already going downstairs! If you notice your son’s blanket, that he’ll need for bed, sitting in the family room, save yourself a trip at bedtime and bring it upstairs with you while you go!

Free Printable Daily Clean House Schedule Checklist

If you are interested in transforming your house in the small day to day habits, don’t forget to download your free checklist! This easy, quick clean house schedule will help you achieve the clean house you’ve always envied! Get your freebie above!

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