How to Create a Medicine Cabinet Organizer for Busy Families

Let’s face it, parents have a lot on their plate. From running errands to taking care of kids, it’s easy for organization to fall by the wayside. And one area that can quickly become messy and frustrating is the medicine cabinet. So I’ve got some tips on how to create a medicine cabinet organizer that will make your life easier.

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Medicine cabinet organization is important for any house that has lots of medicine containers and not much space in your medicine cabinets. Even if you don’t have tons of medicine bottles or first aid supplies, it can be hard to store it all if you have a small space.

If you’ve finally decided you had enough of your messy medicine cabinet, you’re in luck. This post has some help! Keep reading for medicine cabinet organization ideas and storage solutions.

If you’re looking for the organizer I use in this video, unfortunately, I bought this years ago and it’s not being sold anymore. However I have found a few alternatives for you:


Organize Your Medicine Cabinet with These Medicine Cabinet Organizer Ideas

When it comes to medicine storage, you want to have easy access to your medications while having enough space for everything you need. Whether you’re storing your medicine containers in the cabinet under your bathroom sink, a space cabinet in your kitchen, or even on some shelves in your linen closet, here are the steps to follow to get your medicine cabinet organized.

Get Rid of Expired Medications

The first step in organizing your medicine cabinet is to go through and get rid of any expired medications. Not only are they ineffective, but they can also be dangerous to use. Check the expiration dates of medicine and other items like anti-itch cream. Even beauty products, essential oils, and other toiletries can become less effective over time.

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Dispose of them properly by taking them to a pharmacy or using a medication disposal box. Once you’ve cleared out the expired items, take stock of what’s left and replace any medicine you need.

Sort by Category

Next, divide and organize medicine into categories such as pain relief, cold and flu, allergy medicine, and first aid. You can also separate them by family member if you prefer. Now it’s time to get containers for your medicine cabinet.

Getting an Organizer for Medicine Cabinet

When you organize your medicine cabinet, you can get a separate organizer that specifically fits your medicine cabinet. You might be able to find a specific cabinet organizer that fits your exact cabinet storage space. But chances are – it won’t be that easy.

One way to save money is to look around your entire house and see what containers you already have that could fit a bottle, medicines, Q-tips, and other small items you might want to keep in your cabinet storage. It can be a great solution and help you re-purpose old containers to use on the shelves in your medicine cabinet.

medicine cabinet organizing

If you can’t find any supplies or boxes you already have, you can easily find some online or at a container story to use for your categories of medicines.

Then just place each category in its own container or bin so that they’re easy to find when you need them.


Put Everything Within Easy Reach

If you want to easily find the right bottles, you’ll want to implement a system when organizing your medicine cabinet. A huge part of medicine cabinet organization is being able to grab stuff the moment you need it. You don’t want to be sorting through clutter for the right supplies when your kids are sick or bleeding!

Here are a few tips and organization ideas to help you organize those small items in your medicine cabinet to give yourself as much space as you can!

If you have multiple shelves, put the stuff you need most on the shelf closest to you and organize the medicines and items you need less often on lower shelves or at the back.

I’d also suggest putting smaller items near the front of the shelf so you can easily reach over them to grab the medicine in the back.

If you have the space, you can get a lazy Susan for the shelf. That way, you can just spin it around to grab the medicine you need! It makes it really easy to organize clutter without having to put in too much effort.

organized medicine cabinet drawers

Label Everything

It’s important to label each container or bin so that you know exactly what’s inside. This will save you time and frustration when you’re looking for a specific item. You can use a label maker or simply write on a piece of paper and tape it to the container.

Even if you think you’ll easily know what is in each container, making easy-to-read labels is a huge part of organizing! It also helps your family store things back in the right spot when they are done using them, which will help you stay organized. Moreover, it is particularly essential for your elderly loved ones experiencing memory challenges who need to find memory care, ensuring easy access to essential resources for their well-being and safety.

Utilize Door Space

Don’t forget about the inside of the medicine cabinet door! This is prime real estate for extra storage.

You can also use the cabinet door to organize medicine with over-the-door medicine cabinet organizers (or re-purpose a shoe organizer). This will give you some extra space in your house to store your medicine.

You can attach a small bin or shelf to hold items such as cotton swabs, band-aids, or nail clippers.

store medicine by type

Keep it Up

The key to maintaining an organized medicine cabinet is to keep up with it on a regular basis. Take a few minutes every few weeks to go through and make sure everything is still in its proper place. Dispose of any expired items and adjust your system as needed.

Medicine Cabinet Organizers for an Organized Home

When going through your medicine storage, you might be able to find a medicine cabinet organizer that works perfectly for your space. If not, hopefully these medicine cabinet organizer ideas can help you get your medicines and supplies all organized!

Creating a medicine cabinet organizer doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a little bit of time and effort, you can easily keep your medications and first aid supplies organized and easily accessible.

Remember to get rid of expired items, sort by category, label everything, utilize door space, and keep up with it on a regular basis. Staying organized is the most important part. Your future self will thank you!

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