How to Create a Minimalist Bathroom That Still Has Great Style

Minimalist design is a popular trend in interior and exterior design. It’s about stripping away anything that isn’t absolutely necessary, which means minimalist bathrooms are just as chic as a minimalist living room.

While minimalism means you don’t have lots of items or decor everywhere, it doesn’t mean being without style!

In this blog post, we will discuss how to create a minimalist bathroom with great style by using key elements like high-quality materials, clean lines, and creative storage solutions.

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What is a minimalist bathroom?

A minimalist bathroom is one without any unnecessary extras, so they are designed to have everything you need but nothing more.

Note: a minimalist bathroom is often confused with a modern bathroom as there are similar design concepts like an emphasis on clean lines and natural lighting.

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas That Still Have Style

Often, when people think about minimalist interiors, they think of boring and drab. But that’s not the case! Minimalism in interior design emphasizes simplicity, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a beautiful and stylish bathroom. With clean, straight lines and creative storage solutions like baskets under sinks or freestanding shelves, a simple design can make your bathroom feel calming and luxurious while being simple and functional.

Minimalist means less

A minimalist bedroom has fewer things in it than other rooms do because you spend most of your time sleeping there so many unnecessary things just distract from its purpose as a place to sleep and recharge for another day of living life fully.

The same goes for bathrooms – they are designed to make getting ready easier rather than give you more options on what kind of toothpaste flavor you want to use for that day. It’s all about choosing things that have a function and using them to beautify your minimalist space.

You don’t have to buy everything new

If you’re passionate about design, try incorporating some of those skills into designing your own minimalist-style bathroom before buying anything new. After all, minimalism is about less, not more! If you do need to purchase items for your bathroom, make sure everything blends nicely and doesn’t look too cluttered or messy.

How do I create a minimal bathroom?

Capturing the minimalist feel in your bathroom can be pretty simple. The hardest part is avoiding buying too many things at the store because everything is so cute.

Creating a bathroom design with minimalism in mind means that you are creating spaces that are functional and clutter free.

Declutter your bathroom before you start

Before you start decorating your bathroom you need to have less clutter. The more clutter you have, the harder time you’ll have to achieve a minimalist bathroom design. So declutter the space before you get started.

Simplifying your bathroom is an essential part of the process

Go through all of your products and current bathroom decor and get rid of the things that are broken, no longer work, or that you don’t use. If you’re having a difficult time letting go of certain items, think of someone who you know that would love them. Or even consider donating them!

You can also buy bottles that are all the same style so that your bathroom looks streamlined. The consistency in your bottles will help the room look less crowded and cluttered.

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Avoid clutter when putting things away in bathroom cupboards and drawers

After you declutter, it’s important to find storage solutions (like built in storage) that will help cover up the bathroom essentials you’re keeping. You’ll want to leave as many surfaces open as possible. You also want your storages space to be organized so you can easily find everything.

For example, you can store your hair products in a magazine rack under the sink so that when you open the cupboard, you see a nice clean magazine rack, not a ton of hair products.

Make Storage a Part of the Decor

You can create minimalist storage solutions with things that you already have around the house. For example, a bookcase could be used to store towels in your bathroom, or you could line up several of the same types of bins to improve the aesthetic of the bathroom. This helps make clean lines that are pleasing to the eye.

Cover your Personal Products with Bins or Magazine Racks

Cover up personal products that you use to get ready wherever possible to help you achieve that spa-like feel you are going for that is peaceful and pleasing.

You can cover up some of your products by using medicine cabinets or a vanity.

Interior Design Concepts for a Minimalist Bathroom

Here are a few ideas to incorporate into your minimalist bathroom design.

Incorporate Simple Beautiful Lighting

Lighting can be an extremely simple way to add style to a minimalist bathroom. You can use lamps or candles to create different moods and add ambiance to the space. A hanging light, like a pendant light, can also give your bathroom just the right lighting.

In addition to great lighting, installing a pendant light or two can really help to add some personality to your bathroom. Finding inspiration from other minimalist bathrooms around the world can be helpful as well, you just have to search for what you love! Lights are functional items because they give you light and style.

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Install Beautiful Flooring

Subway tiles are a popular option for a minimalist bathroom. They are stylish, yet they have the clean lines that make things feel calm.

You could also consider installing marble floors. Black hexagonal floor tiles are also a popular choice when designing a minimalist bathroom. A black floor is bold, but it can look amazing.

A reclaimed wood floor has the ability to really warm up a room and make it feel cozy in the winter months. Wood brings natural elements inside. Just take caution to not get the wood too wet or it will get ruined. Or you could even install tile that looks like wood!

Incorporate Wood into your Bathroom Design

When designing a minimalist bathroom, if you oversimplify, things can tend to feel cold. The minimalist approach is to combine a few great design elements with more neutral pieces. Using wood in part of your design will help to warm up the bathroom and make it feel more inviting.

Incorporate wood accents into the decor such as a wooden jar that holds the q-tips or a wooden tray to hold your bath salts. They bring a beautiful earthy tone to the bathroom.

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Add Wood to your Walls

You could also consider installing a wood panel wall to bring in the wood texture.

Use Color Sparingly when Designing a Minimalist Bathroom

A quick way to keep it minimal is by sticking with one color scheme throughout the entire room–this can give a sense of order which helps make things feel neat and tidy. Plus, it’s easier to stick to a simple color palette!

You may not realize it, but different colors can affect the interior design space that you are designing. In a minimalist bathroom, it is recommended that you limit the amount of color to only one or two which will prevent your room from feeling too busy and overwhelming.

A white bathroom is super popular, with white walls and floors, paired with other neutrals to make it feel cohesive and interesting.

Different Colors Evoke Different Emotions

Interior design teaches us that bright colors can make you feel happy while muted colors can make you feel relaxed and calm. Minimalist bathrooms typically have more neutral colors such as black, white, or gray. Wood accents are also a common addition.

A minimalist bathroom is a refreshing change of pace for anyone who doesn’t want to have their minimal space cluttered but still wants it to be aesthetically pleasing.

One key element that helps keep minimalist bathrooms feeling clean, fresh, and peaceful are the use of fixtures like white sink basins, a crisp white extra-large bathtub, and a floating vanity or a floating sink in order to create clean patterns that are visually appealing.

This creates an environment where one feels refreshed after using the restroom or taking a shower because the room has taken into account both function and style without going too overboard.

Choose Simple Cabinets and Counters

When deciding on what cabinets and counters you should use for the minimalist look in your bathroom, choose cabinetry that has straight lines without a lot of bevels.

You could even choose cabinetry or medicine cabinets that have glass panels in the front! Just make sure that your bathroom products are organized behind the glass or it will defeat the purpose. Having a glass shower wall is a great way to make your room feel larger and more open!

You can bring natural elements into your bathroom as well by installing wood cabinets. Installing a floating vanity will bring a simple modern design to your bathroom that will also add interest to your design.

Incorporate Functionality in Your Bathroom Design

It’s easy to use what we already have to create minimalist storage for hair products, towels, and toiletries – but make sure that there is also functionality incorporated into your design plan so products can be easily accessed.

How do you decorate minimalist bathrooms?

I’ve seen a lot of really minimalist bathrooms that use all wood and either marble or glass for their vanity top. This creates a beautiful, earthy look in the bathroom without being too cluttered.

It’s important to remember that minimalist doesn’t mean without style! You can still have a great design with less clutter and by using natural materials like wood accents or stones as opposed to plastics or overly elaborate elements.

Stick with one type of metal

You can also elevate your bathroom design by choosing one type of metal and sticking to it. Metals such as copper, brass, and stainless steel have a cool vibe that can be mixed with glass or stone for an interesting look. Metal is versatile because it’s modern but not too harsh on the eyes which makes it great for a minimalist bathroom.

There are many different ways you can go about designing a minimalist room without feeling like there isn’t any style: try going back to basics using only what you need.

What can I use to decorate my bathroom?

You can find a million bathroom ideas on Pinterest, but it’s a bit more difficult to find good minimalist bathroom ideas. But designing a minimalist bathroom can be quite easy. You just need to be thoughtful about the things that you use and make sure that they also have a purpose.

Here are some minimalist bathroom ideas to help you decorate.

Glass Jars

Using glass jars as a part of your minimalist bathroom will accomplish the task of form and function. You can use glass jars to store things like flossers, q-tips, and other bathroom supplies.

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Simple Baskets

Incorporating simple bins or baskets into your bathroom will not only help hide your bathroom products but will help to unify a minimal or small space.

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Unique Mirrors

Another way is by using an elegant vanity mirror with minimal detail on it for your walls. This will also help achieve that minimalist look you are trying for in your room without feeling cold and uninviting.

You can choose a beautiful mirror that has metal edging that will give a simple but elegant look to your minimalist bathroom walls.

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Choose a Simple Shower Curtain

If your minimalist bathroom has a wildly colorful shower curtain, you aren’t staying true to the design. Choose a curtain with neutral colors and a very basic design. You could even consider using a white curtain!

Shower Design

If it’s in your budget, consider ditching the curtain for a higher-end shower. Creating a luxurious shower can really elevate the feeling of your bathroom. Installing a shower with a glass wall can elevate the feeling of your bathroom, too! You can also add shower seating! Shower design is an important part of a minimalist bathroom design. There are many small changes that you can implement with your minimalist bathroom designs.

Keep the Bathroom Wall Decor Minimal

Again, choose decor elements for your bathroom that are neutral. You could use metal frames on your walls with a big white mat to help streamline the design. Printing black and white family photos on your walls would be a great way to make your walls simple yet personalized. Create an accent wall that guests can enjoy looking at when they are using your bathroom. An accent wall can be the focal point of your bathroom. Just take care not to over-clutter your walls with unnecessary decor.

Simple plants that are out of the way

Plants and flowers really help to make a minimalist bathroom not feel cold and sterile. Choose greenery that is simple and easy to care for. You could also consider putting some plants on some simple floating shelves behind the toilet.

Install a Towel Rack

Using a towel rack will help to keep your towels looking clean, nice, and off the floor. If you normally just throw your towels onto the rack, watch a tutorial on how to fold them nicely to elevate your bathroom look.

How can I make my small bathroom look luxurious yet simple?

Use Metal throughout Your Bathroom Design

My favorite interior design idea is to incorporate metal into your minimalist bathroom can really help it feel extra luxurious. Like I said earlier, choose a single type of metal and stick to it. You can incorporate that metal into the faucets, shower, mirror trim, wall frames, glass jar lids, and more!

Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Even though you are busy, it’s important to make sure to keep your bathroom clean if you are trying to achieve a luxurious feeling. Walking into a dirty bathroom never made anyone feel pampered. Make sure your bathroom walls are wiped down, too.

Consider What Textiles You’re Using

White towels that can still make you feel luxurious while keeping things simple enough so there’s no fussing over different types of towel sets on laundry day.

Update your Shower Head

Your old showerhead might be clogged with minerals from hard water. So look for an updated shower head for better water pressure. Consider installing a rain head, as well – it feels like getting caught in the rain!

Declutter Your Bathtub

Sometimes a bathtub can be a place that gathers dust and clutter. Only keep the things that are essential during bath time. You could even find a beautiful glass jar to put your bath salts in! Don’t get carried away with having a huge onslaught of bath products around the edges of your bathtub. If you have a lot of bath products, consider storing them somewhere else where possible.

Choose a Minimalist Bathroom Design You Love

Whether it’s a white bathroom, grey tiles, an accent wall, wood floors, ceramic tiles, a glass wall shower, marble counters, or whatever else you like, there are tons of options out there. Find what you love and enjoy how beautiful and relaxing your bathroom is!

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