Simple and Beautiful Ideas for Organized Laundry Room Cabinets

Does laundry make you want to curl up in a ball and cry? Me too. But if your laundry room cabinets aren’t organized, it will be even worse!

And here is the kicker: laundry rooms don’t have to be ugly. In fact, they can actually look really nice with just a few simple steps. Whether you need ideas for organizing laundry room cabinets or want some inspiration for how to decorate them, we’ve got you covered with this blog post!

How to Organize Your Laundry Room Cabinets

When we are organizing or beautifying our homes, the laundry room ends up being the last one we think about re-doing. And, honestly? It makes sense. No one really sees your laundry room, and who enjoys spending more time in your laundry room than you need to? Probably no one.

But whether you have a massive laundry room or a tiny laundry room, organizing your laundry supplies is the best way to keep your laundry space functional and effective. And if you can make it pretty, too? Even better!

So, today we are going to give you some laundry room cabinet ideas. Then, the next time you have to do your laundry, it won’t be as painful!

Give Your Laundry Supplies a Space

The first thing you need to do when organizing your laundry room cabinets is to actually have space for your supplies. If you have a small laundry room, this might be tricky, but we have some tips later on in this article to help you with storage solutions.

If you do have cabinets in your laundry room, go through them and see what’s inside. If you’re already storing your laundry supplies in there, great! You’ll probably just need to reorganize it a bit to make it work better for you.

But if your cabinets are full of other things like tools or knick-knacks or other miscellaneous items, you’ll need to find a new home for them. It might be easy for laundry room cabinets to become a landing ground for random things you don’t have space for anywhere else, but keeping those cabinets free for your actual laundry products will really help your laundry room stay organized.

Glass Storage Jars

Cabinets in the laundry room are not meant for storage of other household items, so it’s important to give your laundry supplies their own designated space.

What goes in your laundry room?

When going through your laundry room cabinets and deciding what to keep and what to find a new home for, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are some items that typically belong in the laundry room:

  • Laundry detergent
  • Fabric softener
  • Stain remover
  • Dryer sheets
  • Drying racks or a clothesline

Some people keep other cleaning supplies or cleaning tools in their laundry room cabinets, and if you have the space, then I don’t see an issue with that! You just need to make sure you have room for your actual laundry products and supplies!

Once you have an idea of what needs to go in your laundry room cabinets, you can start to get organized!

Fold-Down Ironing Board

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Figure Out What Should Go Where

When organizing your laundry room, be thoughtful with where you put everything and how you set up the room. If you have a small laundry room, make sure to use every inch of space wisely. If you have a large laundry room, figure out what can go in your cabinets and what will need to go on shelves or hang on the walls.

If you have upper cabinets as well as lower ones, decide what you want in arms reach (like at arm level upper cabinets) so you’re not lifting heavy items off the floor. If you have kids, you also want to make sure you don’t put anything on the bottom shelves that you don’t want them getting into.

Keep your floor space open so you have room to bring in laundry baskets on laundry day. You don’t want that floor space too cluttered on a daily basis. So no piles of dirty clothes on the ground unless it’s laundry day!

One great idea for your laundry room is the have a space to slide your ironing board when you’re not using it. Ironing boards can be big, but most of them can fold down so you can easily stow them away. Find a small space where you can slide your ironing board when you’re not using it.

It should be somewhere with easy access though because you don’t want a huge hassle getting it out whenever you need your ironing board!

Make sure nothing is expired or empty!

This might seem to go without saying, but go through your laundry products and make sure nothing is insanely old.

Also double-check to make sure you don’t have any containers that are practically empty and shoved to the back of your shelves. This has happened to me! I’ve purchased more laundry detergent and stuck it in front of my old one with the intention that I’ll swap them around later, but then I forget and just start using my new one! And suddenly, I find myself 3 weeks down the road with a big container taking up space when it only has 1 tablespoon of liquid detergent left!

So do a quick check of your supplies and make sure your cleaning products are still usable and aren’t taking up space for no reason. Merge together any boxes of dryer sheets you might have so it’s all in one space and you don’t have multiple boxes.

Now that you’ve got your cabinets organized (more or less), here are some of our favorite laundry room cabinet ideas to make your laundry room as beautiful as the rest of your home!

Fun Laundry Room Cabinet Ideas

If you’re wanting to take your laundry room to the next level, here are some fun ideas to make your laundry room a bit more exciting (or just more put together).

Paint Your Cabinets

One great way to make the entire room feel transformed is to paint your laundry room cabinets. By painting your cabinets, you can brighten up the space, add some color, and completely change the look of your laundry room.

If you’re not sure what paint color to choose for your cabinets, consider using a light neutral shade if you want the room to be calm. You can also go with a bolder color like green or blue if you want your laundry room to feel more like a statement room.

I’ve seen some pretty laundry rooms that have black cabinets for a chic black and white room. You could also do white cabinets for a crisp all-white laundry room.

No matter what color you choose, painting your laundry room cabinets is a great way to make your laundry room feel fresh and new. Look up interior design ideas for your laundry room and find a color scheme you love!

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Wallpaper Inside Your Cabinets

If painting your cabinets isn’t an option (or just not something you want to do), you can also change the interior of your cabinets.

Have you ever wall-papered inside cabinets before? Putting wallpaper inside cabinets (like on the interior cabinet door or on the tops of the shelves) can add some fun and personality to your laundry room.

Plus, it’s a really easy way to change up the look of your laundry room without doing any painting or DIYing! All you have to do is find some wallpaper that you love, measure the inside of your cabinets, and cut the wallpaper to size. Wallpaper application is really easy these days (wallpaper has really stepped up in the past few years).

Suddenly, with a few easy steps, it’s like you have brand new custom cabinets! And all you did was buy and apply some fun wallpaper!

Add Laundry Shelves

If you have a lot of open space on a blank wall of your laundry room, utilize that space by adding open shelving.

Open shelving in the laundry room can be really functional and work as extra storage in a small space because you can store laundry detergent, fabric softener, stain remover, and other laundry essentials on the shelves.

But if you have a lot of built-in cabinets that you use for your supplies, open shelving can be decorative. This is especially pretty on any of those blank walls you may have in a larger laundry room or mudroom. You can style your open shelves with baskets, crates, or boxes to hold your supplies, or with pretty decor items and plants.

Adding open shelves is a really easy way to organize your laundry room while elevating the look of the room at the same time. Even if you only have space for one open shelf, I definitely recommend it.

Get Matching Containers

Using matching containers for your supplies in your laundry room is an amazing way to stay organized with a consistent look. It’s easy enough to find containers that match your laundry room decor or even just stick with a matching color scheme.

Having all of your supplies in matching containers will help keep the look of your laundry area streamlined and pulled together. If they are all the same, it will also be much less visually distracting and your laundry room will be as relaxing as a laundry room can be.

You can either buy containers specifically for your laundry room or find ones you already have that you can repurpose. Get jars that are all the same color and add your laundry detergent, fabric softener, and other laundry products.

Make Fun Labels for your Products

If you want to get really organized, you can also create labels for your laundry room shelves and cabinets! This will help remind you of what goes where and make it easier when it comes time to do laundry.

You could use a label maker or even just some masking tape and a Sharpie. Just be sure to keep your labels consistent on your supplies so your laundry room looks cohesive.

Install a Pull Out Drying Rack

If you’re really starting from scratch while designing your laundry room, install a pull-out drawing rack in one of your cabinets. This will give you a lot of extra drying space and will help keep your laundry room organized. You can find these racks at most home improvement stores or online.

Just be sure to measure the dimensions of your cabinet before purchasing one so that you know it will fit!

If you can’t add one of those, you can find a wall-mounted drying rack, and those can often be folded up or turned to the side when not in use so they stay out of the way. A standing drying rack would work too, but make sure you have a great space to store it when not in use.

You could also install a hanging rod and use hangers, but I like the look of a drying rack better, as those can often be hidden or folded away to appear less conspicuous.

For those items that can’t be dried in laundry machines, hang clothes on a drying rack. Your shower curtain rod will thank you for it.

Make a Folding Station or Other Spaces

If you have the space for it, you can create other fun spaces or stations. You can add a utility sink for any clothes that need some extra scrubbing to get out stains. You can make a small section for folding clean clothes when they come out of the dryer.

Have a space for hanging clothes to dry or for dirty clothes to go before you wash them. If you have extra storage space, store other cleaners for when the products you’re using run out.

I do suggest though that no matter the size of your laundry room, try to keep the counter space clear. Rooms always look tidy when the counters are nice and clean so, if possible, try not to use the counters as extra storage space.

Or, if you need to, use matching containers and pretty labels to make the counters still look organized and lovely!

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Make a Laundry Room You Love

You might think the interior design of your laundry room isn’t important and to a lot of others, it might not be! But if you’re reading this article then you clearly care about the interior design and organization of your home, and that includes the laundry room.

Your washer and dryer are important parts of your home after all! Doing laundry might not be fun, but it keeps the house going, and it’s something you’ll always have to do. So you might as well create a space that helps you enjoy the task of doing laundry!

Hopefully, these laundry room cabinet ideas were able to help. Whether you have a small laundry room or a massive one, I know you can create and organize a laundry room that is perfect for your home.

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