How to Create a Summer Schedule for Kids

Do you find yourself wishing that you could have the structure of the school year and the freedom of summertime all at once? I’m here to tell you that it is possible! And I’m so excited to teach you how to create a summer schedule for kids that will allow you the best of both worlds.

When there is a routine in place, it is much easier for kids to accomplish their tasks, and it also prevents a lot of meltdowns. Sounds pretty incredible right?

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Why is a Summer Schedule for Kids Important?

First of all, why do you think it’s important to have a schedule? Wouldn’t it just be easier if we let Summer be completely laid back? I guess it depends on your personality. But for me, I definitely like a balance.

I have found through past experience that if I don’t have a schedule for my kids and certain expectations then they completely forget all the things that I have worked so hard to teach them before! It’s like I have to start over again and retrain them with the habits that I work so hard to help them create.

Having a schedule in the summer, even a flexible one, is better than none! My kids know that they have a certain time each morning that they need to get all of their chores done. If they don’t have their chores done then they are grounded for the day.

A daily summer schedule for kids is really helpful for them. They know what to expect and they also know what our expectations are for helping out around the house. I don’t know about you but I don’t like being a slave.

I make a big effort to teach my kids how to be responsible and how to help out around the house. And this does not stop in the summer. I’m definitely more relaxed than I am in the school year but most of my expectations remain the same.

Analyzing your Family Habits

Before you start diving into creating your family schedule I want you to take a few days and observe how your family typically behaves on summer mornings. Do you let your kids sleep in till 10:30? Or are you the type that wakes them up by 8:30? This is when you would typically start your schedule.

Are your kids typically starving when they wake up? Then definitely put breakfast at the top of the list.

My kids usually aren’t hungry right when they wake up so breakfast usually comes later in the schedule for our family. Do you like your kids to get their outside play time done and over with while it’s still cool outside? Then put their outside time in the morning.

In the past, I have typically always stuck to my rule of chores first then play, but what I noticed was that by the time we got our chores and errands done it was too hot to go outside and play! So this year I’m going to switch things up a bit and try outside time in the morning when it’s cooler.

Daily Schedule

The first step to creating your daily summer schedule for kids is to write down the things that you want to accomplish every day. Do you want your kids to read every day? Do you want them to play outside every day? Do you have tasks that you want them to accomplish before they have access to screens?

Take all of these things into account and write them down on a piece of paper. You also need to take into account things that you need to get done. Do you have a certain time of day that you run errands? Working this into the daily schedule might be a good idea so your kids know what to expect.

I also suggest putting a specific time when your kids are allowed to play with friends. some mornings, my kids are so excited to play with friends they wake up at 7:00 a.m. have their chores done by 7:45 and expect to be able to go to the neighbor’s house that early.

Weekly Schedule

The second way to create a summer schedule for kids is to create a weekly summer schedule. Summer is a great time for kids to play outside, learn new skills, learn to cook, and learn more about the world. Take into consideration the types of things that you want your kids to do and learn throughout the summer.

Do your kids love crafts? Maybe you could dedicate a specific day as a craft day. Do you love to go to the local children’s museum or park? Set a certain day for that as well. Do your kids love to play in the pool or go to the splash pad? My kids were constantly asking me when they could go swimming so I created a specific day for that so they weren’t constantly asking me all the time.

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Being Flexible

Typically when I create a summer schedule I’m really excited about all the fun things in the structure that it will bring to my house. Then reality stares me blinkly in the face and I realize that things can’t be so rigid.

If you set your schedule too rigid then you’re sure to stress yourself out and summer will be anything but fun. So make sure that you are flexible and that you allow yourself as well as your kids some breathing room.

Have Fun!

Most of all, make sure that you have tons and tons of fun this summer! We only have 18 summers with our kids. I know sometimes with kids at home all summer it can be really exhausting but do your best to have a fresh perspective and be grateful for this time that you have with them. Concentrate on making memories with them and take lots of pictures!

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